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March 7, 2018     Walsh County Press
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March 7, 2018

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e +. Pa e 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7, 2018 E FROM THE DITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH OUNTY PRESS I am a horrible parent. This past month (and then some) my son has been working toward earning his orange belt in taekwando. He is probably about as aggres- sive as a newborn kitten. He blows his top about once a year and then he resets back to unhuman levels of calm. So when his final task was to maybe this isn't for him. Then, as we left the gym, he got in the car and he said to me, "Mom! Did you see me? I almost got my orange belt!" He was genuinely proud and excited about his class. Why was I so sure that he couldn't when he was so proud of how far he had gotten? I pushed all of that doubt away and break a board with his foot, I thought I told him-how protid ! was for all to myself, "There is no way. Maybe he had leamed. this isn't for him. He can't do it." My cousin mentioned that you I watched as he tried again and can buy these plastic boards that again with about as much ferocity as snap apart and slide back together so that kitten and I was seriously upset we went online and found something that this was going to be it. His that we could practice on. friends had already done it Again, Breaking the board isn't even the .hard part, the+hard part was getting for a minute. it in his head that he had to push past When he came back to his park- the board and into the floor. He ing spot in the street next to the gym, couldn't stop just because it was sol- he could see Gary being handed his id. He couldn't quit just because it brand new orange belt. was hard (bothliterally and figura- I couldnt wait until he got home. tively). He was beaming from ear to ear. I hate watching my kid straggle, I am still kicking myself for but he wasn't the one struggling with ever doubting him. I know that this it, it was me. I was the one making isn't the first time that I thought may all of the excuses. I was the one say- e he can't, but it certainly was a re- ing "Oh, he's just five. Oh, he's not ality check that I have no right to say very aggressive. "Oh, maybe this is what he can or cannot do. just not his thing." I can't protect him from failure, He never once said he couldn't, but I can help him practice his H Pat- He likes to look me right in the tern for hours on end, let him kick eye and say, "We persevere. That my butt while practiceing his fight- means never give up. Never sur- ing moves, and spend a few extra render. Work hard." bucks so he can stomp a board. I'm going to say that speech is It isn't really failing. We are one part taekwando and two parts teaching each other that sometimes kindergarten, but it is 100 percent success takes time and the greatest Gary. lesson of all is "We persevere. That A week ago Tuesday my broth- means never give up. Never sur- er sent me a video from outside the render. Work hard." gym. He said he dropped the boys "Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- offat class and ran to the gas station Hello, I've told you before, and I know you believe me, I'm not the bright- est bulb in the closet. I proved it again this morning. I am snowed in at Jamestown. I'm not familiar with Jamestown, although people have suggested there is a place for me here. Being a rather broke person, I searched for the cheapest motel I could find. $39.95 per night. That is reasonable. They don't know about the Bakken here. I booked the room. did not have access to a credit card machine. Cash only. Took my beer money I hate that. I'm sincerely glad they did not take body parts. I've a friend who works at an of- fice in Jamestown. I knew he would There was ice on the toilet. I guess gladly allow me to use his comput- heat is extra. But I slept with my er. I used my handy dandy phone to clothes and coat on and by morning find the address. This did not go real it was pretty comfortable. The too- well. But after talking to the Lord a I believe he is related to that lady in tel has several amenities. Is that what few times I found the address. they are called? Free phone for lo- I typed the address into my cal calls. Color TV. Free coffee phone A nice lady said take a right from 6 until noon. I left before 6. on 10th street and proceed to 3rd Frostbite was setting in. Ave. SE. That would be nice if I I had to find a place to write an at- knew where 10th st was. It wasn't ticle. Cheap motels do not have ac- where I was starting. I hate that. No cess to a business center. In fact, they matter what I did, she wouldn't say another word. I drove around. 5tone silence. I divorced her. I spoke into my phone. I gave it the address. The same lady an- swered. Take a right on 10th. I spoke to the Lord again. After driving in a blizzard for a half hour, my friend called. I asked how to get to his office. "'Take a right on 10th". your phone. But when I explained I didn't know where tenth was, he asked if I knew where the IDK bar was. Now you are talking my language. I found it. I have to tell you one more mouse story. My last one. I promise. I've a friend that fears mice more than I. And he is a big man. A horse- shoer. He was telling how one day he was sitting in his house and a mouse ran behind this heater he had in the living room. And he didn't have a trap there. He did say that traps are disposahlo. He throws tho ~,~e ,~d the mouse away if he catches one. My kind of guy. Anyway, this mouse ran behind the heater. He sprang into action. He grabbed the cat. He tipped the heater forward and threw the cat down. The cat grabbed the mouse. The man grabbed the cat, screamed at his daughter to open the door, and heaved the cat, who was holding the mouse, out the door. Have you ever sden how far a cat bounces when thrown against a closed screen door? The cat got up shaking itself. The mouse laughed and ran down the hallway. Later, Dean Oh?~!)!i!iiiii3:!?!~/i!~!!!q~!i~+' Sp(;t UKI . Happenings at Our ,Namantan Good Samaritan Society -+ mw= Nannette Hoeger, A efi[vities Dir. We are having our Book Sale and Pastor Brezens,3:+0Time Saving Luncheoh on March 15th. If you Facts have books you would like to donate please drop them off. We hope to see you on the 15th. This week Mar. 4th - 10th Mar. 4th No group activities due to the flu. Mar. 5th 10am Embroidery Group, 1 pm Baking Oreo Cheese- cakes, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Mar. 6th 3pm Oreo Day Mar. 12th Barber Visits, 10am Embroidery Group, lpm Baking Mint Cookies, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Mar. 13th 9am Peeling Pota- toes, lpm Crochet Group, 3pm March Madness Mar. 14th 10am Pen Pal Easter Egg Hunt, Making Donuts Mar. 15th Making Donuts, 2-4 Book Sale and Luncheon with Mar. 7th 2pm Rescheduled Me- Donut Sales morial service M~. 16th Clergy visits, 10:30 Mar. 7th 3:15 Bingo Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, Mar. 8th 3pm Birthday Party 2:30 Teresa and The Plow Boys for hosted by Good Samaritan Auxiliary, a St. Patrick's Day Party 6:30 Movie Night Mar. 17th 9:30 Mass w/Father Mar. 9th Clergy Visits, 10:30Nail Miller, lpm Facts about 4 Leave Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3pm Clovers, 2:15 Bingo Shamrock Craft, 7:30 Mennonite Singers Tlaank-y u to our many volun- Mar. 10th 9:30 Mass wl Father teers that l had to cancel on last week Miller, lpm Game Day, 2:15 Bin- due to the flu. We truly appreciate go everything you do to make our Next week Mar. 11 th- 17th lives better. If you.would like to vol- Mar. 11 th Daylight Savings unteer please call Rose Ulland at Spring ahead, 2:30 Worship w/ 701-284-7115. WORLD KIDNEY DAY 3-2018 Pub ttcagh Prevelat. Promote Protoc:t+ Walsh County Health District Short Shotsby CarlyOstenrude, RN Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide public health problem. March 8th celebrates World Kidney Day. This year, world kidney day cam- paign is "Kidneys and Women's Health". CKD affects 195 million women worldwide, and it is also the 8th leading cause of death in women. What is CKD? CKD is also called chronic kidney failure. It's the grad- ual loss of kidney function. The causes vary but some include diabetes, high blood pressure, recurrent kidney stones, and recurrent kidney infec- tions (pyelonephritis). Some research studies have shown that women may be more likely to get CKD than men. Not at all studies show this same data, but men and women are at least equally at risk for getting CKD. It's estimated that more than 30 million Americans are at risk for this disease. ,: : + +++++:,~ + :~e,+@+++ ',+~ complicated, so be sure to consult a tax advisor. Other Options If you want to keep your life insurance policy but could use some ex- tra cash, you may have some other options For example, some life set- tlement companies may allow you to keep part of the policy's death ben- efit while eliminating your premium obligations. You can also ask your life insurer if you can bon'ow against your policy, or if you're in poor health, see if you're eligible for accelerated death benefits. You should also find out if you're able to convert the cash value of your policy into an immediate annuity (through a 1035 Exchange), which would make regular payments to you for aset number of years or for the rest of your life. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Savvy- Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of"The Savvy Senior" book. Considering Guns, God and James Madison "No one can interfere my wants to go against God. In a God-given right to guns" is a re- showdown, even the atheists will frain often heard in the heated rhet- buckle. oric between weapon owners and Blaming God for guns is un- regulation advocates, called for. I've spent a lot of time Being that God has been in the New Testament and can't dragged into this cutting issue of American politics, this claim be- find a word about God or Jesus comes both secular and theolog- handing out guns. So where do we ical. Every time it is made, Found- get the idea that guns ~re a right ing Father James Madison rolls given to us by God. over in his habitat. He thinks he In my research, I found it hard created the Second Amendment to plow through all of those New while God just looked on. Testament verses about taming the To tell the truth, Madison did- other cheek, living in peace and n't like the Amendments. Since the loving our neighbors, including Constitution didn't give the na- Samaritans, to find a verse in tional government the power to regulate guns, he argued, the Bill which God handed out guns. of Rights was unnecessary. At most, He might have let us But he was pushed to the wall have guns to shoot pheasants (my when several states, his own Vir- favorite sport) and other game to ginia among them, made ratifica- feed families but would He give tion of the U. S. Constitution us guns that could shoot a lot of conditional upon inclusion of a bill school kids? of rights. Since his Constitution The AR- 15 is hardly a gun to was more important than his prin- defend our homes from maraud- ciples, he buckled. The Second Amendment is ers. If it is loaded, locked in brief : "A well-regulated Militia, some closet so the kids can't mur- being necessary to the security of. der each other. By the time we a free state, the right of the people make three steps toward that clos- to keep and bear arms shall not be et, the marauder has mined the infringed." bed, the wallpaper and every- It should be obvious to that this body in the room. was written with Lexington and The president has proposed Concord in mind when the ordi- that we give 20 percent of the nary folk of the land had to grab school teachers concealed their own guns and fight the British. The Revolutionary War weapons. was over but the British mightWe are already short of teach- come back for an encore so we ers so why bring them into a better keep our guns. deadly gun fight. Let them die of We can be pretty sure that old age. The mass murderer is not James Madison was thinking of going to knock on the classroom those one-shot muzzleloaders and door, loudly count to 10 and shout not AR-15s, cannon, bazookas "ready or not, here I come." and other weapons of mass de- He is going to bound into the struction now available at the lo- room with his AR-15 blazing cal hardware store, while the teacher is still looking For political cover, some mod- for her gun. When she finds it, the em weapon owners have alleged that God gave them to right to peashooter will be no match for an guns, therefore what God has AR-15. joined together let no man tear I am afraid man and not God is asunder. That claim is a real con- to blame for this gun thing. And let versation stopper because nobody Madison have some credit." In my research, I found it hard to plow through all of those New Tes- tament verses about turning the other cheek, living in peace and lov- ing our neighbors, including Samaritans, to find a verse in which God handed out guns. Extension Exchange You Received Your Credit Score: Do You Know Which One? Many agencies offer a free credit score. However, did you know that these scores might not be the scores a lender is using? In fact, besides the three Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO) credit scores, an additional six are used widely. FICO developed the credit score most lenders use to deter- mine your credit worthiness. Each of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Tran- sUnion) have a FICO score for you. The calculation they use is the same, but sometimes they don't all have the same information, so your credit score may vary slight- ly among the three. A consumer's FICO score will range from 300 to 850. Each of the three credit bureaus has its own credit scoring model Lenders don't use these, but they are educational for con- sumers. The credit bureaus use credit information in the specific credit report to determine the score. Here are the credit score ranges for each of these credit bu- reaus: Equifax: Equifax Credit Score - 280 to 850 Experian: PLUS Score - 330 to 830 TransUnion: TransRisk New Account Score - 300 to 850 The three major credit bureaus also jointly created the Van- tageScore credit scoring model. An independent company manages and maintains it. Some lenders may use the VantageScore in de- termining someone's credit wor- thiness. VantageScore has three ver- sions: VantageScore 1.0 and 2.0, which use a score range Of 501 to 990, and VantageScore 3.0, which uses a range of 300 to 850, To add to the confusion, even more scores are available to con- sumers. They include the CE Score, Credit Optics Score, Core- Logic and RiskView. Just because lenders don't use these scores doesn't mean they can't be help- ful. If you use one of these scores or a service that provides you with one of these scores, it can be a useful monitoring tool. These services use information in your credit report to calculate your score. By using one of these and con- tinuing to mo litor your score, .you can see how you're doing us- mg a big picture. If you score drops significantly and you don't know why, it can be an indication of an error on your report. If you have a goal to increase your cred- it score to qualify for a loan in the future, you will be able to see if your score is increasing. Any questions about this col- umn or something else may be di- rected to the NDSU Extension of- fice in Walsh County at 284-6624, or email me at: bery@ndsu,edu. I would be glad to help! Source. Carrie Johnson, NDSU Extension personal and family finance specialist, 701- 231-8593, "l ~l!t; ~ i i "i! :; (i'~ i ;:, + Walsh,ty E, xtension Office Park River - 284-6624 Pesticide Applicator stringent as time goes on. Certification I also want to point out that Above are the dates we will be while you must have a private conducting pesticide applicator applicator card to apply these certification and recertification, new dicamba products you must You will notice that there are no also be trained by private indus- dates in April. We conducted a try to legally apply them. If you "snowbird" training in early No- have not already done so go to vember last fall that was lightly the department of agriculture's attended. I know some of" your website and find a training. Do it farm help does not get up here now as these trainings are pretty until after March. They now have much over. I can't do these train- three options. They can get up ings so this is not an option for here in time for my last training you. on the 22nd and if they are certi- fied just sit through it. They can hunt around to other counties doing it a day or two later and do the same or they can come up as usual and do the long test version and pass. I know some of your workers struggle to pass the short version when I spend three hours training them. I do not think these workers are going to have much of a chance passing the long version with no training. There will be no trainings in April as we are not allowed to do this under the law. I was told I could do them in November but not April so I did. If a private pesticide applicator card expires prior to recertifcation the card has lapsed and you will need to take the test as if you were never certified. This is the law and there is nothing anyone in our of- fice can do about it. I said this many times but the best way to handle worker protection training requirements is to get your work- Plant Variety Protection We have had issues through- out North Dakota with violations of the plant variety protection act for seed the past few years. I know with low crop prices there is a temptation to look at cutting costs. This is not the place to look. If It is a North Dakota vari- ety you can only sell seed as a certified class of seed. clude foundation, registered and certified. I don't know of any North Dakota developed variety that prohibits you from planting your own seed back but there could be some out there. When buying seed from private compa- nies this can be a different mat- ter. When you buy the seed to you need to know if you can plant this seed back or not. Pri- vate companles and universities are prosecuting case of plant va- riety violations and the fines can ers certified to apply pesticides, be very large. Know what you This requires the test and main- can and can't do before you seed taining certification. I only look a variety is the best advice I can for the requirements to get more give you. Dates to Remember: ] 3-19 Pi'ivate Pesticide Applicator recertification, Extension Office Park River, registration at 5:30 pm 3-22 Private Pesticide Certification and Recertific/ttion, Park River City Auditorium, registration at 8:30 am Do you want your news noticed? or your rou ave II Contact The Press: (701) 284-6333 I i