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February 8, 2017     Walsh County Press
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February 8, 2017

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THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 20 I 7 Page 5 Asset Forfeiture By Gary Paur should be returned or forfeited, sets. While this may appear rea- inal trial or without a criminal Rep. District 19 The individual charged goes sonable, it has received very conviction. BISMARCK, N.D. --The down the path of criminal pro- strong objection from some The bill will probably either oddest bill for me in the Judici- ceedings where he is eventually states attorneys and from the come out of committee with a ary committee so far is HB 1170 either found guilty or not. Oddly cotmties. What is amazing is that "Do Not Pass" recommendation introduced by Rep. Rick Becker enough, there is no connection after introduction of the bill with or it will be amended so as to which has to do with asset forfei- between the two paths and it ap- an explanation of what it would make it ineffectual. I would like ture. Currently, if an individual is pears that often, even when the do, two states attorneys testified to see it passed "as is" but I may arrested for a crime their prop- individual is fotmd not guilty, the against it using arguments which be in the minority. erty is ot'ten also seized. After ar- property seized is forfeited and appeared to completely support What will become of this bill rest and seizure, the accused and the individual never gets it re- the reason for the bill. They tes- is uncertain, but up to this point it the accused's property take two turned, tiffed that forfeiture of assets fur- has truly been a surreal experi- separate paths: one path is civil HB 1170 would tie the assetsnished a necessary revenue ence. and one path is criminal, seized to the criminal proceed- stream. They believed no oneEditor Note: Paur is' a Rep- Property seized is subject to ings and if the accused was should profit from a crime and resentativeJor District 19 in the civil proceedings where it is de- found guilty the court would also they would forfeit the accused's North Dakota House of Repre- termined whether the property decide whether to forfeit the as- assets often long before the crhn- sentatives. Quarter of the session has passed By Janne Myrdal looking at all of the parties' interests and giving storm days ifa school district finds it- Sen. District l 0 communicating with them. Everyone has a self completely out of makeup days failed. I BISMARCK, N.D. -- A month has seat at the table in this conversation, still agree with mad assert that local teachers, passed and that means a quarter of the 65th Landowners, Water Resource Boards and administrators and school boards should Legislative Session has passed. March 4th is Rural water, make those decisions absent the present ar- scheduled for a Legislative Forum for Dis- I was glad to carry SB 2262 to the floor chaic process, and I sincerely do not think trict 10. Details to follow, and see the Senate pass it,- a bill relating to any would "take advantage" of this process I had the honor of visiting with represen- fertilizer regulation, and pre-emptive bill to to the detriment of the students or taxpayers. tatives of Long Tmxn Care facilities from our avoid confusion and unreasonable restriction After all we are the taxpayers and I guess I District on Tuesday night. So grateful for all and litigation by cities and counties on pro- trust local schools to do their utmost for our the work they do. As far as I'm concerned ducers applying fertilizer. The ND Ag Corn- students. that is one of the most important jobs out missioner oversees this, and this bill assures On the topic of medical marijuana. I sup- there. I will do nay utmost to make sure they it stays that way. They employ experts in that port the notion that we need correcfions/clar- can continue to provide and improve needed field to ensure regulations are followed. Due ifications to language to assure increased services, to knee jerk reactions transpiring across the safety so that patients are ingesting a safe In the AG committee work continnes on nation accompanied with unfounded envi- product and that we include special protec- SB2263, the Water Management. I am ronmental blame on producers there was tions for children. We are committed to doing grateful for all the input received from our need for this language to assure protection for this right, so that patients who need medical district. At the end of the process we will find against undue regulatory burdens by politi- nlarijuana will have access to it. We also the best solution for water management that cal subdivisions, must ensure the product is developed and dis- clarifies the intent of the original legislation On Friday, we heard the implement deal- tributed safely and securely, - and that sale passed in 2011. Since 2011, the county ership bill, dealing with dealership transtbrs, and delivery methods of medical marijuana Water Resource Boards have lacked unifor- warranty repair issues, and company man- will be restricted to prevent its recreational mity in issuing permits tbr subsurface dated sales. No action taken on this bill as I use. drainage permits. Some counties charge no write this report. Bottom line is all the input Again, please contact me with any and all fee, and some charge up to $1,000. This bill from our local dealerships support this bill as put or concerns and I will try to answer in a is seeking to clarify any vague language and do I. However there may be some clarifying timely manner. set a uniform applicable standard. The goal mnendments added. Editor's Note: Myrdal is a Senator in the here is clarity. Your Senate Ag Committee is The bill to give more local control of'for- North Dakota SenateJbr District 10. ]r]l'T ]~T]F'~ -,,-,..~f~,,. .-~. r,.-~ 1[ the project, he pitched the Park River Econom- sibilities. He said each community needs to look Additional members of the 2025-17 class are: ic Development Corporation with the idea of ram- at the empty buildings, low cost of living, prop- Kelli Bowen, Buffalo; Rachel Bush, Jamestown; ing the space between the Dug Out Bar and Grill erty values, as assets rather than challenges. Jayme Davis, Rolette; Roxanne Hoffarth, Lang- and Main Hair Care into a progrmrunable outdoor Building of our rural areas through cultural en- don; Devin Jacobson, Alamo; Kwirt Johnson, space in the form of a town square, deavors has been a passion of Lindell's for the Belfield; Kayla Burkhart, Berthold; Pavel Danil, "One of the greatest needs is cultural infra- past decade or so. He sees these assets as op- Michigan; Jeremy Doan, Bismarck; Levi Ja- structure," he said of statewide economic de- pormnities for the makers, cobson, Bismarck; Daniel Janes, Horace; Erica velopment. He describes it as cultural holnesteading, find- Johnsrud, Watford City; Lucas Lang, Sterling; Sofar, the lot previously owned by Warren De- ing people who want a shot to do for themselves. Jodi Larson, Hettinger; Georgia Miller, nault of the Dug Out has been purchased so all He said we have an opportunity for those in the Jamestown; Chuck Neubauer, Bottineau; Brandy three lots can be included in the plans for the con- at s, artisans, those in the cottage industry to take Pyle, Casselton; Kristi Schultz, Wheatland; cept. up residence. Lindell said that moving tbrward he is going Though every participant in RLND Class VII Jeanna Smaaladen, Grand Forks; Larry Luick, Fairmount; Natalie Muruato, Beach; Darrell to be looking for people in the community who takes the same seminars, Lindell said that they Oswald, Wing; Gregg Schuetze, Watford City; can use their skills-- bookkeeping, fundraising, each take something different from it as they are design etc. -- to assist in the proiect's vision, all as different as the population of the state it- Joyce ShiningOneSide, Dunseith; Warren Sol- He imagines a space similar to that of the one self-- a bank president, city auditors, veteri- berg, Horace; Joni Tillich, Belcourt; Daniel in downtown Grand Forks with a stage and space narians, m'tists, business owners, retired indi- Stenberg, Watford City; and Alan Svangstu, able to be utilized for anything from f, umers mar- viduals -- all looking to better their state. Minot. kets and street dance bands, to high school jazz "R's govermnent, its finance, its healthy corn- RLND has alumni fi-oln Walsh County with band and theatrical perfommnces, munities," he said of the program. "It's taking all participants from Edinburg, Fordville, Forest Riv- "Anytime you can get one more car into main these lessons and bringing it home, and figuring er, Grafton, Hoople, paxk River, and Warsaw since street, that's a victory," he said. out how you can incorporate them into your area 2003. The lessons focused on throughout the pro- and not just area physically but into your area of Lindell sees this experience as an oppormni- gram have reenergized Lindell's view on corn- interest." ty to bring back that sense of community that ties munity involvement. The mission of the program is to "Prepare and our rural areas together. He sees Park River, Walsh County, and rural develop effective leaders to strengthen rural North "When you bring people together anaazing North Dakota in general as a place filled with pos- Dakota., things happen," he said. It's been awhile since I've writ- up. We've looked at this in the past ten this little article and I've heard and it was to expensive to do but from a few of you that's it's time now with new technology, the to do it again! prices are more affordable. I'm sure glad we're getting a lit- February I st of2018, we will be tle break from the snow, I'm guess- looking at the grand owning of a ing we're close to that 40'" mark new Dollar General store. The and we've had enough. The city company purchased 4 lots straight crew has done an excellent job as east of Sangrait Repair. As soon as always moving the snow. We've the ground thaws out, they will had some complaints about blow- start with soil tests and samples ing the snow in people's yards. We and after all that is done, the build- have to put it somewhere. The cost ing will start. It will continue if we haul it out vs blowing it in the through all of 2017. This will be a yards more than triples our ex- huge addition to our retail commu- pense, nity. All of the contracts have been 2016 was a very busy year, we signed and after talking with the had water projects, sewer projects, company, they will hire and buy as street projects and electrical proj- ects going on at the stone time. much locally as possible. They were all projects that had to I would again like to thanks be done and I'm glad it's over! everyone that has chosen Park This year, we'll look at paving the River as a place to live or have streets affected by the construction your business. We may be small and we are also looking at the but we have so much to offer. The milling and replacement of some new dental clinic is beautiful: the of our other streets. It will all de- new Heartland Eye Clinic is also pend on the costs once we start another huge addition,and the new getting bids this spring, facelift for the Polar building-it Starting February 1st, the city looks like a brand new building. installed the equipment to pay your The new homes in the Northstar utility bills with a Credit or debit addition are second to none! Thank card. Auto pay is another feature you!!! that is available. Check with Have a safe 2017 and until next Nancy, Patty or Ann in the office if time!!!! you want a payment schedule set Mayor Dan _rT,r-,_rg_,r-, _n _qr' 1 -- %.~'-- -- %..~" -- -- --'~.~.~.s-:7-- -- 2~L~,JJL., JL Photo: AIJis0n 01imi" Above: Kassandra Laxdai, Robin Tracy, Allie Beneda, and Corissa Kruse make up the physical therapy department at FCHC. Drayton/Valley-Edinburg teams. She attends home games and consults with the athletes once a week to evaluate them. That is just one of the expanded services that they have developed in recent years. Last month, Laxdal received her certification tbr functional dry needling. The technique uses needles, similar to those you would see at an acupuncturist's, but uses them in a way that works to release pain when inserted into a trigger point. Beyond the traditional idea of physical therapy, Laxdal said that they offer different programs to assist various patient needs including a car- diac rehabilitation program to help with the lifestyle change required following a cardiac event, both in rebuilding strength and restructur- ing diet with the dietician: and they also offer a LSVT BIG program for patients with Parkinson's disease. Kruse said that one of the programs she works with is an outreach program, which focuses on improving balance to prevent future prob- lems. The course, "'Stepping On," takes place over a seven-week pe- riod, and she hopes to be able to offer one in the area soon. She added that they also offer ergonomic consultations, which help patients in the workplace, for example, set up a better situation to im- prove posture and relieve pain. Laxdal said that they always are trying to improve the offerings with- in First Care Health Center's physical therapy depm lnent. _ _ ~=_TY_ _ ~ ....................... probably won't have to file. But if it's over, you will. Single: $10,350 ($11,900 if you're 65 or older by Jan. 1, 2017). Married filing jointly: $20,700 ($21,950 if you or your spouse is 65 or older; or $23,200 if you're both over 65). Married filing separately: $4,050 at any age. Head of household: $13,350 ($14,900 if age 65 or older). Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child: $16,650 ($17,900 i'f age 65 or older). To get a detailed breakdown on federal filing requirements, along with information on taxable and nontaxable income, call the IRS at 800-829-3676 and ask them to mail you a free copy of the "Tax Guide for Sen- iors" (publication 554), or see IRS.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p554.pdf. Special Circumstances There are, howevel; some other financial situations that will require you to file a tax return, even if your gross income falls be- low the IRS filing requirement. For exam- ple, if you had earnings from self-employ- ment in 2016 of $400 or more, or if you owe any special taxes to the IRS such as alter- native minimum tax or IRA tax penalties, you'll probably need to file. To figure this out, the IRS offers an in- teractive tax assistant tool on their website that asks a series of questions that will help you determine if you're required to file, or ifyop should file because you're due a re- fund. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. You can access this tool at IRS.gov/fil- ing - click on "Do you need to file a return?" under the Get Ready tab. Or, you can get as- sistance over the phone by calling the IRS helpline at 800-829-1040. You can also get face-to-face help at a Taxpayer Assistance Center. See IRS.gov/localcontacts or call 800-829-1040 to locate a center near you. Check Your State Even if you're not required to file a tbd- eral tax return this year, don't assume that you're also excused from filing state income taxes. The rules for your state might be very different. Check with your state tax agency before concluding that you're enthely in the clear. For links to state tax agencies see Tax- admin.org/state-tax-agencies. Tax Preparation Help If you find that you do need to file a tax retire1 this year, you can get help through the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (or TCE) pro- gram. Sponsored by the IRS, TEC provides flee tax preparation and counseling to mid- dle and low-income taxpayers, age 60 and older. Call 800-906-9887 or visit IRS.trea- sury.gov/ffeetaxprep to locate a service near you. Also check with AARP, a participant in the TCE program that provides free tax preparation at more than 5,000 sites na- tionwide. To locate an AARP Tax-Aide site call 888-227-7669 or visit AARP.org/find- taxhelp. You don't have to be an AARP member to use this service. Set~d yottr senior questions to: 5'maT Senior, PO. Box 5443, Nolvna//. OK 73070, or visit SavwSenim:ot~. Jim .~'[iller is a contributor to the NBC To&o~ show and author of "The 5bray Senior" book. HELP WANTED BURLEIGH COUNTY DETEN- TION Center has openings for a Jail Nurse - RN or LPN, and De- tention Officers. Excellent benefits package included. To apply go to: http://www.budeig hco.com/jobs/ RAILROAD VEGETATION CONTROL: Full-time traveling opportunity, 60-80 hours/week, $13-$15/hour starting, meal al- lowance, paid lodging, 95% paid health/dental, 401(k) & Paid Time Off. RAW, Inc. in Cooperstown, ND - 888.700.0292 I www.rawap- plicators.com [ info@rawapplica- tors.com JOHNSON FARMS TRUCK- ING, Walhalla, ND is looking for OTR drivers and Owner opera- tors. Drivers making $60,000+. New 2015 trucks! No Northeast runs. Call 800-437-5349. CLASS A OTR DRIVER WANTED. Reefer/drive in. Home weekly. Starting .38 to .40/mile, DOE. Benefits! Health Insurance, Sign-On Bonus, Paid Vacation. Bill (701) 527-7215. ANYONE CAN RUN STATEwlDE with HELP WANTED ads in all newspapers of N.D. with the North- SCAN program! $150/25 words / 90 papers. Call NDNA, 701-223- 6397. BUSINESSES FOR SALE LANDSCAPING BUSINESS AND or Equipment for sale. All in good working order. Located in Beulah, North Dakota. High Plains Concepts 701-873-2334. APARTMENTS & CONDOS .... FOR RENT 1ST MONTH FREE Starting $900/mth! Silver Waters 55+ Re- tirement Community, GF. 1 & 2 bdrm's, elevator, community rooms, Ht/wtr/underground park- ing included. 701-757-0926. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE LANDOWNERS: NORTH DAKOTA farm land values and cash rents continue to be strong. Call Bob Pifer for free market val- uation. Pifer's Auctioneers 701- 371-8538 or bpifer@pifers.com. ...... PLANTERS & SEEDING EQUIPMENT BUYING USED VALMAR and Gandy applicators. Call Paul at Daily Bread Machinery. 763-286- 2037. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ND MEDIA GUIDE: Names, ad- dresses, phone numbers, e-mails of all ND newspapers, radio/TV stations, specialty publications. Only $25. ND Newspaper Asso- ciation, 701-223-6397. MISCELLANEOUS HAVE A NEWS release or other information that needs to reach all ND newspapers? ND Newspaper Association can help! One call does it all. 701-223-6397.