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March 25, 2015     Walsh County Press
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March 25, 2015

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Pa e 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25,2015 FRO THE EDITOR'S DESK.. BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS I can't believe I still have to protest this garbage. Pay should be based on skill not on gender. Religion is not a valid excuse for being a jerk. People should be judged on their character not their skin tone. People are people. Civil rights are civil rights. It seems as though we've come so far and yet it seems as though we have a lot farther to go. Ill the past year various topics may have gotten more air time. but not much of anything has changed. Monday in Grand Forks. N.D. a news report was released about a police investigation regarding the N word being spray-painted on a wall. The graffiti was directed to- ward Somali lmnfigrants. This happened in Grand Forks .. in Grand Forks! The mayor Michael Brown is- should go without saying so why sued a statement about the van- are we still having these conver- dalisms.tating" sations? Why hasn't common "I strongl3/Colidemn the graffiti sense kicked in? Why do people message discovered today. I was still insist on being jerks? sickened and saddened when I While no one has been shot, just heard about it. All of this should making someone feel threatened is go without saying but it can't go enough to take away that God giv- without saying. It is hateful, ig- en right to the pursuit of happiness. norant and hurtful. It is not who we In the Middle East there are peo- are and goes against everything our pie who hate us just for being community is doing to be wel- American. Those who lash out at coming and inclusive. Of course, others here for not being American you can't judge a commumty by are no better. its lowest denominator. But you All I can do is raise my children should judge it by how it re- to be better than the generation be- sponds to such acts. This is an op- fore and hope that one generation portunity to stand up together, to it sticks and these protests die out support those affected -which is all along with the hate. of us - and to continue to promote empathy, dialogue, and inclusion." ci, , ' w,t ,h cb,,o,Face- To which I say of course it Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya laddie! As I am married to a Murphy, St. Pat's Day is one of the holidays that one lest not forget. It ranks above a Murphy birthday or an- niversary, and rivals the impor- tance of Christmas. When Grandpa Jack was spending his final years at the Hill- top Home in Killdeer. on St. Patrick's Day, he called down to the Buckskin Bar and ordered a keg delivered. He ordered pitchers and green food coloring to color the beer a beautiful Irish green so all the residents could celebrate with him! I'm not sure if it is legal or not in most nursing homes, but in Killdeer, you didn't doubt Grandpa Jack. The keg was deliv- ered and the home was filled with young Irish men and women once again. Even if only for a day! Which brings me to the tale of, you guessed it. Paddy. Well Paddy was sitting in a pub, with a pint of fine Guinness before ner being. As the sobbing contin- him. The foam was still spilling ued, he began to apologize to the over the edge of his cup, when a poor Irishman. "I didn't mean to big, burly biker guy came in upset you so deeply. I mean it was through the door. The biker guy just a beer!" looked around, spied wee little Paddy wiped his eyes and be- Paddy sitting there, and promptly gan to explain. "It wasn't just the went over. bumped him aside, and beer! I was feeling kind of sickly drained Paddy's beer in one this morning and was late to work. tremendous gulp. Because I was tardy, I missed an Now. Irish lads are brought up important meeting. The boss tbund tough, and the biker guy expected out. and promptly fired me. And that brouhaha would ensue. But me, only two weeks from being Paddy just began moaning and eligible for my pension. I was dev- crying uncontrollably! astated. I walked out to the parking The burly guy watched for a lot and found nay car had been minute, and began to feel a spark stolen! No one had seen a thing. of compassion rising from his in- And me with no insurance. So I Happenings at Our [ , samaritan Good Samaritan Sbcic_t)=__ PaR Rw a Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. We have some delays with ourMar. 30th 10am Embroidel7 new floor and postponed someGroup and Men's Time, lpm events and canceled others. We re- Making Cheeseburger Soup, 4pm gret this but would like to make Hymn Sing, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 sure our new floor not only looks Bingo great but last a long time. Our Mar. 31st 3:30 Bible Study Book Sale and Luncheon will be Apr. 1 st 3pm Bingo May 7th 2-4pin . Our Spud Bar Apr. 2nd 2pm Easter Egg Hunt will be May 3rd llam-lpm, w/Mrs. Martin's 5th Graders. This week Mar. 22nd- m28th 3:15 Father Luiten on piano, 6:30 Mar. 22nd 3:30 Trivia Movie Night Mar. 23rd 10am Embroidery Apr. 3rd 10:30 Nail Time. Group and Men's Time, 5pm Rosary 2pm Good Friday Service w/The Mar. 24th Ministerium Mar. 25th 3pm Bingo Apr. 4th 9:30 Mass w/Father Mar. 26th 6:30 Movie Night Luiten, lpm Easter Trivia, 2:15 Mar. 27th 10:30 Nail Time Bingo Mar. 28th 9:30 Mass w/FatherWe miss our many volunteers Luiten, 1 pm Crafts, 2:15 Bingo that have not been able to come in Next Week Mar. 29th- Apr. 4th and hope to see you again soon Mar. 29th 2:30 Worship w/ when the floor is done. If you Pastor Augustson, 3:30 Bible Triv- would like to volunteer please ia call Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. DID YOU YOUR Walsh County Health District ..... ,. .... ""0"" Short Shots Our lives are busy, especially seat check up event in Walsh parents of small children. Lots of County? things get pushed to the side to "do If not, they are held at Hanson's later". One of those may be the Auto and Implement- 110 5th registration of the car seat(s) that Street West in Grafton (By the Li- your child uses. brary) from In 2014 there were numerous 4-6pm on the following dates: car seat recalls. It is critical that April 2nd you register your child's car seat. June 4th Even a car seat that you have had August 6th for a number of years can be reg- October 1 st istered. Go to to December 3rd (by appoint- do this, or you can contact the car ment only) seat manufacturer directly. These car seat checkups are If you have questions or are free, and are staffed by certified car concemedthat you have missed a seat technicians who can help recall on your child's car seat be- you with all your car seat ques- cause you moved, etc. contact tions. If you can't attend on one Donna Holand @ 701-352-5139. of those dates feel free to contact Have your car seat and the user's Donna Holand at 701-352-5139 manual on hand when you call. for an appointment at the Public Have you ever attended a car Health Office in Grafton. Give a gift subscription 58270 hopped on the bus and caught a ride nearly home. And then dis- covered I had not the fare! And the bus driver, callous as he was, put me off two blocks from home! As I walked up my drive, my own dog, not expecting me, came charging down the drive and bit me on me leg! And I had saved that dog from the pound, the un- grateful bastard! I walked into the house and there it was, a note from me wife of thirty years, saying she had left with that worthless O'Brien with the big smile! Me heart was going to explode. I couldn't take it anymore. I decided to end it all. So I came down here and spent me last change on this pint. I put the poison in and was waiting tbr it to dissolve, and then you laddie, you bump me away and drink it! But enough about me. How are you feeling laddie? Erin go Bragh! Dean Solving Complex Problems with Simple Solutions Our fast moving society de- mands simple solutions for com- plex problems. Even if they are wrong, fast poor solutions, given the proper spin. are accepted more quickly than good thoughtful an- swers. Tackling the obesity crisis This problem not being solved with carrots. Therefore, the stick must be applied. We should revamp the income tax so tax is determined by body mass the greater the mass, the higher the tax. A pain in the pocket book gets immediate attention every time. Solving the immigration problem Even though compromise has become a bad 10-letter word, we need it to deal with the 12 million illegal immigrants. Tell them we will give back Texas, New Mex- ico. Arizona and lower California, all of which we stole in the Mexi- can war. Suddenly, most of them would not be immigrants. They would be back in their own coun- try without moving. Poverty program declared a failure Some say we should quit the war President Johnson declared on poverty because the level of poverty has not improved over the past 50 years. We have had na- tional prayer breakfasts for the past 50 years with the same results. Do we quit everything that doesn't work in 50 years'? Keeping states united Counties in California and Col- orado have been voting to secede and create their own states. If counties in the Bakken get wind of these movements, they may do the same. The benefits of being a pmt of North Dakota are diminishing with every million barrels of oil. End school lunch grumbling The federal government doesn't want to use tax money to create more obesity so it has prescribed a more healthy diet for the school lunch program. The obesity- bound kids and their parents - are complaining. If the kids insist on becoming obese, let them bring their own lunch. Stemming the divorce tide In Colorado, an organization called Kids Against Divorce is ini- tiating a ballot measure requiring education classes as a prerequisite tbr marriage. According to one study, divorce costs taxpayers $112 billion What would happen to those who flunk the course? Take remedial Marriage 101? From the taxpayer point of view, a better solution would be requiring marriage insurance, with the gov- ernment as beneficiary. Extension Exchange A favorite part ofmyjobisget- A and D. calcium and similar ting the chance to do classroom vis- amounts of calories. its and work with students teaching For quenching thirst drink wa- them about healthy food choices, the ter instead of sweetened &finks. importance of fitness and physical You can save money by drinking activity as part of their daily routines water from the tap at home or when and other strategies they can do to eating out. fit health and wellness into their dai- Drink water with and between ly lives, your meals. Adults and children take I am very fortunate to get the op- ha 400 calories per day as beverages; p0rtunity to work with our Walsh drinking water can help you man- County Food and Nutrition Program age your calories. agent Tara Sondeland ("Molly Moo" When water just won't do, en- to the kids) to help bring the nutri- joy the beverage of your choice, but tion lessons to life. Together we ex- just cut back. Remember to check pound a lot of energy and laughter the serving size and the number of teaching and learning about the servings in the can, bottle or con- youth in our area! Currently we are tainer to stay within calorie needs. in the Grafton School district teach- Make water, low-tht or fat-free ing 4th graders about the importance milk or 100% juice an easy option calcium plays in their diet. The m your home. Have ready-to-go students are tracking calcium-rich containers filled with water or foods they consume in a week and healthy drinks available in the re- banking special "moo money" for frigerator. Depending on age, the pnzes upon completion of the 5- maxhnum reco rnnendation for chil- week curriculum, dren is to 1 cup of juice and for Beverage choices make a big dif- adults, 1 cup of 100% fruit or veg- ference in nutrition. Beverage choic- etable juice each day. Remember, es and thinking about your drink is though, that fruit juice should make always a popular lesson. The U.S. up half or less of the total recom- Department of Agriculture recent- mended fruit intake. ly developed "Smart Snacks" reg- Sports Drinks are they needed? ulations for schools. The Smart Sports drinks, such as Gatorade, Snacks in School standards build on Powerade and All Sport, contain car- the advancements in school meals bohydrates and electrolytes, such as and ensure that children are only of- sodium, potassium and chloride. fered tasty and nutritious foods and They are made for physical activi- beverages during the school day. Ac- ty, to help rehydrate and to keep en- cording to nutrition standards for ergy levels high. Are sports drinks beverages, all schools may sell: really necessary? Not always. You Plain water (with or without car- can get these same benefits from oth- b0nation) er sources. A sports drink is not bet- - Unfl avored low-fat milk ter for you unless you are active for Unflavored or flavored fat-fi'ee 60 to 90 minutes or are exercising milk and milk alternatives permit- in very hot conditions. Anything less, ted by the National School Lunch and water should be the drink of Program choice. 100 percent fruit or vegetable Read the Nutrition Facts labels juice and compare your choices. A bottle 100 percent fi'uit or vegetable of one popular drink is considered juice diluted with water (with or four full servings. The label says 50 without carbonation) and no added calories per serving, so do the mul- sweeteners tiplicafion. That's 200 calories for the How can you put beverage bottle! You might not even use this recommendations into practice at many calories during physical ac- home? tivity. Consider the cost, too. Is a Compared with fruit punch and drinking fountain nearby? If so, cola, milk has more protein, vitamins haveadrink ofwater. Aroun, County Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 701-284-6624 Meddling in higher education Before being allowed to intro- duce a bill meddling in higher ed- ucation, the sponsoring legislator should be required to recite from memory the section of the state constitution empowering the Board of Higher Education to run the university system. Setting date of school opening One of the most contentious is- sues in North Dakota has to do with the opening date for schools. The 175 day requirement doesn't fit between Labor Day and Me- morial Day. To satisfy everyone, we need to squeeze both endS. We could extend each school day, re- duce the amount of learning, add a week in July, abolish vacations, or reduce the school year by five days. You choose. I'm not getting into thi s one. I'd rather negotiate with North Korea. End binge drinking in colleges Students at our institutions would rather fire presidents than forfeit opportunities to binge drink. Whenever a student is charged with drunkenness, a press release should be sent to their local newspapers. We do things in col- lege we would never do in our home towns. Hedging Oil Turndown Some economists are predicting that oil will drop as low as $20 due to the glut on the market caused by increased production in the United States. If we follow the suggestion to send Texas back to Mexico, it would help solve both the immi- gration and oil glut problems. For all solutions offered above, I will leave implementation to you. I'm just an idea person. if they are wrong, poor so!utions, give the proper spin, are accepted more I quickly than good thoughtful answers. Prtm Your It is that time of the year again to start pruning your apple trees. Es- pecially if you didn't get a chance to do it late this winter You want to make sure you get in there before new growth starts. Usually around here we start pruning our apple trees from March 20th to about April 20th, but once the temp starts to reach 60 degrees out you should stop, so you don't start the spread 0fbacteria. Also if you notice yore- tree is s ing to bud it is highly ad- vised not to trim the tree. The main reasons to prune your apple trees it to mainta'm the shape and to encourage the best fruit production, and on young trees it is used to make a strong framework for the future of that tree. The oth- er is to help the stop of the spread of diseases that may be attacking the tree. The only thing you should be pruning during the summer months is the suckers, this should be done on both young and old trees, you should treat them before they get about 10 inches long. There are chemicals you are able to use too to stop the growth of suck- ers. The majority of what you want to prune out are broken branches, downward growing branches, rub- bing or crossing branches, upward growing interior branches, com- peting leaders, narrow crotches, and whorls. These do not just pertain to apple trees, but almost any tree you are deciding to prune. If it is anew- er tree make sure you are pruning it to keep its shape and that it keeps it center leader, and same if it has an open center this well ensure that the tree produces the most fruit come future years. With full-size trees they usually already have their determined shape, so all you need to do is maintain that shape and size. You can do this by cutting back broken or diseased branches, crossing limbs, weak stems, any branches growing inward, vertically or straight down. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to thin out new growth so more light is allowed through the canopy, making the fruit ripen and color properly. If you find yourself with a neglected tree, just try to prune the tree in a way to open up the interior to allow light to come In. When ~t comes to your clippers you should also be sterilizing them after each clip. You should be dip- ping them in 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. This is to help stop the spread of fire blight. Fire blight is a bacterial disease of apple and pear trees. Bacteria usually enters the tree through flowers during bloom, either by rain or by bees and oth- er insects. You know if you have this problem if in the early stages your blossoms appear water soaked but then turn brown or black, usu- ally the whole cluster dies. The most obvious is when the branch tips turn brown or black and curl into what looks like a shepherds crook. Warm and htunid weather is favorable conditions for this bac- teria, also when it multiplies through the stem it will cause the tree to look like it has been scorched by fire. In older wood it can cause sunken canker to form, because fire blight can go beyond current grow- mg season Also you as a person should be in old clothes and be wearing gloves. This is just to make sure that if you come in contact with the bleach it doesn't wreck your nice clothes or irritate your skin. All tiffs preparation should leave you with a full tree of blossoms in the spring and plenty of apples to harvest come fall time. .