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February 7, 2018     Walsh County Press
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February 7, 2018

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PRESS PERSPECTIVES Pa e 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2018 F ROM TH E EDITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS When we were kids the com- mon question on every road trip was "WHERE ARE WE GO- ING?" often followed by loud moans and exasperated whining noises. Sometimes those trips had no real destination. Sometimes we were checking crops or simply just taking a drive. One of the best answers was that we were taking the Nash road to Pisek. As a kid, that isn't funny. As an adult, that is hilarious. The Nash road doesn't go to Pisek. No way, no how. I found myself making the rounds last weekend with meetings in Grand Forks, Grafton, and back to Park River again. When the director of the DOT came to visit Park River to talk in- tersections, I couldn't help, but think of all of the times I took the long way to get somewhere. I remember going to Grafton by way of Cavalier and Park River once as a teenager. I've road tripped to Fordville and tried happen. Though we may never every possible route to Crystal to know what caused that fatal acci- see which was the shortest (before dent, I am glad that the North GPS was a thing). Do kids still Dakota Department of Trans- drag main in Park River? I suppose portation took the time to take gas was cheeper then. I've skipped the long way to Park River last interstate to get around floodwa- week and see what accident reports ters, taking the scenic routes. And can't quite illustrate. that intersection that was the top- Sometimes we get complacent ic of discussion? That was the sig- in our driving. Sometimes we nal that I was home free every trip take for granted that the wide back from college -- two rams to open road is wide open. Some- go. I've been through that inter- times the real problem is that we section plenty of times. It has don't take enough time to get come up way faster than it should where we are going and enjoy the have plenty of times, ride. The first person to stand up at The next time you get in that that meeting was right on in say- car, worry less about the destina- ing the hard truth that there is a lot tion. Life is too short. We will all of driver error that takes place at get to Pisek on the Nash road even- that intersection, tually -- don't rush it. While it isn't always smart-"Like" the WaZ~h Cbuntv Press on Face- phones and speeders, accidents bookcom. Hello, We usually take a little vacation in the winter. You know, four or five days. We kind of do it on the cheap. Look for cheap vacation packages. Like driving to relatives and staying for free in their house and eating their food. But, after decades of this, it is getting hard- er to find relatives that will make our beds and prepare a nice menu for-us to choose from. This year we found a relative of a friend that had a house in Cabo. For my non-traveling friends, that is on the southern tip of the Baja. Which, I am sure you all know, is that peninsula that sticks out into the ocean south of California. This seemed like a dream deal. I found a cheap flight. Rooms and bloody Mary's for free. A short walk to the ocean. Golf course right out the door. Wonderful ex- change rate. Safe enough we didn't need to worry about some- one stealing body parts. And our zps body parts are old enough they Things worked out rather well. would not be in high demand A friend called and wanted me to anyway. So we decided to book it. - go to a bull sale in Nebraska. It But alas, my passport was ex- was on Saturday. He wanted to pired. I didn't know. I don't use leave on Thursday so we could at- it often. So the trip has been post- tend a cow sale on Thursday and poned and probably cancelled, another sale on Friday. I left on I deserve a vacation. I ex- Tuesday to be sure I was on time. plained that to Shirley. And be- If Shirley got up early, she could sides, she has a job that pretty get chores done before she had to much requires that she be at work be at work. And after being every day. I explained that to cooped up at her job all winter, I Shirley. So I came up with a so- was sure the fresh air would be ex- lution. I would go on vacation, hilarating for her. When I left, I I'm sure you agree that I deserve didn't realize how fresh the air some time off. I mean I have been would be. Like wind chills of mi- doing an hour of chores every day nus thirty-five. forever! I rode down to the Hills with a ,-, Happenings at Our I LI. :St aritan Good Samaritan Sen:ictn Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. Please remember us on GivingMasks Hearts day! It is our First and we Feb. 12th 10am Embroidery have big hopes! Group, lpm Baking King Cake, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo This week Feb. 4th- 10th Feb. 13th Omelet Bar, l pm Cro- Feb. 4th 2:30 Worship w/Pastor chet Group, 3pm Mardi Gras Party Antal, 3:30 Super Bowl Trivia, Feb. 14th 10am Reveal the King 5:30 Men's Night and Queen of Hearts, 11:30 Couples Feb. 5th 10am Embroidery Dinner, 3pm Music w/Dan Lee Group, 1 Baking Kolaches, 5pm Feb. 15th 3pm Beading, 6pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Ladies Night Feb. 6th 3pm M*A*S*H Feb. 7th 10am Pen Pal visits, 3:15 Feb. 16th Wear Red for Your Heart, Clergy Visits, 10:30 Nail Bingo, Voting starts for King and Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3pm Queen of Hearts Whist Game Feb. 8th 3pm Birthday party Feb. 17th 9:30 Mass w/Father hosted by American Legion Auxil- iary, 6:30 Movie Night Miller, lpm First Ladies, 2:15 Bin- Feb. 9th Wear Red for your go Heart, Clergy Visit, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy,3pm Thank you to our many volun- Rummage Sale teers: Pastor Faust, Shirley Sobolik, Feb. 10th 9:30 Mass w/FatherLois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Miller, lpm Snow Moon, 2:15 Bin- Lund, Dorothy Novak, Pastor Hin- go richs, Pastor Brezenski, Corinne Ramsey, and Father Miller. I am sor- Next week Feb. 1 lth - 17th ry ifI missed anyone. If you would Feb. 1 lth 2:30 Worship w/Pas- like volunteer please call Rose UI- tor Hinrichs, 3:30 Make Mardi Gras land at 701-284-7115. AMERICAN HEART MONTH 2-2018 Public I alth Prevent. Promote, Protect. Walsh County Health District Short Shots by Carly Ostenrude, RN Heart disease is the leading cause of the death in the United States. It claims more than 600,000 American lives each year. What exactly is heart disease? Heart disease can refer to several different heart conditions such as coronary artery disease (which can lead to heart attacks), it can involve the valves of the heart, or it can refer to the heart not pumping adequate- ly (which can cause heart failure). And some people are just bom with heart disease. There are ways to help reduce your risk of heart disease which include: quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise reg- ularly, and see your primary care physician routinely. For more information about American Hearth Month visit the Amer- ican Heart Association at Cooking CI Thursday, February 22"" at 6 at First Care Health Center. Heart healthy theme. $5 per person. Registration required by Feb. 20% If interested, contact Christina Bata, RDN/LRD at or 701-284-4565. HEALTH CENTER % 2 5 friend. The Black Hills Stock Show was on. Visited the oldest saloon (1888) and stayed with a friend. Are you sensing a theme here? Attended "Broncs for Breakfast", a bucking horse futu- rity, and a saddle bronc match. All were wonderful. Went to two bull sales, a week- ly cattle auction, and visited with a bunch of wonderful ranchers from as far away as New Mexico. Told and heard wonderful sto- ries. Some I will relay to you in the future. And some that will nev- er be fit for print. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. But most importantly, I made it back just in time for the Super Bowl. Shirley pretended she was glad to see me! And her frostbit- ten cheeks weren't as bad as I ex- pected. Later, Dean Important Real News You may Have Missed Obesity expanded in North 'know the same thing and have Dakota as the battle of the bulges, asked for copies of the listings by continued. According to unofficial church. estimates, residents gained Among other little-known facts, 1,030,000 pounds and increased the tax reform bill included a 279,000 inches of girth. Obesity provision that made it legal for advocates want to add girth to gen- pastors to endorse political can- der, age and race as protected didates from the pulpit. Appar- persons and outlaw the Body ently, some clergy are bored with Mass Index. Hospitals are adding Jesus and the Sermon on the big animal vets to surgery teams. Mount. The estimates will be sent to the A survey by Lifeway Research White House for official release in found 79% of Americans are five days. against the idea of preachers mak- By a vote of 19-1, the Alabama ing this theological change and a state senate passed a bill to elim- survey by the National Association inate marriage licenses. They're of Evangelicals indicated that playing catchup to modern 90% of evangelical leadership lifestyles, also opposed politics in the pulpit. New York is increasing the Will there be First Lutheran Po- price of a pack of cigarettes from litical Action Committees, or First $10.50 to $13. The tax in New Baptist Endorsing Conventions, or Jersey is $2.70 so all the smoke candidates sharing bingo receipts over Newark is New York smok- at St. Phillips? ers taking a cigarette break in New Some anonymous person who Jersey. Over 55 % of New York didn't want to get involved pre- cigarettes are bootlegged in from sented a solution to the issue of North Carolina where tax is 45 Christian bakeries refusing to cents. (ND has lowest cigarette tax make cakes for same sex couples. in nation at 44 cents.) Bake the cake in two parts with In large print, one company claims it has trained its chickens one person on each side and let the to lay eggs that have six times the customers put the pieces together Vitamin D, I0 times the vitamin by themselves. E and 25% less saturated fat. The Washington Post reported The small print says these claims that white evangelicals are skep- are comparisons with a golf ball. tical about earth warming. They In Ohio, Judge Timothy Black are claiming that if God wanted us struck down a state statute that to regulate the temperature of the made false statements about po- earth, He would have provided a litical candidates illegal. Not only thermostat. was the law unconstitutional but Gallup also did a poll of other it left candidates speechless, countries on this question: "Do The Flat Earth Society, an or- you approve or disapprove of the ganization in which a number of job performance of the leadership North Dakotans hold member- oftheUnited States?" As shock- ship, is awaiting the announce- ing as it may be, the country with ment of the rocket launch by limo the highest disapproval rating was driver Mike Hughes that his home Norway with 83%. After all the made rocket will take him 1,800 nice things Trump said about feet in the air where he will de- Norwegians, you would think his termine whether or not the earth is highest favorable ratings would be round or it is just fake news. in Norway. According to the Washington But Norway is mad. They want Post, President Trump Executive their Norwegians back, a third of Order 3,406 on immigration will who came to the U.S. fed up with require bureaucrats to figure out lutefisk and searching for potatoes who are Christians and who are to make lefse. not. Many pastors would like to May all of your news be real. 4[ As shocking as it may be, the coun- try with the highest disapproval rat- ing was Norway with 83%.After all the nice things Trump said about Norwegians, you would think his highest favorable ratings would be in Norway. Extension Exchange In February of 2016 1 accepted the role as the Family and Con- sumer Science Agent for NDSU Extension - Walsh County. There was no way to know then the full extent of the role I just agreed to fill; the truth is before I accepted this job I had no idea what role Ex- tension played in Walsh County. Trying to explain my job as an Extension agent in Walsh County is not easy to do. My job is con- tinually changing, what I did last month is so vastly different from what I am doing today and what I will be doing tomorrow. The con- stant change is a result of Walsh calls and emails, weekly newspa- per columns and NDSU publica- tions shared as a solution to an is- sue. My "students" are: the children and their parents who are reached though parenting classes; the old- er population at senior meals; the youth in 4-H; the farm families who are planning for the next generation; the individuals with food safety and food preservation questions; the children reached through a variety of in-school programs; the employers and em- ployees in worksite wellness groups; individuals with predia- County's ever evolving needs and betes and many others. My "stu- my response to those needs. The easiest way I have found to quickly explain what I do is I am an educator, a teacher. My "classroom" is: at the North Valley Vocational Center where I dents" encompass all ages, eth- nicities and economic back- grounds. My "co-teachers" are those who I collaborate with in an effort to bring more information to a offer a parent education course; at wider audience: Brad Brummond farmer's markets where I offer proper food preservation re- sources; in the county's senior centers where I deliver nutrition education; at the Life Skills and Transition Center where I offer lunch n' learns as part of their em- ployee wellness program; is in the common's area of Grafton High School during basketball games in an effort to tell people about the importance of family mealtimes; at Northern Lites Archery with our shooting sports participants and countless other places where I deliver programs in Walsh Coun- ty. My "curriculum" is: Eat Smart Play Hard, sun safety and the prevention of skin cancer, mental health awareness, food safety, money management, 4-H con- tests and events, diabetes preven- tion, tools for caregivers, nour- (Walsh County Ag agent), county agents from neighboring coun- ties, Walsh County Nutrition Pro- gram, Walsh County Public Health, First Care Health Center, Walsh County schools, worksite wellness coordinators, Walsh County Social Services, Unity Hospital, Life Skills and Transition Center, North Valley Vocational Center, Walsh County 4-H, Grafton Parks and Rec and nu- merous other organizations. I know my daily tasks will continueto change in 2018. The county's needs and the programs offered in response will change. My title will change to Family and Community Wellness agent. My "classroom, curriculum, students and co-workers" will change. My goal will remain the same, "to cre- ate learning parmerships that help adults and youth enhance their :ishiii b bmeffs/'strrsg ifl agd-, livesarid communities." ' ment; MyPl ,-s eg iO a pthh iay -questions about this col, ning and any' other topic that umn or something else may be di- would improve the overall well- rected to the NDSU Extension of- ness of Walsh County residents, rice in Walsh County at 284-6624, My "curriculum" is presented in or email me at: formal multi-week programs, in- I would be glad formal 30 minute lessons, phone to help! I Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 ResistantWeed my office. Extension is not in Meetings charge of this training so if you Just a reminder we are doing miss these meetings you can't weed resistance meetings all over come to me and get certified. Walsh County to get people up to Looking at the schedule you have speed on identifying resistant basically a window of opportunity weed species and also spotting the of about of two months. Do not start of resistance in some of cur- snooze on this one. rent weed species. The meetings One other item is that you re- will be on Tuesday, February 13th ally need to stay awake and pay at- at the Minto Community Hall at 9 tention to what they are saying am and the Farmers room in the about wind speed, direction of Walsh County Courthouse at 1:30 sensitive crops, nozzles, time of that same day. On Thursday, Feb- day spraying restrictions and legal ruary 15th we will start at 9 am at application dates. These are all the Silver Dollar in Lankin and at new rules that none of us have 1:30 we will be in Park River at ever had to deal with before. I find the Extension office. It is critical these rules very confusing and that producers need to be able to somewhat arbitrary and I live in identify our resistant weed this world. These rules will be en- species. We have absolutely no forced and you will be held to chance ofstoppingthis if we can't these rules. Now, I have heard identify the enemy. I have been comments that the chance of get- teaching weed identification to 4- ting caught by the pesticide in- H kids for 37 years so I have some spector is very small so ifI am not experience in this area. spot on who's to catch me? It is not the pesticide inspector I would Dicamba Technology worry about it is the guy with If you have bought soybeans pinto beans next door that might with the new dicamba technology want to be paid for his bean crop if there is one more thing you are it drifts over onto it. This product going to need to do, if you have is very toxic to edible beans and it not already done so. You need to does not like sunflowers either. We attend a training session put on by have many crops in Walsh County one of the companies with the that this chemical can harm. Look dicamba soybean herbicide. If you need a list that can be found at the Around theCounty ND Department of Agriculture or page 5 I have an incomplete list here in Dates to Remember: 2/7-8 Design Your Succession Plan, Extension Office Park River, and evening sessions 2/13 Weed Resistance and Programs, Minto Community Center 9anl 2/13 Weed Resistance and Programs, Farmers Room Walsh County Courthouse, Gmfton 1:30 2/15 Weed Resistance and Programs, Lankin Silver Dollar Community Center, 9 am 2/15 Weed Resistance and Programs, Extension Office Park River, 1:30 pm