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April 15, 2015     Walsh County Press
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April 15, 2015

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Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, APRIL I 5, 2015 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition S )ecialist BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, t~ALSH COUNTY PRESS The picture on the front page caught workingon Saturday. happens to be my fama, my dad. So, I'm not going to lie, it's a good last weekend when thrmers started feeling. (Not the being the so-and- talking around the coffee table so part, the getting started part.) (like farmers do) about how so-and- When it comes to spring in so is getting the crop in the ground, North Dakota there can be any so-and-so, this time around, was number of disasters that can keep us. the machines from the dirt -- typ- We weren't the only ones out ically freeze or flood are the biggest and we weren't the first, we just threats to a decent start date. North happened to be the one that larry Dakota weather is the biggest gam- ble in the farming game. Early ably a very quick lesson. spring does not guarantee a good I got into it for the life it offers harvest just like last year's late my filttlre generations, a life oftra- spring didn't mean a bad harvest, dition and family. Shifting a growing season to earlier It takes a lot of work to grow rather than later simply increases something from the ground up to the odds of avoiding an early frost, make sure it matures to the best of And the odds this year are looking its ability. better than they have in the last t~w My son has taken quiie well to years, tractor rides and my daughter has There is a weight associated taken to the batch of falrn kittens with that start date. It's not the that have made a home in the weight of insurance dates or the weight of bills due, it's the weight shop. of feeding the world. No one ever got famous by be- People can make "Rich Famler" ing a farmer, but try going a day jokes all they like about the folks without one and you might just in "God's Country," but no one ever starve. got into this profession tbr the Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- money. And if they did, it was prob- book.com. Hello, 1 hope you enjoyed Easter weekend. The fires in Harding County were finally controlled as cooler temperatures and a slack- ening of the horrible winds from the past few days. I thank all of you that were on the fire lines. I know a lot of you spent sleepless nights on fire watch and fire con- trol. Time that normally would have been spep.t with your family, or watching heifers. I tip my hat to you! Our Grandkids love Easter, what with the Easter Bunny and such. So for years, I have tried to persuade them that there really is no Easter Bunny. It is, in fact, an Easter Pig. Evan was pretty disgusted with this. He was quite confident that it was a bunny. When I questioned how he knew that, when no one had ever seen the Easter Bunny, that it wasn't a pig. He informed me that he had seen the bunny. Once. In a movie! So I guess it must be. wee people, the Leprechaun's. I Gracy, our oldest and wisest was not always a believer. But, as grandchild learned the truth about my hair turned more gray, my Santa, the Easter bunny, the elves, shoulders started to slope, my Leprechaun's (but they are real, I night vision became more blurred, can vouch for that), and such a my middle started to expand, and few years ago. She and I were go- I had to begin to wear suspenders, ing somewhere together and as I the "wee" people have become drove, she spilled the beans and in- more and more involved in my formed me of her new found life. knowledge. When I place my glasses by the W.hen shefinished filling me in phone, during the night they will on the terrible truth (I'm really be- place them by the computer. Or ing careful here because I may .alongside my easy chair. Or on the have readers who are true believ- dresser. Or in the pickup. ers), ! mentioned the "tooth fairy". A couple of weeks ago, they "No," she exclaimed in despair, stole a package of meat I had "Not the tooth fairy too!" placed on the counter to thaw. And Which brings me back to the along with it, one of Shirley's fa- -, 7, ; : ;[ vorite platters. I searched high and low. In the fridge, the garbage, the doghouse, the dishwasher, the mi- crowave, the bread drawer it was gone. Vanished. I accused the neighbors of stooping so low as to steal the meat froln my children's mouths. They denied it, but you know how they are. Then, on Saturday, when I stepped out on the deck and opened the grill to cook our first burgers of summer, there it was! Those little @#%#%@#% had taken that roast and placed it on the grill. Shirley insisted 1 must have done it, and then forgot. But since she is Irish, she always sticks up for the little never mind. And once, mind you, only once, when I had returned home from a visit with friends on the north side of town, at 5 p.m after I had gone to bed, they started my pickup and left it run all night! Later, Dean Happenings at Our ,samantan Good Samaritan Soeie t3"" . Paak Rrv).t Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Please stop by and see our Group andMen'sTime, lpmBak- wonderful new floor! We are en- ing Zucchini.Bread, 5pro Rosary, joying having things back to nor- 6:45 .Bingo, mal. We are looking forward to Apr. 21 st 10am Crochet Group, spring and wann weather to sit 3:30 Bible Study outside and breath in the fresh air. Apr. 22nd 11 am Resident This week Apr. 12th-18th Council, 3pm Bingo Apr. 12th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- Apr, 23rd .3pro Auxiliary Host- tor Kiel, 3:30 Word Game ed by St. Mary's Catlaolic Church, Apr. 13th 10am Embroidery 6:30 MovieNight Group and Men's Time, lpmBak- Apr. 24th 10:30 Nail Time, mg Cupcakes, 4pm Hymn Sing, 3pm Beading 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Apr. 25th 9:30 Mass w/Father Apr. 14th 3:30 Bible Study Apr. 15th3pm Bingo Luiten, lpm Word Game. 2:15 Apr. 16th 3pm Volunteer Bingo Luncheon. 4pro Making CheeseThank You to all our many balls, 6:30 Movie Night volunteers: Pastor Kiel, Shirley Apr. 17th 10:30 Nail Time, Sobolik, Linda Larson, Donna 3pro Wine and Cheese Party Settingsgard, Lois Ydstie, Mary Apr. 18th 9:30 Bingo, lpm Seim, CherylCox, KarlaNygard, Nanae that Tune, 2:30 Mass w/Fa- Lorene Larsoh, Jeanean McMillan, ther Luiten Pastor Hinrictis, Corinne Ramsey, Next week Apr. 19th- 25th Father Luiten, and any that I rflay Apr. 19th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- have missed. If you would like to tor Johnson, 3:30 Bible Trivia volunteer please call Rose UI- Apr. 20th 10am Embroidery land at 701-284-7115: Strr ett I 'Vl ,irr ON ltealtJa Walsh County Health District "" """ ' Short Shots One of the best ways to reduce sented in a three hour, classroom suicide rates is to increase corn- style trair~ingtha t focuses on how munity awareness of the preva- to identify warning signs that peo- lence of suicide. Most people ple who are experiencing suicidal who are experiencing suicidal thoughts exhibit when thinking thoughts do not want to die: they about suicide. SafeTALK also only want their pain to end. Of- teaches participants how to con- feting to talk to people about their nect people experiencing suicidal thoughts of suicide and referring thoughts to resources that can them to other people who can help. help is one way to end the pain Questiori, Persuade, Refer without ending a life. In an effort to reduce suicide (QPR): QPR is presented in a I to 2 hour training session. Partici- rates in the state, the North Dako- ta Department of Health (ND- pants in this training will learn how to identify warning signs of sui- Doll) is expanding their commu- nity education programs to educate cide, how to ask the question of citizens on how to recognize the suicide, how to persuade that per- warning signs of suicide, son to get help, and how to refer The North Dakota Department someone to a higher level of care. of Health is offering two mmu- lfyou are interested in one of nity education prc ce to these community programs being communities upon request. The bald your community contact programs are SafeTALK and QP v k.velkoul, NDDoH at 701- SafeTALK: SafeTALK is pre- 6-4580 Do you want your news noticed? Contact The (701) I I Transparency Has Become the Magic Word Transparency has become such gay-fights advocates probably a prominent part of our vocabulary think Governor Jack Dalrymple lately that it reminds me of the old was not being transparent when he Groucho Marx TV show when a waited until after anti-gay legisla- contestant saying the magic word tion was defeated before he said he was awarded a $100 bill. thought it Was unfortunate. They In the recent Publishers' Quar- think he should have spoken for terly, the publication of the North the measure before the vote in Dakota Newspaper Association, order to influence the outcome. several self-congratulatory articles That would have been a mis- appeared stressing how the print .take. If the governor had launched media beat back legislative pro- a public campaign for the measure, posals to weaken the open he would have established a bad records/meetings statutes. None of precedent of executive interfer- the proposals were passed and ence in the legislative process. transparency won the day. Mason's rules for policymaking Another legislative proposal creating an ethics commission wasbodies are fairly strict about out- also a transparency issue. It wasside influences on the legislative not so fortunate. It was defeatedprocess. with the argument that ina small Gubernatorial support or oppo- sition to legislative proposals state like North Dakota everyone knows everyone so there are no would eventually lead to violation conflicts.of interest to be exposed, of Article 5, Section 10 of the state Ask Democratic Senator Robert constitution .which, in summary, Menendez (D-N J). He has been. warns the governor about influ- charged by the Justice Departmentencing legislation. with corruption for facilitating the If the governor had weighed in, prosperity of a friend. He said they all sorts of interest groups would have been friends for a long timebe trying to get the governor to op- and the favors were friendship and pose or support all sorts oflegisla- not corruption, tion. The principle of separation In an exhaustive study of ethics of powers would be degraded in enforcement, the Center for Public the process. Integrity ranked the track record of The lack of transparency got In- states for dealing with unethicaldiana Governor Mike Pence and practices. North Dakota was one his state legislature in serious trou- of seven states to be awarded an ble when they claimed that the re- "F". ligious rights law was not intended The Center argues that most to legalize discrimination of gays. ethics commissions are toothless Transparency is certainly lack- tigers. Not only are they appointed ing in the political system, espe- by the politicians they are sup- cially when it comes to campaign posed to monitor but the agenciesfunds. It is now possible to laun- are also without funds or staff needed to do anything, der money through all sorts of po- litical action committees, thereby There is an unanswered open hiding the source of funds that meetings question involving ma- jority caucuses in the legislature, could lead to influencing govern- The legislature has exempted it'sment decisions. Really, there is no other reason for social and eco- majority caucuses from the open meeting law everi though majoritynomic groups to contribute other caucuses do constitute the quorumthan to influence public policy. ofapublic body. Unfortunately, there is not Executive branch committees, enough space to discuss the lack of the Board of Higher Education andtransparency in our political, social local governing boards cannot call and economic systems. Even with majority caucuses to do their busi- our open meetings and open ness in secret, records laws, transparency is still On another issue, some of the in short supply in some areas. IIn an exhaustive study of ethics en- forcement, the Center for Public In- tegrity ranked the track record of states for dealing with unethical practices. North Dakota was one of seven states to be awarded an 'F'" NDSU Extension Service Is It Time for An Oil Change "Whew!" I thought to myself when I opened the can of solid short- ening. It looked OK, but the aroma almost took my breath away. I have one recipe where I use this particular type of fat, and I hadn't made it in at least six months, based on the date I had listed on the container Along with the passage of time, the warm conditions in our cupboard promoted rancidity. Food science principles were haunting me in my kitchen, During the process of rancidity, "peroxides" are produced when fat is exposed to oxygen in the presence of warm conditions mad/or light. In the short term, rancid fat will not make you sick, but it will affect the flavor and aroma of the food. My family would have turned up their noses or covered their noses if I served them a smelly dessert on a holiday. I tossed the canister of shortening in the trash. I altered my recipe and used but- ter, which tasted much better, but it mined my frosting yellow: Next time I will purchase a very small can of solid shortening and keep it in the fridge or freezer. Cold tempera- tmes delay rancidity. Using oils in cooking and baking is a healthier choice. However, liq- uid fats are even more susceptible to becoming rancid than solids. Be sure to buy what you will use with- in a few months. In many recipes, you can substitute 3/4 a cup of oil for 1 cup of solid fat but you may need to experiment a little. We have many oil choices in the grocery store, and some of them are more healthful than others. Oils often are described as being high in "monounsaturated'" fat or "'polyun- saturated" fat. These tenns refer to the chemical structure of the fatty acids that make up fat. You may remember learning about fat and oils in a chemistry class. If not. here's a quick lesson about some fat terminology. Fats are chains of carbon atoms. Ifa fat has many double bonds with- in its chemical smacture, the fat is considered polyunsaturated. If the fatty acid has one double bond, the fatty acid is monounsaturated. Mo- nounsaturated fats are considered heart healthy. Oleic acid is a type of monoun- saturated fatty acid that has been shown to reduce serum cholesterol levels and "'bad" (LDL) choles- terol without affecting "good (HDL) cholesterol. For example, canota oil is low in saturated fat and a good source of monounsaturated and polyunsatu- rated fats, including heart-healthy (and quite famous) omega-3 fats. Canola oil is pressed from canola seeds, which are grown in abun- dance in North Dakota. Canola oil is made up of 61 percent oleic acid, 21 percent linoteic acid (a polyunsaturated tht), 11 percent at- pha-linolenic acid (a polytmsatumted fat and also an omega-3 tht) and 7 percent saturated fat, Canola oil has a light flavor, which makes it versatile in cooking. Cauola oil works well tbr sautding and stir-frying because it has a high smoke point of 460 degrees. The smoke point is the temper- ature where oil begins to break dowal and release smoky linnes. Any type of oil can catch on fire if you overheat it, so always stay vigilant in the kitchen when you are frying food. Olive oil is made by pressing olives, and the color varies from greenish to golden. Olive oil also is high in lnonounsaturated tSts. Olive oil is sold as "virgin" or "'extra vir- gin." Extra virgin olive oil has less acid, a fruitier flavor and a stronger aroma than virgin olive oil. Olive oil, on average, is 75 per- cent monourksatumted fat, 11 percent polyunsaturated tat and 15 percent saturated tat. Olive oil imparts a characteristic flavor to yore foods. Using olive oil in flying may cause your fbod to brown quickly because it will begin to break down and smoke at 374 de- grees. Vegetable oil is listed in many rempes. Is it made of vegetables? No, there's no broccoli or carrots in it. Vegetable oil is a plant-based oil that may include canola, corn. olive. safflower soybean, sesame, sun- flower or any combination of these oils. Here's one note of caution re- garding oils. If you choose to make your own "flavored oils." be aware that homelnade flavored oils. such as mixing cloves of garlic in oil. have been linked to botulism, which is a potentially deadly fonn of foodborne illne.ss. If you decide to make a fla- vored oil, stole it in the refrigerator and use it right away. Do not store homenmde ttavored oils on your countertop. Commercially produced flavored oils have an added acid or a preservative, which keeps them safe. so enjoy those in moderation. If you are feeling a little creative. try making some homemade salad dressing with your thvorite oil and acid. lt's pert ct with some delicious. tender mixed greens. .htlk' Garden-Robins'on tqT.1) R,I) L.R,D is a 'orth Da/~oht rDate LSHversitl h'v- umsum Service eood aml nut~qliot~ ,~/~c, cia/isl and pI*OICA ~IOF in the Dw~arlntent o/ Heallh. /Vulri- /1011 LllTd L~VC'rCfS'U ,~C/(-'!?C'C',S'. Around the County Walsh County Extension Office Park Rix er- 701-284-6624 vs. Prosper vs. ND vs. Niayville These four varieties are some of the different varieties of Hard Red Spring Wheat that can be harvest- ed in this area. All grain yields, test weight, and protein numbers come for the Langdon Research Extension Center in the 8ear of 2014. Our first variety is Faller. Failer has a percentage of "Sumai 3" which is the main source of resist- ance to scab, and a relatively low DON level. It has a very good leaf disease package with excellent pro- tection from stem and leaf rest. When it comes to Faller it has very high-yielding selni-dwarfva- riety, much like Alsen. ~4th a medi- um test weight. Failer is better suited for central and eastern North Dakota western Minnesota, and northeast South Dakota, because it is slightly more sensitive to drought. Overall in, 2014 Fal!er had a grain yield of 95.5 bu/acre; test weight of 62.2 lbs/bu; and protein of 12.3%. This variety also has really good milling and baking characteristics. Next variety is Prosper. It has a very high grain yield, better or at least equal to Failer. It also does well in the eastern part of North Dako- .ta, and western Minnesota. Prosper IS a conventional to semi-dwarf height variety, with early to medi- um early maturity, also has medium straw strength. Very similar to Fail- er with its good milling and baking qualities. It moderate resist- ant/moderate susceptible to scab. and resistant to leaf and stem rusts. In 20t4 grain yield was 92.9 bu/acre; test weight of 62.4 lbs/bu; and protein of 12.4%. The third variety is Elgm-ND This variety is a little newer. 2014 was it first year for general distri- bution. This variety beat out five of the top six most popular w rieties fbr the year in eastern North Dakota. " Had in 2014 a grain yield of 90.1 bu/acre: test weight of 62.3 Ibs/bu: and protein of 13.7%. This variety is like the others and has a good re- sistance to leaf and stem rusts, but to take it to the next step it has pro- tection against new leaf rust Lr21. It also is moderately resistant/sus- ceptible to scab. The' final variety is Mayville. This information is coming from WestBred, this variety seems to of- fer excellent yield potential, and ex- tending adaptability further west into the Northern region. It thrives in high moisture conditions, and has great protein potential. It comes with a better disease package then SAM- SON. The one trial done in 2014 had 81.4 bu/acre as a grain yield; test weight of 61.4 lbs/bu; and protein of 13.6%. It has aT good rating on its gluten strength. It is moder- ately resistant to leaf rust, and re- sistant to stem rust.