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February 8, 2011     Walsh County Press
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February 8, 2011

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES FEBRUARY 9, 2011 sneakers, skinny jeans and horn-rimmed glasses walked down the street I I . FROM THE bundled in pea coats and furhats, II We then ventured to a restaurant where Mongolian barbeque was on [ | • EDITOR'S DES themenu. Meats and veggies fried up in front of you with spicy sauces II Walsh C0unt,r Nutrition Food Safet,, to make your mouth water. [ | ; ' ; We closed out the night believing we were headed to a roller derby [ | and Health A ent bout. We wandered into the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul first in I I i BY ALLISON OLIMB searchofarestroom. After that quick side trip we purchased tickets to I I .|nllia 7,;lrm,,nt] ~$/~'D'['-I 1~1")[1~1") EDITOR, WALSN COUNTY PRESS the event. When we arrived at our seats in section 109 we discovered [ [ .............. ....... .... that we had hit a lacrosse/roller derby doubleheader. It baffled me that [ 1 It was a sunny day, but I wasn't about to believe that it would stay such a.thing even existed, but nonetheless, there we were screaming for I 1J 4- 4- Y "T h 1 1 ~ I that way for long• So, on Jan. 28 I hit the pavement• I booked it out of the Minnesota Swarm along with a stadium full preppy looking fans I JL JL U IL, L, U JL- J town so fast the snow melted under my burning robber, clearly there for the lacrosse with their team gear on and another more I • 1 1[ Jl thanI headedmy hometownS°utheast-- tOthetheTwinlandcities.Of lakes and shopping malls bigger derbySurlY bunch dressed in muted tones waiting for the clock to run out andaction to begin. [Iwith v Somehow a quick trip to visit some college pals turned into a series The Swarm and the Washington Stealth took it to overtime and the [ • of quirky escapades. " • Friday night I arrived at the scene (after foolishly not believing my SW hr ˘hUtelletd sudden death. ......... [ A pulse is not only your great for boosting feelings of • . y p acK me tur where me roner aeroy track was waltmg. I heartbeat but also a vail .... " ..... - - '" GPS knew what it was talking about and circling a strange residential And we watched as Psycho Novia and Harmony Killerbmise took [ , ,...... t,L muness, increasing metanonsm area to tack on a few extra minutes to my journey). After pleasantries down the Wisconsin DairydoUs with a crashing 197 to 74. [legumes mat nelp protect your ana protecting the digestive and unloading my bag for the weekend, the questmn was Dosed, "So, restaurant where my order was mysteriously swallowed by a black hole, I chickpeas/garbanzo beans, to 8 rams of fiber er half who wants to go to an Irish pub?" - _ . We closed out the weekend with a Sunday brunch at a French [ heart. Pulses include system Beans offer a range of 3 We travelled from Edina to Stillwater, where I could presumably spit but to compensate they offered me a free dessert. Me and my crtme [ lentils, peas and dry edibleservig,, p -cup to Wisconsin, to watch a duo of guitar and violin create Irish music brulee hit the road to fred that it was once again winter. I hit points I Th .... r,o,r, .... e,. magic. A woman with purple hair played the air around her violin to rolling down Interstate where top speeds of 55 miles per hour were iffy [ Pulses are a complex create sounds so beautiful it can bring a tear to the eye of the strongest and those stuck in the nearby ditch proved it. I .... ]'")'"-" carbohydrate source and don't man. All you can really do is watch m amazement while stammering, I pulled into the garage at 10 p.m. feeling tired, relieved to be home ] thousanus olyears, out now mey raise blood sugar levels as much is nothing, just got something in my eye is all. again and satisfied that shenanigans had been had, and I could settle are being recognized even more as several other carboh" drate The next day we proceeded to take on the city. In Uptown, we back to my routine once more. for their important health Y wandered the frozen streets to stores that sold everything from fossils to "Like'" the Walsh County Press on Facebook and check out our new blog at benefits No matter what form or sources. Diets rich in pulses comic books. We watched as hipster kids in their Chuck Taylor " " type you decide to eat (fresh, have been shown to promote Hello, and scarred an oak tree with a tire I guess this could be called the s swing on it. "Winter of our Discontent". Or, By then, I had lost all control, maybe that has already been used. and was pretty much just pulling But, man, the snow just keeps coming and coming and coming, il for my own exercise. We ran by Lawrence and caused him to throw Temps below zero, wind chill his beer in the air and run for the advisory, more snow...I wonder house. where all the white goes when the to help me. We called Lee for lots was throwing his head and The horses were in full stride snow melts? of help over the years. I had been prancing around. The other horse when we struck the side of Last week, I was telling you driving Clyde and another pretty didn't seem to pay him much Lawrence's pickup. And this one about my failed attempts as a much unbroken horse around the never mind. teamster. You haven't heard them corral. Being the fixer upper that I We got that team hooked up to wasn't a glancing blow. The pole all yet. We had Prince W. He was am, I had put a pole on an old the wagon and I told Lee to jump struck the drivers side door right in a one-eyed bucking horse that wagon and figured I had a pretty on. Lee just looked at me and the center. I can now tell you from drove pretty dam good. In fact, good outfit put together, grunted. "I never trusted a experience that a when a team hits Dad hooked him up at the Lawrence was a construction prancer", he said as he declined the the side of a four-wheel drive McKenzie Coun Fair and Rodeo worker that. was staying at our maiden voyage of my outfit, pickup, the team will stop. with one of Toby s pickup horses place at the time. He was part of a The first few steps seemed to go Much like my mule driving and won the draft horse-pulling road crew working in the area. alright. And thenthat wagon box deal, I flew through the air and contest. Three hours later, And an old family friend. He had started to rattle a little. Clyde landed atop the team. My patched someone won the bronc riding on just come home from work andstarted to throw a fit and the wagon up harness was pretty much him. had cleaned up to head into Joe's rattled a little more. The offhorse demolished. My wagon was And then there was Clyde. Bar. Joe had a sign that advertised got excited and started to lunge in wrecked. We had broken a wheel Clyde was a huge percheron cross "Free Beer Tomorrow" hung the harness. Zip, our snubbing on the oaktree. Lawrence's pickup that Linseth owned. He was behind the bar. Lawrence had seen horse, blew up and started to buck had a couple thousand dollars blacker than the inside of a cow the sign the day before and didn t with Kelly. Kelly pitched the rope damage. He had spilled his beer. and stood about seventeen hands realize that the same sign would be in the air and had his hands full. tall• Maybe a little better. I there that night. Like usual, I was on my own.Kelly had ridden Zip to a standstill. couldn t stand the sight of him just Anyway, Lee helped me adjustClyde and his partner ignored I erawledoffthe top oftheteam standing in the pen. I had to drive the harness. Kelly mounted up on my screams and headed out of the and walked shakily over to Lee, him. You know, like a painter who Zip and was going to snub the yard. I was bounding around that who was still standing by the cake can't stand looking at a blank team up. to prevent any runaway, wagon like abb in abox and trying house steps, The whole deal had canvas. Lawrence stood under the shade of to pull on the lines. Things were taken about ten seconds. Lee lit up Trouble was, I knew very little a tree with a beer in his hand, happening pretty fast and I was a Pall Mall, shook his head, and about, breaking a team. If you going to watch this deal before he pulfing on the right line with all my said, "I never trusted a prancer". haven t already figured that out. I headed for town. Clyde, the mite. We made a circle in front of Me neither. had Lee, our neighbor come down percheron was a little antsy. He the house, tore through the gardenl Later, Dean Happenings at Our Good Sanmritan Moniea Simon ADC With January over we are looking forward to the longer warmer days. Our month of January included many special events we had Devotions and Commnnion services with Rev. Jeff Johnson on Jan 6, Jan 11 we had a program on Scotland and enjoyed homemade shortbread, Jan. 13 our monthly birthday party was hosted by St. Peter and Paul Bechyne who provided a delicious lunch and a wonderful program, Matt Hodek entertained on Jan 14 and the Mennonite Singers were here that evening also, January Auxiliary lunch and Program was hosted bu OSLC of Park River who also served a delicious lunch and the Children's Choir under the direction of Sheryl Kjelland provided the program. By Extension Agent-In-Training Theresa Jeske February Events: Feb 3 2:30 Communion Service Rev. Jeff Johnson Feb 10 3:00 Monthly Birthday Party Hosted by Park River American Legion Auxiliary Feb 10 3:00 Matt Hodek Feb, 10 7:30 Mennonite Singers Feb 3:00 Valentine Lunch and Special Bingo with Prizes sponsored by the STAR Committee of PRGSC Feb. 24 3:00 Auxiliary Lunch and Program Federated Church Park River We would like to thank our Devotional leaders: Lois Ydstie, Dorothy Novak, David Hinrichs, Lorene Larson, Kay Alkofer, Sue Faggerholt, Monica Simon, Jan Novak, Marlys Bauer, Accompanists, Monica Simon and Jan Novak, Shirly Sobolie and Greg Barer for leading Rosary, Pastors: David Hinrich, Rev. Totman, Rev. Antal, Rev. Kiel, Rev. Johnson and Father Lutein your services are very much appreciated. We welcome our new volunteers: Terry Hagen, Halie Schwartz, Jaymee Sangrait, Alexis Holcomb and Nick Holcomb thank you very much for deciding to give of your time and talents here at PRGSC. Attention All Readers our aSTAR SPRING USED BOOK SALE AND LUNCH WILL BE MARCH 17 from 2-4. Books can be dropped off anytime. MENTAL Ma STONES By THE END OF Walsh County Health District ..... ,. .... *' Short Shots If your child is one year of age and displays any of the following signs of possible delay you should alert your doctor: • Does not crawl • Drags one side of body while crawling (for over a month) • Cannot stand when supported • Does not search for objects that are hidden while he or she watches • Says no single words (mama or dada) • Does not learn to use gestures, such as waving or shaking head • Does not point to objects or pictures • Experiences a dramatic loss of skills he or she one had If you are interested in information on how to get your child screened or tested (free) for any type of developmental delay contact our office (352-5139) and we will help find you a resource. It is a well known fact that the earlier you catch a developmental delay and start treatment, the better the outcome for the child. If you are unsure, or have any concerns, make the call--it can't do any harm! i i 'or Vengeance? "This is whatthe people in my constitution. It represents the district favor" is a common claim consensus of the people. Yet, made by legislators as they support legislators feel they can disregard and oppose measures in the' the people's document and run legislative process..Much of theI rampant over the Board. It looks time, they don't have a clue where their constituents stand on specific issues. We all think we have the majority view, whether we have substantiating information or not. In a democratic society, it is important for politicians to pay homage to the will of the people. "The people in my district" is a sure defense because none of the other members of the Assembly have any way of knowing whether the claim is true or not. The constituents don't know, either. Consequently, the claim gives legislators license to do what they want and they certainly do that. When legislators return to their districts during the session, the Democratic legislators talk to the local Democrats and the Republicans legislators talk to the local Republicans. They get partisan reinforcement and anecdotal information, but nothing like the consensus they claim on the floor. The claim that legislators are only doing what the "folks back home" want has been made for a number measures in the present legislative session. In fact, such claims in this session have been more exaggerated than in previous sessions. On the basis of "support of the people back home," some legislators have proposed to cast more like vengeance than anything else. "Whatever we do is considered constitutional unless overturned by the courts," one legislator stated, reflecting a degree of arrogance. In other words, they are at liberty to push their authority as far as they want. Then there is the proposal to take the tobacco settlement money and use it to beef up the Medical School. Now, the Medical School needs the money but the use of the tobacco settlement for anti-tobacco education was approved by the people in an initiated measure in 2008 The people have spoken. North Dakota isn't so poor that we have to rob Peter to pay Paul. Here again, it looks like vengeance. Defending their subversion of the public will, some legislators have implied that the voters may not have known what they were voting on. Legislators would like to believe that to be true when it comes to all matters submitted to the people in the initiative and referral process, especially when these tools of direct democracy make decisions contrary to the wishes of the Legislature - such as forcing the use of the tobacco settlement money for an anti- smoking campaign. On most bills, legislators have no system for measuring public aside the state constitution, opinion in their districts. Almost especially the provision for a everything they get is random Board of Higher Education opinion. In this information insulated from legislative politics, vacuum, they make their own They forget that it was politics in decisions, most of which are good. the 1930s that drove the people of However, decisions smell of the state to support separation of vengeance or arrogance when the Board from political legislators defy the will of the machinations, people as clearly expressed in At various points in time, the statewide elections. Elections people of the state have voted on should trump the claim of the provisions of the state representing the folks back home. frozen, canned or dried), pulses lower levels of abdominal fat offer a beneficial array of and can help manage blood nutrients, including fiber, sugar levels in diabetes and protein, resistant starches, B reduce the risk for developing vitamins (including folate), iron, type 2 diabetes. magnesium, zinc, calcium, and Pulses count as part of the other minerals and meat and beans group and the phytonutrients, vegetable group in the newest Cardiovascular disease is one Dietary Guidelines for of the leading causes of death in Americans, but not both at the the U.S. today. Pulses, which are similar in size and shape to same time. One-quarter cup of pills, actually may be like magic cooked legumes counts as pills that help reduce risk factors lounce of meat; 5 to 7 ounces for heart disease' The top risk are recommended daily. One- factors for developing heart half cup of cooked legumes disease include smoking, high counts as ˝ cup of vegetables. blood cholesterol, high blood The double dose of nutrition pressure, physical inactivity, packed into pulses makes them a diabetes, excess abdominal fat, "must-have" in your diet. overweight and obesity. Beans are a flavorful, Pulses, such as kidney beans, inexpensive way to boost the have shown the ability to lower vitamins and minerals in your total-cholesterol and LDL- diet and help reduce the risk cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol) factors for heart disease and as effectively as other cholesterol-lowering diets. You other chronic diseases. Current might impress your doctor with dietary guidelines recommend 3 your cholesterol values the next cups of pulses per week, or time you get checked by about ˝ cup per day. Eating increasing pulses in your diet them in addition to other and exercising 30 to 60 minutes vegetables, not instead of them, daily, is best. .... February is Heart Health All my best to you and your Month, so it's a good time to family, start including pulses'in your Julie diet. Adapted from an article by Aimee Loaded with fiber and Henning, NDSU student dietitian, and Julie Garden-Robinson, NDSU Extertyion food and resistant starches, pulses are nutrition specialist Aroun Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Beef cattle reproduction incoming freshman, sophomore or strategies, understanding the bull junior in the fail of 2011. Those sale catalog and development and who apply should be planning to nutrition of your beef herd are study animal production or among the topics that will be agricultural major. The covered in a videoconference on application deadline is June 1, Wednesday, February 16th. The 2011 to the Walsh County seminar is from 10 am to noon Extension Office in Park River. and can be watched in Grafton at LIVESTOCK JUDGING the Chase building. It is intended TEAM to give cow/calf producers a better The Walsh County Livestock understanding of how Judging Team will be traveling to reproductive efficiency affects , our first competition of the year on cow herd profits, as well as, how Friday, February 1 lth. Even with adequately designed nutrition schedules packed full of school, programs can help improve church and other activities we reproductive efficiency. Speakers have managed to practice for the include NDSU Extension event as time allowed and I feel Specialists Carl Dahlen, John we have an enthusiastic group of Dhuyvetter, and Karl Hoppe and youth ready to participate at the NDSU Animal Sciences professor NDSU Little International contest Dave Buchanan. For more in Fargo. Following the information on this conference competition on Friday we will please contact the Walsh County travel to Kindred on Saturday Extension Office at 284-6624. morning for another judging CROP AND LIVESTOCK contest. I'll keep you updated on IMPROVEMENT how we do! SCHOLARSHIPs PESTICIDE The Walsh County Crop CERTIFICATION Improvement and Livestock For those residents who are Improvement Associationwaiting to submit your Scholarships will be available in recertiflcation postcard for county High Schools guidance Pesticide Training, please submit .counselor offices within the next your information as soon as week. Students who are eligible possible to keep things moving on include students who will be an the training days! Dates to Remember: [ Feb. 16, 10 a.m. Dakota Cow/Calf Clinics [ I videoconference; Chase Building, Grafton ] i