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March 22, 2017     Walsh County Press
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March 22, 2017

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Page 4 THE WALSI-t COUNTY P ESS WEDNESDAY, MARCh 22, 2017 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS Dakota is just one big community spread across 70,665 square miles." The goal is to keep moving tbr- ward. We just have to hope that the work that the National Weather one Flood of 1997 worth noting and it devastated many in our region. Hannah struck on April 5. That heartless son-of a-blizzard didn't care that the calendar had reached spring. That blizzard was the final nail in the coffin in an already dev- astating winter. The dikes in the low lying parts of Grand Forks began to break mid April. Thousands were displaced for months. The foot of water I got in 2013 was nothing compared to that, but living in North Dakota, 1 have dis- covered that '97 is'one event that we should just learn from and nev- er try to compare to. The one thing that no one could have predicted is the response. In the "North Dakota After Ac- tion Report" by the state Emer- gency Management Team they stated: "At a time when so many lost so much, the. state's 640,000 residents demonstrated why North Service has done topredict flood- ing has improved and the warnings will not go unheard. We have to Spring arrived on Monday. So, lection of sump pumps and hoses hope that our lawmakers at every as any goodNorth Dakota parent from Lon's Hardware, which I level have'good memories. We would do on a 40 degree day, I hope I never have to use again, have to ensure that we do what we shoved my children outside. We were luckier than those who can to protect ourselves and our One tell on the ice. One fell in had to take on the river. The clean safety by realizing that we can't a puddle. Both had boots full of up there was a lot less forgiving, control Mother Nature. snow. We may have hit spring by I am thankful that these warm Spring is my favorite season. It calendar standards, but we cer- days have been followed by cold is full of new life and new possi- tainly aren't out of the woods yet. ones, and I will try to refrain from bilities. The trouble with spring is 1 watch the weather very carefully complaining about the wind. that it doesn't always know that it as it wasn't too long ago that a rainy Ever little bit helps, is spring. Dates on a calendar can spring turned into a disaster in my It is hard to believe that the flood be lovely, but I know to never trust a calendar when it comes to the basement andbeyond. The ground of t997 was now 20 years ago. was so oversaturated around our Google "Flood of 1997" and you weather. house, water simply seeped into the don't even have to type where. "Like'" the Walsh CounO, Press on Face- basement. I now have a nice col- Google knows that there was only book, com. Hello, I grew up in the fifties and six- ties. Kind of. Shirley says 1 nev- er did really grow up. But, believe it or not, I was cool. At the sock hops I was cool. I could twist. I could shout. Elvis was the King. Or Bob Wills. But to many of us, Chuck Berry was the real king. He passed away this weekend. Maybelline. Go Johnny Go. Brown Eyed Handsome Man. I twisted and shouted for an hour on Saturday. Until Mrs. Mey- er lay the law down. She can be cruel. I'm not sure if I ever lnentioned this. For months Shirley asked what I want- ed for Christmas, I only had one wish. 1 wanted a pressure canner! Really! I've always wanted a pressure canner. I got to thinking about When I was a kid and we would go to posted pictures of the best cook- Grandma's house in Nebraska. ers from Wal-Mart and Cabelas. I She would always open a can of left recipes for canned pork and canned meat for lunch. Homecanned chicken and canned beef. canned meat. It was always won- She explained how she had to derful. Shirley reminded me that help her grandmother can when the reason she canned is because she was growing up a sickly child therewas no refrigeration when I and couldn't go outside with the was a kid. And there wasn't a Su- .other kids. I think it made her per Value down tlie street with mean too. shelves full of canned meat. And Well, I will cut to the chase. She people aren't dying frorn pressure didn't get me a pressure cooker cookers blowing up and getting canner tbr Christmas. Deep down sick from improperly cannedI knew she would. I tore open my foods. She is really a spoilsport, gifts like a child on Christmas I left notes around the house. I morning. A jacket. Gloves. Socks. Underwear. Bridle reins. A new cinch for my sardle. No cooker. None. 1 was devastated. How could she be so cruel? But being a resilient man, I fig- ured out a way around it. Valen- tines Day! That was coming up. And I hadn't gotten her a gift for Valentines Day for forty years. But this year I would. ! went to Ace Hardware and bought her the nicest pressure cooker they had. I'm that kind of guy. You should have seen the look on her face when she ripped that beautiful red wrapping paper off that box. It was priceless. I have my own room now. And I have a lot more time for canning. If the Russians or Korean shut off our electricity and you need canned meat, call me. I'm not let- 'ting my wife have any. Later, Dean [ aappeningsa Our : tlritall Good Samaritan LTJ Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. We are looking forward to our Mar. 26th 2:30 Worship w/ Family Dance on Saturday March Pastor Merchant, 3pro 25th. We hope to have lots of kids Cards/Games to have come through theGrand Mar. 27th 10am Embroidery March and dance to the DJ Josh Group, lpm Baking Cherry Bars, Jones! This week March 19th - 25th5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Mar. 19th 2:30 Worship w/ Mar. 28th l pm Crochet Group, Jan, 3pm Chocolate Caramel Day 3pro Painting Cherry Blossoms Mar. 20th First Day of Spring, Mar. 29th 7ran Men's Breakfast, 10am Embroidery Group, lpm 11:15 Resident Council, 3:15 Bin- Baking Lemon Bars, 5pm Rosary, go 6:45 Bingo Mar. 30th 2-4pm Book Sale and Mar.21 st 3pm Crafts Luncheon, 6:30 Movie Night Mar. 22nd 3:15 Bingo Mar. 31st Clergy Visits, 10:30 Mar. 23rd3pmAuxiliaryhost- Nail Time, 3pm Lamb or Lion ed by Victory Free LutheranDay? Church, 6:30 Movie Night April 1st 9:30 Mass w/Miller, Mar. 24th 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Fact or Foolery, 2:15 Bingo l pm Baking Cupcakes, 3pro Chocolate COvered Raisin Day Thank you to our many volun- Mar. 25th lpm Pecan Day, 2:15 Bingo, 4pm Decorating and Cook- teers; Father Miller, Shirley Sobo- ing for the Family Dance, 6:30 lik, Linda Larson, Linda Larson, Reg. for The Family Dance, 7pro Jeanean McMillan, Pastor Hin- Grand March, Dance from 7pro- richs, and anyone I may have 9pro missed I am sorry. If you would Next week March 26th - April like to volunteer please call Rose I st Ulland at 701-284-7115. OmRE A CA ER PREVENTION AWARENESS Walsh county Health District , ..... .... ,o.,,o,,0,. Short Shots You're healthy, so why get aommended. screening'? Many people with col- . The people less likely to get test- orectal cancertaave no symptoms or ed are Hispanics, American Indians family history, which is why screen- orAlaska Natives, rural populations, ing is so important even when you men, those 50 to 64, and those feel healthy, with lower education and income. Regular screening can often find N.D. Statistics: colon cancer early, when it's small, This year 380 people in North has not spread, and is easier to re- Dakota are expected to be diagnosed move betbre they turn into cancer, with colon cancer and 140 will die Preventing colorectal cancer, or from the disease. finding it early, doesn't have to be According to the 2014 Behav- expensive, either Some tests are simple, affordable, and-can be done ioral Risk Factor Surveillance data, at home. North Dakota's screening rate stands at 62%. Colorectal Cancer is a majorIf nationally we can achieve health problem. 80% of eligible persons screened by U. S. Statistics: 2018, 277,000 cases and 203,000 Colorectal cancer is second colorectal cancer deaths would be leading cause of cancer death when prevented by 2030. men and women are combined. Give your loved one the give of Nearly 135,000 adults are diag- being there. Get screened for col- nosed each year orectal cance'r. About 1 and 3 adults or about Talk to your Health Care 23 million people between ages Provider. 50-75 are not getting screened as rec- 3-2o/7 Trying To Save Democracy in the 'Fake News 'Age Rep. Mike Schatz (R-New source 0finfbrmation. Newspa- England), a former social studies pets and print magazines are still teacher, lost HouseBill 1337that accountable. The reporters are would require high schools to . known and stories can be chal- teach "the Federalist Papers, the structure and relationship of the federal government and state and local governments, and the role of separation of powers and the pow- ers reserved or granted to each lev- el of government." Eighty-five Federalist. Papers were written by Founding Fa- thers James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay to persuade New Yorkers to approve the new U. S. Constitution. In defense of liB1337, Repre- sentative Schatz argued that it was one thing to know facts about American history but quite another thing to understand ,those facts. In the hearing on his bill, oth er high school social studies teach- ers rioted the pitfalls in his bill.. Dave Michaelson from Dick- inson pointed out that the Feder- alist Papers were quite lengthy and constituted an entire new course. Michaelson was quite right. When I was on the UND fac- ulty, I created and taught a se- mester-long course on federal- ism, one-third of which consisted of the Federalist Papers.. Understanding the depth and breadth of the Federalist Papers would require knowledge of the Articles of Confederation, read- ings of the Anti-Federalist writ- ings, Madison's notes and the Supreme Court cases interpreting their meaning down through his- lenged. The unfounded lie.s and ru- mors generated in the social me- dia cannot. The ideologues are now en- gaged in a concentrated effort to discredit the legitimate news me- dia. "Even North Dakota Con- gressman Kevin Cramer has joined the effort with a proposal to intimidate television networks until his version of Tea Party news becomes the norna. Because of the growing de- pendence on faulty information sources, citizens must be equipped to distinguish truth from fiction. In order to do so, they must have a solid Ibundation of knowledge with which to think critically. Let's talk specifics. Currently, we see an irrational fear of Sharia Law coming to the United States. This fear stems from ignorance of the democrat- ic processes. In order for this to happen, champions of Sharia Law would have to win a majority in both houses of Congress and the sigaaature of the president. That is- n't going to happen. .The same example of igno- rance occurred when Barack Oba- ma got elected. Fear mongers said that Obama was going to take away their guns. Gun and ammu- nition sales skyrocketed. And what happened? Nothing, be- cause confiscation 0fguns would have required an amendment to tory., the Constitution, implementation This being said, Representative, in both houses of Congress and the Schatz has a good case when he president's signature. That didn't argues that Americans need a happen. greater understanding of the foun- It seems that we have come to dational documents. Democracy is a point when all we have to fear in trouble and needs a citizenry of is fear itself. To curb panic and critical thinkers who can tell the heart attacks, citizens need to un- difl rence between truth and "fake derstand the democratic process- news." es and how public policy is cre- The blogs, Twitters, Facebooks, ate& This understanding is nec- You Tubes and renegade TV chan- essary because ridiculous fears nels are full of misinlbnhation, will continue to appear in the fu- misrepresentation and deceit. Un- ture and cause unnecessary panic fortunately, these have become the in .the streets. primary sources of information for Representative Schatz may a society too lazy toread, have lost HB1337 but he has Among the media, the printed raised an important concern for word has become the only reliable our consideration. 'tile media, p.rinted word has become the only reliable source of information. Newspapers and print magazines are still accountable. Extension Exchange NDSU Extension - Walsh County Helps Area Residents to "Live Well" Raising kids, eating right, spend- ative by assembling an obstacle ing smart, living well--that's the course or using hula-hoops. Start theme of a national Living Well planning a garden. Take a walk or Campaign that is being promoted by bike ride in your neighbbrhood. the Extension Association of Fam- 2. Drink plenty of water to stay ilyand Consunaer Sciences, both at hydrated. The average adult human the national and state levels and here body is approximately 60 percent in Walsh County. The goal of the water, which is found in muscle, Living Well Campaign is to provide blood, brain, bone, etc. Water reg- people with the education and in- .ulates every living cell's processes formation they need in order to and chemical reactions. It Wansports "live well." nutrients and oxygen. Water helps to NDSU Extension Service offers maintain normal bowel habits and a varietyofinformationthatwillhelp prevent constipation. Limit the families achieve a positive, healthy amount of soda and fruit drinks con- lifestyle. Whether you are trying to sumed daily. manage your diabetes through meal 3. Eat a variety of healthful planning and exercise, make deci- foods. Be sure to have plenty ofcol- sions about health care and insur- orfui fruits and vegetables every day. Most people need at least 4 '/2 cups ance, or get tips on effective par- enting techniques, NDSU Extension to meet the daily recommendation. Have a glass of 100 percent juice or probably has a research-based an- sliced banana on cereal for breakfast, swer. enjoy raw vegetables with dip to ac- To make every month a "Living company a sandwich at lunch and Well Month," consider these eight have a sliced apple for dessert. At tips. dinner, steam some vegetables and 1. Engage children in at least 60 prepare a fruit parfait with yogurt for minutes of physical activity on des sert. Try a new fmit or vegetable. most, preferably all, days of the See www.choosemyplate.gov for week. Adults need at least 30 min- utes of physical activity. Besides par-Extension Excha ticipating in sporting activities, turn Cont page 6 on some nmsic and dance. Be cre- Upcoming Programs: Behavioral Health for your Comlnunity - March 30th 9:00am, Grafton 4-H Project Expo - March 31st 6:00pro, Park River Progressive Farm Safety -April 5th, Graflon Powerful Tools fbr Caregivers -April 7 - May 19 Fridays 1:00pm, Park River 4-H Vmiety Show -April 9th 3:00pm, Park River Around the Walsh counly Extension Office Park River- 284-6624 You Snooze You Lose We still have spots open for the 22nd and 30th. Send me a check for $30/head made out to NDSU Pes- ticide Program mad reserve you seat. I really suggest you do that as the trainings fill fast. You need to con- tact the Grand Forks Extension Office if you wish to go there. I am doing that training also. There will be no training past the 30th so if you do not get there you will have to write the long test. The Magical Mycorrhizae It has often been said there is no such thing/is a free lunch. These fungi that live in soil are the clos- est thing you may.ever get to a free lunch when it comes to soil fertil- ity and sadly few producers even know they exist I call them the San- ta Claus of the soft. They bring free gifts of nutrients if we only take care of them. If you are going to improve the health and productivity of your soils this may be th.e cheapest and easiest place to start. Mycorrhizae have a symbiotic relationship with plants, t l ow I mn using words that some may not be familiar with. Symbiotic in a nutshell means both organisms benefit from the rela- tionship. The fungi serve as a con- duit between the plant roots and the soil. It is kind of like the interstate that brings food to our cities and if repaired and nurtured we.have a flee flow of food we can't produce lo- cally. The plant gives the fungicar- bohydrates and the fungi makes nu- trients and water that are not ac- cessible to the plant root system. The mycorrhizae also convert nti- trients into a usable form tbr the plant. Preserving this network of "little roads" to the plant is so ina- portant from a soil health perspec- tive and is rarely taken into con- sideration when planning crop ro- tations. One crop that is heavily de- pendent of these fungi is flax. Flax is really bad at acquiring phospho- rus. If the soil does not have a healthy mycorrhizae network the farmer will see lower yields or have to compensate for this by making sure he has high phosphorus levels currently in the soil to overcome this lack of fungi. Phosphorus is the nu- trient that Mycorrhizae are the most important for converting it to a usable form. So how do we encourage myc- orrhizae in our soils? The first thing we need to do is to reduce or eliminate tillage. Tillage destroys the network in the soil the mycor- rhizae create. If the plants can't feed these fungi, like all organisms, they will die. Fallow and pro- longed flooding are destructive to these organisms. It costs the plant energy to rebuild these networks and usually anything that costs the plant is not good tbr a Ihnner's bot- .tom line. The exceptions when it comes to phosphorus are the Bras- sicas, canola, mustard, turnips and radishes. They do not need myc- orrhizae to get phosphorus. You can actually starve mycorrhiza if you have a long term heavy canola ro- tation. The cereal grains tend to sup- port these fungi. Do not plant a crop Ibllowing canola that is very de- pendent on the fungi like flax, sunflowers or corn. Early season phosphorus uptake could be slowed down. Fallow would have a simi- lar starving effect on the fungi. It pays to protect our little "San- ta Clauses" of the soil. It also pays to nnderstand what these little fun- gi need to survive and what crops Iced them and what crops starve them. We also must be aware of what crops they are important tbr the growth of. Dates to Remember: 3/22 Private Applicator Recertification 9 am Grand Forks County Building 9am 3/28 Private Applicator Recertification 9 am Grand Forks County Building 9 am 3/30 Private applicator Training 9 am City Auditorium Park River, ND Your ad goes here! Call 28z.6333 today (0r rates.