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February 22, 2017     Walsh County Press
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February 22, 2017

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THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2017 Page 9 ]r? f~ ill ....... .-,1,-, O, Sweden? First of all, Norway has 5 million people. Sweden has I0 million. So Norway wins that one. Secondly, the lifespan of a person living in Norway is 80 years. In Sweden it is 82. So Norway wins that one too. Norway's capital is Oslo. Swe- den's isn't. We have an Oslo not too far from us. There is no Stockholm anywhere around us. There is a Fox- holm out by Minot, butwe don't like Minot all that much either since that opening round state basketball game in 1971. So, Norway wins this one. Norway didn't invent IKEA or the pop band ABBA, but they (we) did invent the cheese slicer. Sweden has one of the world's most equal "gender equal laws." So, again, Norway wins that. In Sweden, they start to teach English in the third grade. So, they tie Canada with that one. Swedish money is called Krona -- "crowns." In Norway money is called something more sensible- "Krone" and it takes like 8 Norwe- gian Krones to make a U.S. dollar. It would take many more than 8 Swedes to make a U.S. dollar since they don't start English until the third grade. Speaking of languages, and can you believe this? ' 3wedish" was not named the official language of Swe- den until 2009! Uffda mada! Advertising to children under the age of 12 is illegal in Sweden, unless of course it's in English be- cause they can't read it anyway. It's the same for Norway, but at least in Norway they have those scenic cliff like things called fjords. Finland used to be a part of Sweden, but they didn't like it so they left in 1809 mainly because IKEA stores wouldn't open on Sun- days. Iceland, of course, broke off from Norway, no I mean, literally broke off and floated away about 28 years ago. The reason ABBA wore those ridiculous outfits was because in Sweden you don't have to pay tax- es on clothing that isn't meant to be worn every day. In Norway, people just go naked instead of wearing stu- pid looking clothing. Skiing was invented in Norway. The word ski means "piece of wood" in Norwegian. Piece of wood in Sweden is called a stick. Norway.. officially stoppe ' -, vesting money in Walmart and has banned them for being found guilty of "serious violations of funda- mental ethical norms." Sort of like what we Americans did with Hillary. Winter Olympics=Norway. Hands down. So yes, there are some interest- ing disparities between the two countries. I have a feeling however that Norway and Sweden are probably actually good neighbors and pretty good friends. They might even rev- el in fi'iendly ying and yang every so often, sort of like us and, oh say... Argentina do. Shoot, if it wasn't for Sweden, where would Norwegians have gone to get their butter during the national Norwegian butter short- age of 2011, which for Norwe- gians, was not a laughing batter ( I mean, matter). One last thing, I would like to think the Swede that went to that church in Adams was welcomed by his Norwegian neighbors and es- pecially the pastor at the time. If for no other reason than the preacher liked having someone not say "huh" at the end of all his sermons. City Of Park River Regular Council Meeting I wcpress@p01arc0mm.c0m R0. Box 49 Park River, ND 58270 Photo: I_any Bid Above: This o .utstand!ng group of A.ggie ,ay.ed.lhe!ast. h o.megam, eof eir Aggie eers. The gids have suppli has. ketball fans with four years of excitement. They ar, eon aques o win me r eg, on,an,o aavence}o m, e,Norm uaKota.b te, pin, s uasKe_,. t our, n amem once again. Kjgie sentors t aytor D_ bey (I-r) Kaitlyn Bdn ell, Jenna Zavalney, Anne .w. ecn, !ley uen .eoa, and i aytor n. u.aCK ROW are parents (i-r/Robin end/ami unoahl, Scott and Val Dalbey, Gary and Krisli Bdntnell, Loren and Anita Zavalney, Wes and San- Ol WelCn, Jon ano LOrl ueneoa, anO/OQCI ano lerry u son. OTICES WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2017 CITY OF PARK RIVER, NORTH reviewed the police budget. Berg up to $16,000 from the Special Hwy 1,865.63 DAKOTA, REGULAR COUNCIL reported Jurgens budgets vs. expenses Fund, and re-invest it into a CD. This Dale's Small Engine Repair LLC MEETING,, , have .~hown expenses below the county V w~uld save the City $4,000 or more over "MO'NDAY,' FE~BRt~AI~:I3, ;20~' A~~ :" ~ppre~$d'i~tJdget. On'~the Cty s de, the 'f~e years in inteest by using this option 7:30 RM. past two years of policing expenses have to pay for the ptrchase. Up to $5,000 been $137,438.34 in 2015; in 2016 a new Published Sub!ect to the Governing vehicle was purchased bringing the total Body's Review and Revision expenses to $185,830.53. Laaveg commented that equipment prices have skyrocketed in the last few years and there will be other equipment to be The City of Park River held their ordered in next few years. Thompson, regular meeting of the Park River City Jurgens and Laaveg went over the Council on Monday, February 13, 2017 at policing contract and clarified some of the 7:30 P.M. wording. The contract will need to be reviewed by the WC State's Attorney and Mayor Stenvold called the meeting to approved by Walsh County and the City. order with the following present: Council Ward Reports: None. members Kyle Halvorson, Arvid Knutson, Employee Relations: To date three Robert Lundquist III, and Dwight Byron; applications have been received for the City Attorney Tracy Laaveg, Public Works lineman position. Application deadline is Director (PWD) Dennis Larson, City February28, but committee members felt Coordinator/Auditor Nancy Thompson, interviews could be set up with the three and Assessor/Deputy Auditor Ann Berg. applicants thus allowing time for Absent: Council member Mike Lorton & additional applicants to be interviewed in Keith Anderson. Others present: John D a timely manner speeding up the hiring Johnson, Patty Hensel, and Stacie process. Sevigny. Streets and Utilities: Larson reported when he met with the committee and they Comments and Questions From went over water & sewer projects along Citizens: with streets needing repair. Larson posed John D Johnson appeared to object a question to the Council as to how big of the City using special assessments to a street project the City should undertake; charge delinquent renters utility bills to the the whole City or just sections. Byron felt property taxes. City Ordinance 27.j. it would be too expensive to repair all of allows the City to special assess the the streets in the City at this time. Larson landlord for their renter's delinquent utility reported some streets just require a chip bills. Johnson felt the City should seal which could extend the life until water increase the utility deposit charged to the and sewer projects are being started. renters and that he should not be held Larson continued that water & sewer responsible for the unpaid bills, projects have been pushed back 15to20 Councilmember Lundquist, who is also a years or until there is State funding landlord, felt that as a landlord he is available. The committee identified responsible for his renter's unpaid bills upgrading to a 10" water line as a top and checks with the City to make sure the priority water project to be completed. bill is paid and withholds the unpaid The project would start at the corner of amount from the renter's deposit. Code Ave S and 5th Street West to 5th Lundquist moved and Halvorson Street and Briggs Ave S to 7th Street seconded to leave Ordinance 27.1. as going east and connecting t~ the 10" amended on December 30, 2015. Upon water line already in place. The roll call vote, all voted aye. M/C. committee identified Hilltop Drive as the next street project to be completed. The Additions and changes to agenda: street is in terrible condition and currently Add to Unfinished Business - Assessor shifts about four inches every winter and training update; Add to Committee will needto bedug up, geo-grid and drain Reports - Employee Relations, and tile installed and repacked. Larson will Streets & Utilities. get an idea of repair costs and get back to the Streets & Utilities committee. The 54 715.00 55 Farmers Union Service Assoc 136.00 would need to come out of General 56 Grafton Auto Electric, Inc 27.48 Funded Depreciation to meet the final 57 Grand Forks Welding & Machine purchase price. Lundquist moved and 270.55 21 Byron seconded to cash in the Sanitation 58 Jim's Super Valu 14.78 575.00 CD and take the remaining amount 59 AndrewS Johnson 60.00 22 needed from the General Funded 29360 Kringstad Ironworks INC23 Depreciation and apply the money to the 85.07 24 Street Sweeper purchase and take up to 61 Lon's Hardware 24.27 25 $16,000 per year for 5 years out of the 62 Montana Dakota Utilities 748.12 969.89 Special Hwy Fund and re-invest into CD's 63 Municipal Utilities 563.11 26 until the money is repaid to the Sanitation 64 MFOA OF ND 60.00 27 Fund. Upon roll call vote, all voted aye. 65 Municipal Government Academy 28 M/C. 25.00 66 NDLC 200.00 Byron moved and Knutson seconded 67 North Star Addition T.I.F. to approve the following resolution. 19,950.66 31 68 NorthdaleOil, Inc 1,380.28 32 Resolution to pay regular bills prior to 69 North Star Coop 1,137.75 council approval 29370 Polar Communications 33 34 157.59 35 36 476.99 Be it resolved that the city council of 71 PR Airport Authority 2,140.50 the City of Park River, recognizing that 72 PR Park District 1,996.10 certain regular monthly bills are submitted 73 PR Public Library 2,283.87 for payment on a certain date, and that 74 Quill Corporation 38.08 date may occur prior to the regular 75 Radisson Hotel Bismarck 81.90 monthly t:ouncil meeting, hereby76 Rainbow Auto Body 15.00 authorizes the Park River City Auditor to 77 Glenn Rost 250.00 pay the following bills prior to council 78 Southview Addition TIF approval: 10,465.39 FICA, Medicare, social security, and 79 Special Funds 173.30 other payroll tax bills due within 3 days of 29380 SPFD Economic Develop pay 4,950.00 NDPERS (payroll related) 81 ST Improvement Dist #2012-2 AFLAC (payroll related) 3,404.82 Discovery Benefits (payroll related) 82 Street Improvement District #7 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of ND 7,378.73 (payroll related) 83 Swartz Plmb, Heat & Cool Nodak Rural Electric Cooperative 1,519.24 (electricity for the wells) 84 Verizon Wireless 286.49 Verizon Wireless (Cell phones for 85 Water & Sewer Improvement police, water plant, Public Works Director 7,825.50 and City Coordinator) 86 Wayne's Variety 22.99 USPO (postage for utility bill 87 Walsh County Auditor 12,514.44 mailings) 88 Walsh County Press 499.38 Sillers, Laaveg & Wenzel (monthly 89 WSI 2,309.84 retainer per contract) AW USTreasury 2,350.82 Walsh County (monthly police AW Municipal Utilities 6,534.44 service due per contract) Said authorization shall become effective upon passage of this resolution on February 13, 2017. Upon roll call vote, all voted aye. M/C. Halvorson moved and Lundquist streets dug up for the water & sewer Halvorson moved and Byron seconded to approve the January 9, 2017 project will be special assessed to pay for seconded to accept the Auditors Report regular meeting minutes. Upon roll call the road work and asked Stacie Sevigny into record, and approve payment of the vote, allvoted aye. M/C. if CDBG funding would be available to following bills for the General Fund, bring down costs. Municipal Utilities, Special Fund and Debt Assessor Berg informed the Council Service & Bond Funds. Upon roll call that all 80 hours of training can now be Stacie Sevigny from the Red Rive vote, all voted aye. M/C. taken on-line. Berg has completed the Regional Council appeared to inform the first section and three chapters in the Council that Phase I of the CDBG General Fund: second section. Due to the increase in housing rehabilitation project has 29334 NDPERS 116.19 new assessors across the state all 80 progressed nicely and that all will need to 35 PR Airport Authority 765.27 hours of training must be completed by be completed by the end of June on the 36 PR Park District 713.01 the end of the year. Berg reported that 11 approved eligible homes. She37 PR Public Library 813.80 valuations on ranch style houses are far informed the Council Phase II has 38 Special Funds 61.88 below what they are selling for, in recent approximately 37 applicants. She 39 Street Improvement District #7 cases by 50%, and needto be brought the prearranged contract which 817.02 addressed. City will need to sign the administrative 29340 RDO Equipment 1,020.02 contract with Red River Regional Council 41 Aflac 23.83 Committee Reports: for the Park River Phase II housing 42 Discovery Benefits 20.59 Sales Tax Committee recommended rehabilitation project so Phase II can 43 NDPERS 70.46 paYment of the following request: proceed. 44 NDPERS 1,287.41 Knutson moved and Lundquist seconded 45 PR Airport Authority 1,028.81 to approve a loan of $24,430.00 from the City administration is requesting46 PR Park District 2,743.50 Capital Improvement Fund to pay the approval to cash in a Sanitation CD and 47 PR Public Library 1,028.81 AE2S engineering bill for the Railroad Ave apply the approximately $78,000 to the 48 BC/BS of North Dakota 1,642.40 W & streets north of Hwy 17 project to be purchase of the new street sweeper. The 49 Sillers, Laaveg, & Wenzel 750.00 reimbursed when funding is received, interest earned on the CD is about .35% 29350 Avenet, LLC 500.00 Upon roll call vote, all voted aye. M/C. where a municipal lease interest rate is 51 Ann E Berg 644.19 Policies & Contracts: Thompson, about3%to 4%. Each year for five years 52 Cardmember Service 28.90 Berg & Sheriff Ron Jurgens met and the Citywould take the payment amount, 53 Productivity Plus Account 16 Lake Agassiz Water Authority 250.00 17 D~nnis L La, r$on 85-00, 18 Liberty Business Systems, Inc 80.09 19 Light & Water Dept 5,610.33 34020 Lon'sHardware 30.97 Michael Kilmer Construction MMUA 1,661.00 Morgan Printing 72.50 Municipal Utilities 300.00 ND Dept of Health/Lab-Chem ND One Call Inc. 1.00 NDPERS 20.51 Nodak Electric Cooperative 6,750.88 29 NorthdaleOil, Inc 130.54 34030 North StarCoop 299.14 Polar Communications 152.20 Quill Corporation 94.12 Samson Electric LTD 432.16 US Bank Equipment Finance Verizon Wireless 242.41 Wat & Sew Imprv Dist #2015-1 6,200.00 37 Wat & Sew Imprv Dist #2016-1 9,464.00 38 Water System Repair & Replace 4,000.00 39 Water Bond Fund 05 4,830.00 34040 Water Rev Bond Fund Phase II 3,450.00 41 WaterTower Fund 11,811.00 42 Water Treatment Fund 7,850.00 43 Wayne's Variety 75.49 44 Walsh County Press 28.00 45 WSI 2,466.10 46 American Legion 207.00 47 Jim's Super Valu 726.00 AW NMPA 161,429.84 AW First United Bank 13.05 AW PSN (Payment Services Network) 219.00 7843-64 Salaries 27,815.40 AW US Treasury 7,720.67 Special Funds: 10063 Advanced Engineering & 36,645.00 Municipal Utilities: 33987 NDPERS 216.43 Debt Service & Bond Funds: 88 Nodak Electric Cooperative 6044 Void 0.00 6,901.99 6045 Void 0.00 89 Aflac 107.09 6046 Void 0.00 33990 Discovery Benefits 139.41 6047 Bank of North Dakota 91 General Fund 6,534.44 5,925.00 92 NDPERS 262.16 6048 First UnitedBank 6,787.50 93 NDPERS 4,515.34 6049 Water System Repair & 94 Postmaster 244.96 Replace 293.68 95 BC/BS of North Dakota 5,443.80 6050 Bank of North Dakota 96 NDWPCC 20.00 97 2016 Electrical Upgrade4,650.00 6051 US Bank 37,756.25 8,000.00 98 Advanced Engineering & 256.00 6052 Widseth Smith Nolting & Assoc 518.00 99 PRAHSAfter-PromParty 100.00 34000 AmeriPride Services, Inc 260.37 The March 13, 2017 Regular City 1 Aqua-Pure Inc. 3,376.70 Council meeting will be moved to 5:30 2 Ann E Berg 323.95 p.m. to allow City officials and employees 3 Cardmember Service 143.15 to attend their children's school concert. 4 City of Fargo 28.00 5 Productivity PlusAccount 91.95 Being no further business, the 6 Consolidated Waste, LTD. meeting adjourned at 8:32 PM. 17,662.70 7 Dakota Supply Group 748.74 8 Discovery Benefits, lnc 17.50 9 Ethanol Products, LLC 1,971.74 Dan Stenvold, Mayor 34010 Ferguson Waterworks #2516 33.20 ATTEST: 11 Donna Galloway 128.70 12 Graymont (Wl) LLC 6,052.99 Ann Berg, Deputy Auditor 13 Hawkins lnc 1,651.07 14 Hensel, Patricia 20.00 15 Jim's Super Valu 151.81 (Feb. 22, 2017)