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March 6, 2013     Walsh County Press
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March 6, 2013

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N .RCH 6, 201"3 THE PRESS PAGE 5 LEGISLATIVE EDITION Q By Wayne Trottier Rep. District 19 BISMARCK, N.D. -- What just happened? (in the first half of the legislative session) Here we are at crossover in the legislature which is like halffime in a sports event. I will go through some of the major items that'the House of Repre- sentatives has worked through. Remembering that the major issues, by the peo- ple, that most of us heard during the campaign, were: infrastructure, especially ifl the oil counties, as well as the rest of the state. Property tax reform or relief. With the states surplus budget take care of the first two priorities, then give back to those that have helped the state get this surplus. Fund one time expenditures for the state, but beware of ongoing costs to the state tl{at will need funding far into the future. Infrastructure:' (a) Funding increased to $4 billion in infra- structure investment, more than doubling the ' 11- ' 13 biennium (b) $500 million over the governor's Original $2.7 billion plan $900 million, over the current biennium (c) $2.3 billion for roads $520 million for water projects, flood control and flood relief support (d) $62.7 million for emergency services and law enforcement (e) $17.6 million for wildlife and wilderness preservation (Heritage Fund) Property Tax Relief: (a) $740 million in property tax relief Property tax reform: (a) Limits individual property tax growth to 3% without a vote unless: (1) The property has undergone a taxable im- proveme, lat (2) The property no longer qualifies for an ex- emption (b)improved transparency in tax statements (1) changes mills to dollars on tax statements " (2) shows three year history of tax assessment (3) must show legislature tax relief provided by state , (Reform is meant to engage residents in the process) K-12 Education must be kept as a top priority! Funding for K- 12 education will be $ !. 1 bil- lion this session (a) $1.1 billion is a reco/d education funding level I (b) $162 million increase over the current bien- nium What most citizens of North Dakota are asking, what about our taxes: property taxes should go down by 35.7% and individual personal' income and coorperate income taxes should go down by 35%. (next weeks talking points will cover several more topics such as "'why did we restructure oil taxes?" and what we are doing for ND citizens who need help. And keeping a balance budget, while still putting some away for the furore.) Rep Wayne Trottier 701-587 5040 or cell 701-238 0763 By Tom Campbell have experienced in the Senate is Monday to let me know the stu- Sen. District 19 that after brutally debating, fight- dents voted to endorse there dis- BISMARCK, "~N.D. __ ing and disagreeing with some of approval of him. He told me he Thanks to Scott Hennen for my colleagues, we still remainwas creating a cultural imagethe coming up to Grafton to broad friends and respect each other at students did not like along with cast "The Legislative Today" the end of the day. being hard to communicate to; radio AM 1100 "The Flag" show The House passed a bill that even though some think Shirvani live from Granny's Restaurant. would allow people with con- is doing exactly what he was We had a full house with about cealed permits to carry guns on hired to do. I would hope we 45-50 guests, thank you to all school grounds if a school hasgive him a chance to fill out his who attended in making this a developed a policy to allow it. I term. Luke is Paul Brodeur's huge success, have found most School officials grandson, Bill Brodeur's son, an ,Legislative "CROSS OVER" in our district do not want this for old Grafton hockey buddy of so named because Senate bills liability reasons. The opposi-mine. cross over to the House and vice tion tells us, without this bill, we LIND's "'NEW" medical y sa; it is the unqft qi ] ha!fgg,, gy" send a clear message to the-crazy building passed the senate by, a r ark 0 f tl e session: ProqSabI 'killer tl t the" cho'ol btiird.lflgs' good margin; I changed my, de- the fas'trst 38 days in my life, are gun free! This bill is com- cision frown Gov. Jack's plan of thank you for giving me the op- ing over to the Senate, let me renovating it for $68 million to portunity to serve you. know what you think is rightl spending $124 million for a SB 2015 passed unanimously Reducing sales tax from 5% completely new building. I was to increase the department of corrections budget up 12.6%($19 million) for a total of $211 million, That includes 5 correction centers or state pris- ons in our state. We have about 1591 prisoners and over see an- other 5,000 on probation. Pris- oners are up 17% the last 2 years. A prospering sta e brings problems too. SB bill 201i DOT funding budget up $1 billion! This sur- passed the Human Services budget for the 1 st time. Why? traffic is up 10% state wide, the need of more highway engineers for highway projects, rebuilding of highways out west because of oil boom, it now costs $2.5 mil- lion to pave 1 mile of road, in- cludes new license plate plan, includes update of over $10 mil- lion for a new technology com- puter update, also this is where your $100 million for road repair in the Eastem part of state came from. Had a few calls from district 19 people who are in Califomia, they must miss the cold politics in Bismark to take a break from the 80 degree sun, great to have you interested in our Legislature, looking forward to seeing all of you back at home this spring. I learned one thing this last week, I can't please everyone! For the most pan our district is pretty conservative and I would say I have a pretty good report with most but I honestly do ap- preciate hearing from those who disagree with me'on a few top- lcs; one of the greatest things I to 4.5% failed along with elimi- convinced pay back is 20 years nating clothing tax; main con- and our state currently is number cem we heard from you was to two in residents over 85 years reduce property tax first and in- old, we are short doctors now. come tax second. Did not hear Former UND Pres Clifford said from anyone Who wanted sales the greatest investment we ever Dx or clothing tax relief in our made on the UND campus was district, the medical school. I had a Income tax bill 2156 passed conservative 81 year old Nor- the senate for both personal in- wegian in my district tell me to come and corp income tax relief, go for it, we need the doctors This allocated $200 million for now more than ever for small personal income tax relief& $50 towns; currently 63% of all doc- million for corp tax relief. The tors in our state graduated from last biennium when the corp tax --10-ND. Also impressed with the rate was lowered the gross dol- new higher ed concept of paying lars received still went up; the for credit hours for students fin- concept of providing a favorable ishing class verses starting class. business climate in keeping the I would like to thank all who ND economy strong encourages sent me emails with your posi- business to expand and prosper tion on different bills. This is a in our state, big help which allows me to Luther Meberg (County com- know how you stand and gives missioner) & Brad Schanilec me great help in keeping up with with the state insurance group so many bills. With almost a had an open house for legisla- 1000 bills to review, I really ap- tors. Nice to see some district preciate your input, Rick Berg 19 folks in Bismarck. Thanks told me before we began that I for the food and social, should only focus on a few sub- The Senate voted after second jects and not try to become an ballot to fund the Higher Ed expert on all, I now realize what Board and pass an amendment he was talking about. for $850,000 to buy out contract Thanks to Joan Thompson, for Ham Shirvani (Chancellor of social studies teacher from Higher Ed Board) only if board Northwood, who brought down desires to. I supported this be- about 50 students last week. cause I think anyone who has the She has been doing this for many power to hire someone should years and I applaud her for giv- have the power and tools to fire ing students a first hand experi- him. I invited Shirvani to the ence of how our state's UND hockey game Friday to legislative process works. give him a much needed break Any questions or comments and hear his side of the story, pkase email me at tomcamp- Luke Brodeur (NDSU student or call at 701-520- body president) called me last 2727 Notice to Creditors Diane Lipsh Estate I City of Edinburg Council Proceedings CITY OF EDINBURG COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS FEBRUARY 11, 2013 7:00PM Call to Order: Mayor Halldorson Present: All Present MSC: Sondeland, Denault to approve payment of bills 0egmning with #6727 through #6745 for a total of $ 5158.19 and approve the monthly financial statement i with balance on hand of $30973.22. Old Business: None New Business: None Adjourn: Pewe March 11,2013 at 7pm Respectfully submitted Vera Brandvold, Auditor .(March 6, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF WALSH COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA" In the Matter of the Estate of DIANE LIPSH, Deceased. Probate No. 50-2013-PR-00011 NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed personal representative of the above estate. All persons having claims within three (3) months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred.. Claims must either be presented to David Lipsh, Co-Personal Representative of the estate, at c/o Tracy of a .0 By.David Larson • for The Press • Previews in the 1950s were like • those of sixty years later. Most • were masterpieces of hyperbole, at • about the same level ofbelievabil- • • ity as used car advertisements-- • "Never before seen! .... Too dating to be brought to life before! ..... So and so' in the greatest film role of her career." So read the blurbies at the beginning of the preview (and at the end); in the middle they fea- tured the most action-packed, sus- penseful, and/or sexy scenes from the next week's upcoming movies. I don't remember any of them specifically, except the preview of the most grotesquely miscast role of the 1950s, John Wayne as Genghis Khan in "The Con- queror." At some point the sound of the last preview would fade away, and, depending on the mood of the au- dience, there would be a babble of juvenile voices, or a hush of antic- 000000000000000000000000000000 Share your Lyric Theater memories. • Write in to P0 Box 49 Park River ND • or • / • of"Johnny" movies about the time I was 11, "Johnny Guitar," "Johnny Concho," and I'm sure several others. "Johnny Concho" was the last movie I got into for 15 cents (it was also the only movie I got into for the 15 cent kids' price when I was over 12.) The comedies were simple, for- mulaic things, like tv sitcoms, based on a: certain premise, re- peated over and over. Abbott and Costello ran into adventures with predictable roles, Costello the stoop and Abbot the straight man. Together they bumbled through meeting Frankenstein, and the Mummy, and I'm sure many oth- ers. Ma and Pa Kettle (Marjorie late show. It's funny I don't re- member anything about leaving the theater or going home. It was like stepping back into the real world after a sojourn in a world of magic. Well, as usual, I've mn on a bit, and I really need to cut myself short or The Editor will have really good excuse to take an axe to my prose. I do hope that this trip way back in time has stirred some good memories for a few of the Press' "more mature" (i.e., "ancient") readers, andhas helped describe how it was way-back-when so that you youngsters in your fifties can get some feel for what it was like in ipation. Even on "babble" Main and Percy Kilbride), the hill- Park River back in the actual ,. evenings, the sound would hush at billies with dozens of children fifties. the first movement on the screen, (though for some reasonMaKettle I'd be willing to bet a lot of either a noisy music-filled was never pregnant) played their money that there are many dozens crescendo accompanying the title, roles of kind-hearted momma, and ofyotl reading this piece who have or the flash of the lead numbers be- really lazy poppa, to the amuse- your own special memories of the fore the crescendo. The number, ment of the kids watching. And usually 6 or 7, would be the signal what red-blooded ten-year-old for an exuberant vocal accompani- could ever forget adventure films ment as each descending number appeared, "Seven!" would come from the audience. "6...5...4...3...2..." There was usually some kid in the front rows who didn't know that the number "1" never appeared in the leader, and so to the embarrassment of the like "Captain Horatio Horn- blower" starting Gregory Peck, and "The Three Musketeers"? Then there were Bambi and Snow White, and the science fiction movies, some of which were terri- fying "Them", "The Day the • ,, ,, Earth Stood Still, and War of the kid, and the amusement of the rest Worlds". ' of the audience, the movie began There were free movies too, the to a shouted "One!" Christmas specials. My mother Filmmakers had a lot less imag- would tell me to go up to the the- ination back in the 1950s. Until ater, I, dutiful lad that l was, would Lyric. It seems to me that those memories are important, for they are part of the experience of the Park River community, like the memories of great basketball games and memorable teachers (I'll bet you have memories of the really good school teachers--the Mrs. Bjomebys, or Mr. Bemtsons, the ones who had their places of distinction when you were in the Park River schools) But, I have digressed again from the Lyric, movies, and mem- orable experiences. I'd bet that Ed- itor Olimb would love to hear "The Wild Ones" every film began walk uptown, and there would be about your personal memories of with the title and the credits, start- a free movie for all us kids. I re- , the Lyric. What sort of good times ing with The Stars, working down member "The Wind in the Wil-(or bad ones) do you remember to the supporting actors, and the lows," with its animated portrayal about our theater? What details of one-scene-in-the-back-row- of Mr. Toad, andhis crazedinfatu- the building have I missed? Did chores-line actors, the technical ation with an automobile...'A you first holdyour wife's (or your credits, including "gaffer"(a word motor cah?l...A motor cah!" And husband's) hand in the Lyric? that I was too lazy to look up back then there was "The Legend of What was the theater like WAY then--the gaffer is in charge of Sleepy Hollow" with its terrifying back when, let's say in the 1940s? lighting), etc., etc. We could tell animated p'ortrayal of the Headless The Lyric is a central part of the when the foofaraw was about to be Horseman, and the ambiguous community experience of each and over when "Assistant Producer" ending--was there really a Head- every one of us: it would be nice if and "Producer" appeared, for as less Horseman, and what really did we could share our experience. sure as the Lord made little green happen to Ichabod Crane? But And let me add one last thing. apples, the taeXt screen would laud most, of all"i'remember seeing the The next time you pull open the the director, and we could settle Wizard of Oz for the first time. right-hand door, andwatk a half back, for the movie was FINALLY The Winged Monkeys--terror. dozen 'or so Steps :up the ramp to about to begin. The Tin Woodman sympathy, pay your admission, and buy some Mostly I remember watching The Wizard---contempt. of that buttered popcorn with the Westerns and comedies. Hoppy, Dorothy--so glad she made itspecial popcomsalt, and takeyour • Gene, Roy, and especially Ran- home. AndToto, too. TheWicked seat--sit back for a few mindtes in dolph Scott, who I was convinced Witch--she was GREEN! the familiar dark. Open up your was the best actor in the world. I And then the movie was over, memories. - couldn't understand why my par-and the magic stopped, and we had There are ghosts about, from ents seemed a bit patronizing when to get out to make room for the your memories and from those of a I told them that. There was a sloo people who were coming in for the thousand other patrons miss iI wcpress@p01arc0mm.c6m P.O. Box 49 Park River, ND 58270 L. Laaveg, PC, PO Box 127, Park River, ND 58270 or filed with the court. Dated this 8 day of February, 2013. DAVID LIPSH Co-Personal Representative Tracy L. Laaveg, PC Attorney ID #5839 102 4th St. W. PO Box 127 Park River, ND 58270 Telephone: (701) 284 6300 Fax: (701) 284-6306 Attorney for the Petitioner (February 20, 27 and March 6, 2013) 0000000000000000000000000000 Two I Join us for a baby shower honoring Tamera Skorheim and baby girl Skorheim Saturday : March 9, 10:30 am at the Lankin Fire Hall, Main • Street Lankin 00000000000000000 000000000000 00 .0 00 Do you want your news noticed? or ur rou have story Iell Contact The Press: (701) 284-6333 Notice To Competitors Of Hearing On Application For Property Tax Incentives Notice is hereby given that the City Council of Park River, North Dakota, will meet at 5:00 p.m. on March 25, 2013 at City Council Room to consider the application of Walsh Grain Terminal, LLC For property tax relief on the project which the applicant will use in the operation of Grain Receiving and Shipping Terminal At 6695 135th Avenue NE Lot 1, Block 1, Walsh Grain Addition, Park River, North Dakota Any competitor of that applicant may appear and be heard by the City Council at the tie and place designated herein. A competitor may provide written comments to the governing body before the scheduled hearing. This notice is given by the above-named applicant pursuant to the provisions of North Dakota Century Code 40-57.1-03 a