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February 8, 2017     Walsh County Press
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February 8, 2017

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PRESS Page 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2017 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS My fi)ur-year-old comes home from school and I ask him how his day was. The usual answer: "Cool!" tie doesn't elaborate much. I usually have no idea what he did, what he is learning o1" who his frienlds are. He did not get his communica- tion skills from me. It has been an interesting experi- ence being a first timer at all of this. He recently celebrated the 100th a shirt to wear with 100 googly day of school, though it was proba- eyes on it. He and dad might have bly a less for the preK kiddos gotten canied away with the glue as since they had snow days each time the glue soaked through to the oth, the busses were delayed. He was ex- er side on more than one eyeball, but cited to celebrate though. There was it was a neat project to visualize how a big 100 day party. I know they did- many 100 is. n't do this kind of excitement back in It is amazing how quickly 100 my day, but it was fun to see him get days has gone by. Not every day is excited about school in the depths of "cool" and "awesome," but he loves winteL learning and that is really all I can ask If you've never gotten on the 100 for. days bandwagon, he has been learn- "Like" the H~tlsh Coun0, Press on Face- ing how to count to 100 and he made l, ook.co,,. ltdlo, The wind is really whipping this morning! And the forecast is for gusts over 60 lnph all day long. Now, if you are a kite-flying cham- pion, this may not be bad news. However, if you are a hay or cattle hauler, this is not good. A year o1 so ago I was on my way to Lemmon tbr the weekly livestock stile. Highway 22 is pretty lonely on most mornings. Oh, with the wind 1,ran and grain haulers traveling right now, it has picked up some. But still relatively quiet. Anyway, it was a windy morning. Unlike many states, when North or South D@otans say it is windy, it is windy. Like a Wyoming wind. Just north of the ,junction of 12 and 22 tl ere was a trucker hauling half a house. You've seen them. Like the one I live in. Welt, not really. Ours is an entire house. Not just half. This guy was hauling one side of a house. Evidently he didn't read the manual that says, "Don't haul this house in high winds!" The wind had ripped the plastic covering off the side and the roof was lilting He was busy strap- ping and wrapping. I would have helped but you can ask Shirley. I'm not much help around the house, falling. It was traveling horizontal to By the time we left the sale, it was the ground. Or parallel. Whatever. getting dark. The tracker had gotten It was going sideways. things sWapped down and was gone. While we were waiting for the I would guess the buyer of the dealer, whom we wait for a lot, an house was going to have problems intelligent discussion began. Any in the first heaw rain. As we got discussion in our game, that does- back to Dickilason, we caught up n't include four letter words, is with this poor cowboy. A highway deemed intelligent. patrolman had stopped him and Norm. Not the Norm from was writing him up for being on the Cheers, but I think they are related, road after dark with a wide load. began the discom e. He informed us Welcome to North Dakota! Leg- that in Norway there was a coun- endary! terpart to Evil Knievel. His name A few years ago, because of was, you guessed it, Evil Knutson. high winds, they had to cancel Evil He was the daredevil champion of gmievels sons j ump over the Grand the country. His greatest fame was Canyon. I was watching it with some achieved when he attempted to very astute people over a pinochle jump over eighteen bmTels of lute- gmne. The game of geniuses. The risk with a garden roto-tiller. sport of kings. Actually, it is where I know. I know. It wasn't funny. lazy people meet. I go there a lot. We didn't laugh either. But we told Back to Evil Jl.'sjump. It was a bliz- Norm it was delivery. I guess now zard. It looked like awinter scene in we'll find out. the Badlands. The snow was not Meanwhile, back at the ranch. We spend a lot of days horseback. I guess that's why they call it a ranch. Most days we fide on cows. Start colts. Leg up barrel horses. Or just ride to get away from the phone. I'm getting too old and fat to ride goOd. In fact, I always was. But in the wind, it's dam fight scary. Colts are scared of their tails. I'm scared of the colts. I've told you the story of Wayne Brown betbre. The one- eared guy. We were riding together on a high ridge in the Badlands. A hundred and fifty t et down either side. And the wind was blowing like it has this week. It started to rain a little. Wayne put on his slicker. I was scared to reach for mine. I was rid- ing a green horse that had bucked me off before. Wayne kind of implied that I was scared. I told him I just like being wet. He said he was riding a bronc one time in a storm like this and on a hill like this. He reached back to put on his slicker and his colt blew up and bucked over the edge of this cliff. I asked what happened. He said when he got to the bottom he was wear- ing his slicker and riding a slicker broke horse! He was a cowboy! Later, Dean .appeningsat Our Good Samaritan mr :a Nannette Hoeger, A .eTdvities Dir. Please come and join us for our Feb. 12th 11 am- lpm Spud Bar, annual Spud Bar Feb. l 2th 11 am - 2:30 Worship w/Karen Midgarden, I pro. Free will offering and new this 3:30 Cards/Games year gift baskets as well. Feb. 13th 10am Embroidery ::. ............ .... (!roup, .!pro Bakit g Mini Cheese Luttieraki 3:30 Super Bowl Trivia Reveal the King and Queen of Feb. 6th 10am Embroidery Hearts, ll:30CouplesDinner, lpm Group, Ipin Baking Sour Cream and Crochet Group, 2pro Valentine's Raisin Bars, 5pro Rosary, 6:45 Bin- Dace w/Teresa and the Plow Boy's go Feb. 15th 3:15 Bingo Feb. 7th l pm Bake Sweets Feb. 16th 3pro Phmting, 6pro Feb. 8th l 0:15 Pen Pal visits to Ladies Night decorate cookies, 3:15 Bingo, Vot- Feb. 17th Wear Red for your ing sta s lot ore" King and Queen of Heart, 10:30 Nail Time, 3pro Pop- Hearts! corn Day Feb. 9th 3pm Birthday Party Feb. 18th 9:30 Mass, lpm First hosted by American Legion Auxil- Ladies, 2:15 Bingo ial3. 6pro Men's Night Feb. 10th Wear Red for Your Thank you to our many volun- Heart, 10:30 Nail Polish Time, 3:30 leers; Pastor Hinrichs, Shirley Sobo- Snow Moon, 7:30 Mennonite lik, Linda Larson, DorothyNovak, Singer's Jeanean McMillan, Johnathan, Feb. tl th 9:30 Mass, I pm 'vhlen-- Corinne Ramsey, and anyone I may fine Crafl, 2:t5 Bingo have missed I am sony. If you would like to volunteer please call Next week Feb. t2th " 18th Rose Ulland at 701-284-7115. Prevent. Promote, Protect. NORTH D o'r' P EN ER $ =EW Law Walsh County Health District Short Shots If*'~ i'' * ~/" "T(Tr'~ T1T IIII ~*I C1 .... When parents m North Dakota lap only seat belts or if all lap and were surveyed about where they shoulder belts are used by other oc- get int0nnation on how to best re- cupants. (Booster seats require strain their children, North Dako- both a lap and shoulder belt tbr la law was the second most cred- correct use) ible source of infornmtion, right Children ages 7-17 must be behind their health care provider, properly secured in a seat belt or Most parents want to do the "right child restraint (car seat or boost- thing" t br their children and they er seat). trust the law. The law applies to all seating The North Dakota Child Pas- positions-fi'ont seat and back. senger Safety Law has not been The driver is responsible for updated for over 10 years, even ensuring that all occupants though national health and safety younger than 18 are buckled up in organizations have updated their "'best practice" recommendations the appropriate restraint. for buckling up children.. Watch The penalty for violation is this legislative session for a pro- $25 and one point against the h- posed change in the law that will cense of the driver. require 7 and 8 year old children Anyone that has struggled with nde in a booster seat unless they installing or putting car safety are 4"9" tall. This would update seats into their cars understands the law to reflect current best that it is not easy. During the 2015 0ractice' ND Cat: Seat Checkups it was not- ed that 65% of the car seats were Current installed wrong with 46% in- , Children younger than 7 are stalled too loosely in the vehicle. required to ride in a child re-If you are a parent or grandparent stramt (car seat or booster seat), and want to make sure you have A seat belt may be substitut-your car seats installed properly, or cd chil&en younger than 7 who children restrained properly, con- ,vcigh more than 80 pounds and tact Walsh County Health District are more than 57 (4"9") tall. to discuss this further. There is no A lap belt may be used by chil- cost for an evaluation of your car dren who weigh more than 40 seat(s). pounds who ride in vehicles with 2-2017 North Dakota Is In SAD State of Affaim By last count, North Dakota has speed limit and giving guns to 757,000 people and by now every man, woman and child in 757,000 cases of SAD, also thestate. All of this reflects risk known as seasonal affective dis- taking. order, also known as winter de- SAD is most common in the pression. We don't get enough sun. dark Nordic countries. That ex- It is alleged that we get around plains some of the SAD in North 60 percent of the possible sun- Dakota because we have a lot of shine. This calculation must he those Nordics. Dark Alaska is made by someone camped on top supposed to have the highest SAD of White Butte in Slope County, rate of the 50 states. elevation 3506 feet. Down here If medical marijuana survives near the ground, that is unbeliev- the legislative makeover, it won't able. be long until SAD will be added SAD seems to be more preva-as one of the eligible "debilitating lent in the Bismarck area for 80 days biennially. That siege of de- medical conditions" and nobody pression is probably caused more in North Dakota will care if the by dashed expectations than lack sun shines. of sunshine. It would be helpful if we could It is obvious that the Red Riv- shake "North" from the name of er Valley is more depressed be- our state. Facing "North" every cause of the sunshine deficiency, day of the year certainly gives us In a ranking of the drunkest cities a predisposition to depression. in America, Fargo ranks fourth and Changing the name to simply Grand Forks 15th. That tells you "Dakota" would be uplifting for that they're dealing with more than everyone. high water. Back in the 1980s, Bismarck Since the state ranks 27th in re- businessman Mylo Candee or- ligiosity but second in binge drink- ganized a group to change the ing, we know where SAD people name of the state. At the time, a are turning for solace. Maybe Fargo entrepreneur by the name of SAD is contributing to the drug Doug Burgum thought it was a epidemic, good idea. SAD symptoms include over- I called Candee to see if he was sleeping, limited energy, overeat- going to revive the committee ing and hopelessness. The hope- now that he had an inside man in lessness occurs when the snow the Capitol. blower breaks down in December 'Tin leavine,, it on the back and there are still seven months of burner for now but this harsh snow to blow. winter certainly justifies another When it comes to obesity, look," he commented coyly. North Dakota ranks 17th with 31 Saskatchewan and Maifitoba percent of the population dragging would like to see the name change extra body mass around. When po- because it would do wonders for lar bears get in that shape, they hi- their tourism. bernate Other responses to depression Being so far north is SAD include reckless behavior, risk enough but to be located above taking and putting selves ill harem's something already called "North" way. Of course, this could also ap- makes their location harder to ply to most old people on their market. way to the nursing home. They're For some folks, being home on at the point where they have little the range "where the skies are not to lose. cloudy all day" may be enough but North Dakota ranks fourth in North Dakota SAD warrants more reckless driving. These are the than a weasel-worded negative people who favor raising the like that. It would be helpful if we could shake 'North' from the name of our state. Facing 'North' every day of the year certainly gives us a predisposition to depression. Chang- ing the name to simply 'Dakota' would be uplifting for everyone. Extension Exchange Imagine never cooking your owncheese, fresh vegetables and dips food. Consider a world where you with pride. are served every meal, at your table. Serving this type of appetizer Then, when you are finished eating, helps keep all family members from you get up and leave to do what your digging into high-carbohydrate and day requires of you. high-calorie foods while they wait This is the life many of our chil- for the oven timer to sound. Health- dren experience, at least to age 3 or ful appetizers can become the first 4. Beyond that, most children can course in a nutritious meal. help some way in food preparation, Even young children can learn to serving and cleanup, share the jobs and tools required in "The Fmnily Table," an initiative cooking. They quickly realize that of The North Dakota State Univer- putting together a meal takes in- sity Extension Service has resources gredients and time, and people have at www.ag.ndsu.edu/familytable to to work to make that happen. Kids help you get your kids involved in who grow up in the kitchen will be. family meals, gin to see connections between The expectations for young chil- their food and its origin, including dren might be to wash their hands the importance of taking care of the and set some parts of the table. Or Earth and its resources. They also children might be required to carry will leam math skills and experience the cold salad or ketchup to the table science first hand, right there near the and, after the meal, carry their own kitchen sink. dirty dishes to the sink or dish- Preschoolers who have the op- washer. This is all under the watch- porttmity to practice working in fill eye of the head che of course, the kitchen will learn to appreciate As parents, our job is to teach our those times when someone does children how to become respectful, serve them their dinner. It Call be a self-sufficient adults and responsi- "first course" in learning to be a ble citizens. The kitchen is the per- needed family member and a re- feet place for these and many more spectful, self-sufficient, responsible lessons. Plus, we all have to eat, so citizen. why not make meal preparation a Eat, connect and savor at the faro- special time to talk, laugh, enjoy ily table (w v.ag.ndsu.edu/fami- each other's company and learnlytable). Join the challenges and sign valuable lessons, too? up for an electronic newsletter with Young children likely Want to be recipes and tips. Follow the program near their favorite adults, especial- on Facebook for more tips, meal ly around mealtime. Thiee-year- plans and ideas for getting conver- olds who know how tear paper sations going during family meals. will be great with the salad greens. Any questions about this column They are also in love with stining, or something else may be directed Perhaps healthful appetizers are to the NDSU Extension office in your preschooler's specialty. Your Walsh Cotmty at 284-6624, or email child can arrange and serve wheat me at: jamie.medbery@ndsu.edu. I crackers, cheese, fruit, cottage would be glad to help! ., , Walsh County Extension Office Conservation for the Bottom Line Jerry Doan, owner of the Black Leg Ranch and Aid() Leopold award. winner in conservation from Ster- ling, ND, Will be the featured speaker at this event. He has made a life out of making conservation pay on his ranch. The Title of his talk will be "Conservation and Diversi- fication for the Bottom Line. He will be speaking both belbre and after lunch. Jerry is well known tbr his in- novative approaches to ranchilag and running his operation. This workshop will held on Wednesday, February 22 at the city auditorium in Park River. The work- shop will start at 9 am. The objec- tive of this workshop is to discuss the different opportunities for prof- it from various practices that may be . may be available for producers. We are going to focns on things that can make operators money period. I am going to start at 9 mn talking about the money saving advantage of using recycled grass to cut your fertilizer cost, improve organic mat- ter and start building soil health. In the day of low crop prices and high fertilizer cost we need to the home grown fertilizer we create every year with livestock. I will be discussing research done out of Carrington, so this data is about as local as it can get! I am also going to be looking at best use scenarios for land affected by flooding, salt and erosion. We are going to look at real Walsh County land! Maybe returning this land to grass produc- tion will improve both the land and the profit potential for it. We will also talk about the programs for pay- ing you to do it. We will also look- ing at the option of returning it to a perennial forage like alfalfa. We are always short of hay in this area. Our rely own Justin Zahradka will tell you about how he uses cov- er crops in his beef operation to make money and improve the soil. It took me 10 year of trying but I got my brother to plant cover crops last year and he grazed to freeze up on his water sources. He loved it! I am trying to get him down but not sure that will happen. He grazed his cows on turnips, radishes, vohmteer M eat and corn stubble. He saved thou- sands of dollars on his feed bill this past fall while still harvesting his wheat and corn! The North Dakota Game and fish will talk about some of their pro- grams. Hunting is a big industry in North Dakota and we largely have not taken advantage of it in this area. Maybe hunting can generate cash flow that will help with some living expenses. We will round out the day with Rita Sveen, NRCS, and Danielle Gorder talking about some updates and planners with the con- servation practices available. Conservation for too long has been viewed as government md tape" and costing producm's money not building the bottom line. This is not true at all. Saving our soil fi om wind and water erosion does not have to cost you anything and in the case of the cover crop with my brother it saved him a pile of feed when he was critically short of it. It made the difference between selling cattle, buying feed or not. We can get val- ue out of some of these dollar los- ing acres in crop production simply by returning them to grass and us- ing cow's to harvest the tbrage or rant it to your neighbors who have cows or sell the hay. I grew up on a ranch and understand that not evelyone is cut out to be a cowboy or rl. I per- sonally chose to work with our hog operation and let nay brother help with the cows as our main jobs on the operation. We in North Dakota have been taught it is much easier to purchase fertilizer then to analyze your manure, calibrate your manure spreader and get free fertility while improving the productMty for the long tenn. You can make an ar- gument in good times it is not worth the effort but when every dol- lar counts this is insane. Dates to Remember: 2-22 Conse ation for the Bottom Line, City Auditofimn, Park River, N.D. 9 a.m.