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February 22, 2017     Walsh County Press
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February 22, 2017

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ERSPECTIVES Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS ° WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2017 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS This past Saturday I did some- thing that I have said I would nev- er do. I went ice fishing• Now, don't getme wrong, I love fishing• There is something relaxing about it. The efid goal is exciting• And you can spend all day just lis- tening to the sound of the water• Here is the problem with ice fish- ing.., there is a severe lack of water. Fun and sun I can take, brutal cold, not so much. My son turned five on Feb. 20. He wanted to go ice fishing (just like dad) for his birthday and it was just my luck that Park River Parks and Rec. was hosting the annual youth ice fishing tournament on the week- end before the big birthday date• Fishing was a hobby of his name- sake• His grandpa Gary took him fishing once before he passed away. As Gary sat on the ice with his line dropped, he mentioned fishing with grandpa, er and just like that, they snagged the It was a memory 1 didn't know he only fish I have ever witnessed be- had. It was a big one. They spent the ing pulled out of Homme that day on grandpa's boat out on Lake wasn't a perch or a crappie. of the Woods. Grandpa taught him Dad was pretty proud even if everything he knew. We didnt know Gary Xvasn't quite ready to touch the how important it was at the time. catch of the day. So, I ice fished• Or rather I Thank you to the Park River Park watched the kids ice fish, held the Board for offering this fun event. I pole when they ate snacks, and know for a fact that ice fishing isn't served as designated line untangler, something I would have ventured to Gary pulled in a little guy, with do on my own. a big assist from his dad. There might not be any pontoons Dad looks at Gary and says I involved, but the kids had a great think we got one. I looked at Gary time. I can't complain too much and say pull it in. Gary grabbed the about it myself either. And thanks to line and starts to yank it in. Who some fantastic prizes, the kids are needs a reel? ready and willing to give it anoth- Dad tries to explain that's not the er shot next year, as am I. way to do it. They work together to "'Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- bring in the feisty little guy togeth- Hello, I'm an optimist. I guess I always have been. If it is dry, I think of what my Grandpa told me. "It always rains right after a dry spell". If it is wet, I am confident that it will dry out. If it is cold it is going to get wanner• If it is too hot, it will eventually cool off. If cattle prices are too low, they will get higher. But they better hur- ry. I have a note due in a couple weeks. And it ain't looking good. What made me think about how an optimist thinks is a neighbor of ours. He recently was working with a team. Now, it's not a ball team. Or a dance team. It is a team of hors- es. Work horses. One of these draft horses kicked through a fence and skinned a hind leg up a bit. Not bad. He was a lit- tle tender, but no major damage. The horse thought it was a lot worse than I did. Doctor Shirley gave the teamster we had put on the cows in June had some stuff we put on wounds, finally kicked in and there wasn't a Shawn applied it and the next day fly on the cows! That is long acting Doc Shirley inquired how the horse fly control! was doing. She was informed that he I figure it will last another few was stepping on the leg, and more months. Optimistic! importantly "there were no flies But I have to tell one quick and no sign of maggots on the Valentine's Day story. wound"! I've a couple cowboy friends that Now keep in mind this is Febru- a few years ago were attending a ary and even the fruit flies in our winter rodeo. house have pretty much thrown in They hadn't had much luck at the the towel, rodeo and were discussing life over This winter we were working cat- some adult beverages in a bar a few tie. It was below zero and a pretty blocks from their hotel. It was the brisk wind blowing. My son, Will, day before Valentines Day. commented that the fly control stuff As they nursed their drinks, one of them mentioned that Valentines Day was tomorrow. And he hadn't gotten anything for his wife. Over in the comer was a beauti- ful plant. His wife likes plants. So, perhaps emboldened by their bev- erage, they decided that this bar own- er wouldn't miss this plant. So they swiped it! I know. I know. They shouldn't have done it. But in de- fense. It was a pretty plant and it would make a great gift. Well, this cowboy packed this big plant to the motel and snuck it in the room. In the morning, his wife awoke to this huge plant in their motel room. She loved it! But asked why he had brought this thing into the room. The cowboy explained that it was zero outside and he didn't want this expensive plant to freeze. The wife calmly replied, "You didn't need to worry, it's plastic". Later, Dean r, Happenings at Our .I Sall l'itzH1 Good Samaritan (.2_) i,cict .... Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Photo: Lain/Bid What a fun week last week, we Masks crowned our King Earl Weisz and Feb. 27th 10am Embroidery Queen Marie Setnes (above). They Group, lpm Making King Cake, were voted in by the residents, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo l amfly, and staff. Feb. 28th Mardi Gras, Omelet I his week Feb. 19th- 25th Bax, lpm Crochet Group, 3pm Mar- Feb. 19th 2:30 Worship w/Bethel di Gras Party w/Leonard and Bet- Baptist, 3:30 Cards/Games ty Wahl t:cb. 20thPresldent's Day, 10am Mar. 1st Ash Wednesday, 3:15 Emb.roidery Group, lpm Baking Bingo Cheny Desert, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Mar. 2nd 2:30 Devotions w/ Bingo , Communion, 3pm Planting, 6:30 Feb. 2tst 3:30 Bible Study Movie Night Feb 22nd 11:15 Resident Coun- cil, 3:15 Bingo Mar. 3rd am Clergy Visits w/ Fcb.23rd 3pro Auxiliary Hosted Communion, 10:30 Nail Time, 3pm by fhe Federated Church, 6:30 Rummage Sale Movie Night Mar. 4th 9:30 Mass w/Father Feb. 24th Wear Red for your Miller, lpm Bulls Eye, 2:15 Bingo\ Heart, 10:30 Nail Time, 3:30Game Thank you to our many volun- Day Friday teers; Karen Midgarden, Shirley Feb. 25th 9:30 Mass w! Father Sobolik, Linda Larson, Lois Ydstie, Miller, lpm "lf life is a bowl of MarySeim, Theresa and The Plow Cherries, What am I doing in the Boys, Pastor Hinrichs, Corinne pits", 2:15 Bingo Ramsey, Father Miller, and anyone Next weekFeb. 26th -Mar. 4thI may have missed I am sorry, ffyou Feb. 20th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- would like to volunteer please call tar Keil, 3:30 Make Mardi Gras Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. WHAT COULD YOU DO IN LESS THAN 3 SECONDS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE? Walsh County Health District , ....... .......... Short Shots Answer a text messagc. Proba- body will hit the inside of your car bit J ot lifesaving with a force of 3,750 pounds if you Study for a biology exam. Deft- are not wearing a seat belt• Do you mely takes more than 3 seconds, think you will walk away? Wear a seat belt. That's it! Short Shots Ifyouweigh 125 pounds andare Cont. page 5 m a crash at 30 miles per hour, your Economic Fear Drive Shepherds to Sanhedrin "Speaking for the shepherds in Samaritans - as permanent un- the Bethlehem area, we want- rshepherds and without green something done about this Jesus ;e rds/' one stem-faced Pharisee person,' Isaac, son Of Methish, de: " o red/(It the only face he manded of the Sanhedrin, gay- had.) erning body of the Jews, as shep- "Well, we couldn't find quali- herds crowded onto the openfled drovers to fill the jobs," courtyard. Fortunately, it was an replied Isaac. "Besides, these outdoor meeting, folks work cheap. Immigrants are "We certainly share your point good for business." of view," Levitus, high priest of "Rules arerules," Levitus re- the year, responded emphatically, sponded. "And you know we He didn't appreciate the scolding have regulations against using Jesus had been giving Pharisees in these aliens." public. "But what is your cam- "That's another thing," Ishni as- plaint'?" serted testily• "We're tired of rules "He's telling people that He is and regulations. Have you looked the way, the only way," Isaac at Leviticus lately? It looks like said. "That means the old way of government overreach to me. We sacrificing on the alter will no need to cut back on those outdat- longer be necessary and that'll be ed regulations• They're killing the end of our sheep industry." our bottom line." "This means jobs and you "Ifyoujust leave us to self-reg- know how hard it is to find good ulation, business will boom," pre- paying jobs these days," added dieted Magog, son of KisE Tish, son of Megosh. "And we "Give a shepherd a cubit and don't have unemployment cam- he'll steal your sheep," Levitus re- pensation or food stamps• They're sponded skeptically. way down the road and I don't "Don't forget that the sheep in- think we can survive that long." dustry is half of our gross nation- "We bring a lot of people into town," Isaac argiaed. "Thousands alproduct," lectured Ishmi. "If that of sinners come from all over the gets wiped out, half of the coun- world to sacrifice sheep attry will be on the dole and Caesar Passover and a lot of sinners need doesn't provide safety nets." a lot of sheep• Passover is even "Well, you shepherds brought better than Black Friday." it on yourselves," Levitus scold- "Yeh!" agreed Zoar, son of ed. "You came running into Beth- Sychor. "They eat in town•••sleep lehem, telling everybody that the in town.., buy mementos ..... it'sangels told you everybody was go- great for small business and the ing to get forgiveness with a new small business people will all go king•" down with the shepherds if this Jr- "But there Jesus was in a sus has his way." manger just as the angels said," ex- "Moses really set us shepherds plained Ishmi defensively. "What up good," Tish explained. "The could we say?" "It Ten Commandments have been a seems that you are not so boon for the sin business• We happy With your story anymore," don't believe in sin but there's Levitus concluded• nothing wrong with us home town "Well, we thought peace on shepherds making a few talents fa- earth, good will to all men sound- cilitating repentance•" ed good at the time but that was "Talk about job creation," before we knew jobs were at added Ishmi, son of Jabbock. stake. We had to change our sto- "We hire a lot of drivers to get all ry.. ••business is business," Magog those sheep into the market• Last lamented. year, I had 20 servants on my pay- "Well, don't worry about this roll." Jesus business," reassured Levitus. "Yes, and it was reported to us "It won't last." that you were hiring illegal im- He clapped his hands to con- migrants - Moabites, Hittites, clude the meeting. "Don't forget that the sheep in- dustry is half of our na- tional product" lectured mi. "If that gets wiped out, half of the country will be on the dole and Caesar doesn't provide safety nets" Extension Exchange Support for Farmers, Ranchers in Tunes of Stress As winter moves forward and or unhealthy snacks• families review and plan their farm- : Set up and maintain a structured ing efforts for the coming year, routine if possible. many farmers, agricultural profes- • Learn to say no without feeling sionals and family members are fac- guilty during times of demand. ing increased stresses linked with un- Conserve your energy for where it certain market conditions. The hours is most needed. they must spend in checking on max- • Take time for breaks to rest and ket prospects, reviewing financial' renew your energy (5-10 minutes needs, and making farming decisions every hour). can be long, stressful and tiring• • Get up, stretch, walk, or exer- The emotional and physical needs cise briefly• of those who are undergoing stress • Realize when a situation or from conditions in agriculture are problem requires help fiom others. sometimes forgotten during planning Be willing to engage some support. efforts. Individual farmers and • Delegate tasks to others or call ranchers may not consider their for additional support if needed. own needs or they may feel too oc- • Be aware of your energy lim- cupied with other responsibilities to its and stop when these limits have handle personal or family needs, been reached• Farmers sometimes try to be invul- • Prioritize your time and atten- nerable to fatigue, stress, frustration tion. Planning five minutes now can and depression. Perhaps the de- save frustration later• mand on their energies is so great • Know your strengths and weak- they think they can muddle through, nesses. Focus on your strengths However, farmers need help, en- and seek help for areas you need to couragement and assistance in times grow. of higher stress levels• • Communicate with people who The NDSU Extension Service understand your tasks and chal- has resources on its website designed lenges. to assist individuals, families and • Practice optimism and humor. community professionals in man- Laughter is a great source of stress aging stresses in agriculture at: relief. Farmers and other professionals sources-for-emotional-and- or their family members can use help mental-health, from people not directly involved in Farmers, their family members agriculture. Family members or and other agricultural workers need community members, including to take care of themselves to have the mental health workers, can pro- emotional and physical resources to vide needed support to farmers, deal with stresses, ranchers and others in agriculture so Here are a few tips to consider for they can do planning for the year addressing emotional and physical ahead and negotiate any tasks that well-being: • Get sufficient sleep. Extension Exchange • Eat well-balanced meals as Cont page 6 much as possible. Avoid junk food 2017 Releases out of ND ate tolerance to iron deficiency Foundation Stocks chlorosis. It is resistant to Race 4 of This is hot off the press. North phytophthora root rot. It has a Dakota Foundation Seedstocks Pro- brown pod with black hila and a gram will be releasing three soybean shiny seed coat. The price on this varieties and one hard red spring one if we get any will be $29.90 per wheat. We also have a Minnesota re- bushel. It was tested in our plots as leaseinHRSWcalledLang-MN.I ND12-21598GLY. In our Lang- think the two that have some value don, Park River, Carrington it av- to Walsh County is ND17009GT eraged 37.2 bushels per acre and soybean and the ND VitPro wheat matured on Sept 12th. Compared to and maybe the Minnesota wheat. All AG 00632 at 35.1 and Ag 00932 at increase varieties will be run through 37.3 and Ag 0333 at 44.4. Protein the Walsh County Crop Improve- levels were 38.3 in our regional test merit and they will control the dis- and oil was 20.7. tribution of the seed under contract If you are interested in the oth- with the North Dakota Crop im- er two they are a 0.4, ND Benson, provementAssociation. There will and a 0.7, ND Stutsman. They are be checkoff fees associated with non-GMO. I have the data if you these varieties. If interested contact want it. Brad Brtunmond at bradley.bmm- We have been asking for better or call at 284- straw strength for years and this is 6624. Tell me what variety and how the installment out of our ND many bushels you would take if we wheat breeding program. VitPro offer it to you. If you have not been has better straw strength, high pro- a seed increase grower for us you tein and great yields. It has reader- will be required to prove you have ate scab resistance and low leaf rust successfully produced a class ofcer- readings. In our area it is similar to tiffed seed Ibelieve in the last three Glenn in yields but with a 0.4% years. Deadline for requesting will higher protein. It was 77.6 in yield be March 1 st. at Carrington compared to Failer at The soybean is a glyphosate tol- 88.4 and protein was 15.1 compared erant (GT) bean. This soybean will to Faller at 13.6. It had a lodge score be PVP title V protected, which of 2.8 compared to Failer at a 3.3. means that only registered or a Glenn in the same trials was 65.2 certified class of seed can be bought and 14.7 protein. It will be $20.25 or sold legally. Anyone buying this per bushel. seed can save seed from production Lang-MN has very good ratings and plant it on their own land. for Fusarium Head Blight and bac- There is going to be a research fee terial leaf streak. It yielded 75.9 at associated with this variety but we the Carrington trials with a 14.7 pro- do not currently know what it will tein and had a lodging score of 2.5 be. This will be one of your first op- so it was little better at standing than portnnities to have a glyphosate tol- VitPro. It is at $26.00 per bushel. erant soybean you can save and Ifyouwant one of these varieties plant back. It is a 00.9 maturity let me know and we will put you on group with high yield and moder- the list. Dates to Remember: 2-22 Conservation for the Bottom Line, City Auditorium, Park River, N.D. 9 a.m. 3-1 Private Applicators certification and recertification (FULL!) 3-15 Private Applicator certification and recertifcation, City Auditorium Park River registration 8:30 start 9 am 3-20 Recertification only, Extension Office Park River 5:30 registration 6 pm start 3-30 Private Applicator certification and recertifcation city Auditorium Park River start 9 am