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January 25, 2017     Walsh County Press
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January 25, 2017

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Pase 4 PRESS THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 251 2017 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIMB EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS There are a few new buzzwords that have been added to the lexicon: "fake news" and"altemative facts." I don't care which side of the polit- ical fence you sit on, these concepts are insulting to our intelligence. When it was first reported that fake news had a hand in the election I did not have the likes of CNN in my head as the culprit. I could point out plen- ty on Facebook who helped spread misinformation (for each candidate). When you see a picture with a quote or "fact" attached with no attribution to it, that is probably fake news.Any- one can share these pictures and spread the lies. Thank you to those question the validity of that statement. who check and the like A little Google and you will find there before reposting. You are the ones do- is no record of Teddy stating the pre- ing your due diligence to put facts vious "quote" either. first. No matter what the image may Just because a photo of Teddy look like, it is the job of everyone to Roosevelt on the Interact says: "To not take everything to heart on the first anger a conservative lie to him, to pass. Yes, media outlets can get it anger a liberal tell him the truth," it wrong. No, 24-hour media outlets are doesn't mean he said it. As my old pal not unbiased. Yes, there are outlets Abraham Lincoln once said: "You that can be trusted. No, they aren't all can't believe everything you read on evil. Is the next four years going to the interact." be exhausting no matter which side Of course Lincoln never said you are on? Probably. Facts are that. The Interact came to be long af- facts, no "alternative" about it. ter Lincoln, but you would be "'Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- shocked to see how many people Hello, You know that I am a rancher? And you know what a rancher eats? Meat. Beef. Right? Oh, some ranch- ers might have a hog or two. Or they may raise sheep. And there could be a free-range chicken around the yard. Or a goat or two. I guess most of that depends on whether you have a daughter that ties goats, or a cou- ple of kids in 4-H. I had sheep when I was young. But my dog killed them. Dad said ei- ther no more sheep or no more dog. Well, the dog was my best friend. But I do enjoy lamb once in awhile. Not that Shirley, former Cattlewoman of the Year, would ever prepare it. She had too much mut- ton when she was young and I can't convince her that lamb is not mutton. So I have to have it when far, far away. Now what brought this conver- sation on was a banquet I attended the other night. It was a wonderful meal. But when you sat down you had to pick between pork, chicken, or vegetarian. And I don't think the vegetarian meal had a dispensation that allowed steak. Now I chose pork. And it was very good. But given the fact that cattle have dropped about 25% in the past couple weeks, I really felt bad about supporting the competition. But since someone else was paying for my meal, I hardly mentioned it. Hardly being like hollering, "Where in the hell is the beef?." Shirley had to gavel me down. But then on the way home I got to thinking about chickens. They walk behind the cattle and peck through the manure. That is if they are free ranging chickens.And if you pen them up in a group, or flock, or whatever it's called, they eat each other. I eat a lot of chicken wings. But they don't taste like chicken. They tasted like Tobasco Sauce, or zps Louisiana Hot Sauce, or a combo of peppers and sauces. Or you can go to a fast food place and get chicken. It's dipped in some kind of stuff so you can really tasted the crust, but the chicken is pretty much...Well, the chicken tastes like...I guess you can't really taste chicken any- more. Now when I was a kid, which is a long, long time ago, chicken was different. For Sunday dinner chick- en was special. You had to grab a couple of those free ranging chick- ens, wring their neck, scald them, and pick those feathers off. Now, the only thing that stinks worse than scalded chicken feathers is a lump jaw cow. But that's another story. But Mom would fry that chick- en in that big cast iron skillet and my, oh my, that was chicken. There was white meat and dark meat and gizzards and necks and gravy on new red potatoes. That was Sunday dinner. Now chickens taste like whatever you dip them in. Which reminds me of a story. A true story. Most people are aware that Tyson Foods is the one of, if not the largest meat company in the world. And they started with chickens. All chickens. One of their plant managers was giving a tour of a plant and ex- plaining the process to a group of in- terested parties. One young lady in the group raised her hand to be recognized for a question. "How do you prepare your chick- ens for slaughter," she asked? "Mam," he responded, "We tell them flat out that they aren't going to make it!" And with that I'm taking a pack- age of steak out for supper. Bon Ap- petit! Later, Dean l t-,, (hugl . Happenings at Our k samaritan Good Samaritan ;- .qi cic Nannette Hoeger, Activities Dir. We have a fun week planned for Jan. 30th 10am Embroidery Activity Professionals week!Group, lpm Making Minestrone Thank you to the wonderful ac- Soup, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo tivity staff for all your hard work! Thi 'w 'el Jah'.'22nd - 28th Jan. 31st lpm,Crochet Group, Jan. 22rid 2:30 Wrfstiip w/ 3pm TeaDay; 3 . 30'Bible'Study Pastor Antal, 3:30 Pop It! Feb. 1 st 3:15 Bingo Jan.23rd Farmer Day, 10am Feb. 2nd Ground Hogs Day, Embroidery Group, lpm Making2:30 Devotions w/Communion, Turkey Soup, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 3:30 Painting, 6:30 Movie Night Bingo Feb. 3rd Wear Red for Your Jan. 24th Crazy Hair Day, 3pm Make your own Pizza Day Heart, 10:30 Nail Time, 3pm Jan. 25th Waffle Breakfast, Hat Rummage Sale Day, 3:15 Bingo Feb. 4th 9:30 Mass, lpm Sing Jan. 26th Miss .Match Day, a Heart, 2:15 Bingo 1 lam Chili Cook-of/, 3pm Auxil- iary Luncheon hosted by OSLC, Thank you to oiar many volun- 6:30 Movie Night Jan. 27th Strange Socks Day,teers; Fordville Lutheran Church, 10:30 Nail Time, 3pm PopcornShirley Sobolik, Linda Larson, Relay Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Dorothy Jan. 28th Chinese New Year, Novak, JeaneanMcMillan, Pastor l pm Mass, l pm Trivia, 2:15 Bin- Hinrichs, Corinne Ramsey, and go anyone I may have forgotten I am Next week Jan. 29th - Feb. 4th sorry. If you would like to volun- Jan. 29th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- teer please call Rose Ulland at 701- tor Hinrichs, 3:30 Word Game284-7115. 1. Which of the following is not b. The liquid in e-cigs can an opioid drug? cause nicotine poisoning a. Vicodin c. The vapor will not hurt b. Oxycodone pets c. Codeine d. A high number of young d. Acetaminophen teens who try them will start using regular tobacco cigarettes. 2. Besides alcohol and mari- juana what is the next most pop- 5. What are they ways you can ular addictive drug used by high die from using inhalants (sniffing school seniors? common household products'?). a. Non cigarette tobaccoCheck all that apply? b. Anabolic steroids c. "Bath salts" a. Choking (you vomit from d. Molly an inhalant and choke on it). b. Convulsions-caused by 3. Why do people drink alco- abnormal electrical charges in the hol? brain a. Increased desire to take c. Heart attack-your heart risks stops suddenly b. Peer Pressure d. Asphyxiation-Toxic c. Stress fumes fill your lungs and you d. All of the above can't get enough oxygen in to breathe 4. NIDA (National institute of drugs and alcohol) are trying to learn more about e-cigs. It may take several years of research to fully understand their effects. Check the things we already know about this new, heavily adver- tised fad. a. They can help you quit smoking Answers-ld, 2a, 3d, 4b&d, 5(all) For detailed information about these issues and others go to ational-drug-alcohol-facts- week/take-iq-challenge/2017 1-2017 80-day Biennial Sessions Cause Fiscal Disarray North Dakota fiscal affairs are in diSarray, p /nafily because Of our clinging to an unworkable 80- day biennial legislative process. While almost all other states have gone to annual sessions, North Dakota has resisted chang- ing a schedule that has been used since 1889. We have relied on hasty Band-Aids, triggers, interim budget committees and other quick fixes to salvage the outdat- ed biennial session. Biennial sessions require bi- ennial budgets. The budget being processed in Bismarck won't take effect until July 1, 2017 and will continue until July, 2019. This re- quires estimating revenue two and a half years into the future. It is fairly obvious that oil and farm markets have become too volatile for 2-year projections. And because so much of the state budget is being based on the un- known, Governor Doug Burgum and the Legislature are proposing draconian cuts in depression-era budgets. With biennial revenue esti- mates a roll of the dice, the Leg- islature no longer wants to accept the educated guesses of the ex- perts. They now want to do their own estimating, disregarding the fact that they are amateurs in the world economy. With the Legislature estimating revenue on the starvation side, the prospects of innovation and rein- vention are dimmed because in- novation and reinvention will re- quire investment today for bene- fits down the road. We can't invest when we are more worried about the next quarter than the next generation. To further confuse the appro- priation process, the legislative leadership has moved to take more control of the budget process by proposing its own budget in competition with the executive budget. At a time when the Leg- islature declares it wants to cut payrolls it is expanding its own by duplicating the executive budget. Budgeting is a task better left to . the executive branch because the . erutive br cl has access to all 'rf the agency input in a timely fashion and can manage the time- line required to put a budget to- gether. As a former state budget di- rector, I can attest to the fact that budget-building is a year-around function that includes monitoring expenditures, tracking trends and predicting needs. It isn't a hit-and- run system that can be crammed into an 80-day session that meets every two years. More importantly, an executive budget balances all needs of the state because the governor is elected by all of the people and has a statewide perspective. On the other hand, the Legislature con- sists of locals elected by districts who are likely to have a frag- mented outlook. Even though we are a rich state, we are tightening belts be- cause of specious estimates. We are talking about robbing the Bank of North Dakota, draining the anti-cancer tobacco fund, rais- ing taxes on college students, and levying five percent fees on nurs- ing homes. At the same time, no consider- ation is being given to asking citizens to give back a share of the big tax breaks we got from the oil revenue. My residential property taxes went down around 25 per- cent and my low income tax is an embarrassment. We ought to give back some of these oil benefits in- stead of taxing students and nurs- ing homes. Apparently, low estimates jus- tify slashing the things that make up the common good. This in a state where the common good is already marginal. When it comes to reinvenfion, North Dakota needs to start think- ing about its legislative system. Managing fiscal affairs by guess and by golly every two years is no way to run a state in the Twenty- First Century. Director of Nutrition Services The Lutheran Sunset Home is accepting applications for a full-time Director of Nutrition Services. Qualifications: Licensed Registered Dietitian in the state of North Dakota. Longoterm care experience is preferred. Competitive salary and benefits package includes Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance. Refer to our website to learn about our facility at: w w__w_, To apply, please submit a Company application, resume and references by January 31,2017 to: Lutheran Sunset Home Attn: Human"Resources 333 Eastern Avenue, Grafton, ND 58237 701-352-1901 (EOE) Extension Exchange m A child's intensity is a gift that 'needs to be nurtured. How do we accomplish this and help our chil- dren to fully flourish and thrive-- even be GREAT--in an ever- challenging world? Traditional approaches to deal- ing with a child's intensity can eas- ily make situations worse and damage our very precious rela- tionships with the children in our lives. The Nurtured Heart Approach has been proven to create GREAT- NESS in even the most intense children--very quickly and in in- spiring and lasting ways. Children learn to believe in themselves and have confidence in successes that flow from investing intensity, in- telligence and life force into pos- itive action. I am so excited to bring this amazing parenting program back to Walsh County. Where: North Valley Career & Technology Center in Graflon. When: Monday, February 6th; Monday, February 13th; Monday, February 20th; Monday, February 27th; Monday, March 6th; Mon- day, March 13th. Time: 6:00-7:30pm Cost: FREE - childcare is avail- able Attend and you will leave With a powerful set of skills you can use immediately to help children live life in positive ways--and flour- ish! This is an approved Growing Futures training tbr 8 hours. Pre-registration is required! Register now! Call Jamie Medbery at 284-6624 or email Presented by: Molly Soeby, Nurtured Heart Approach, Certi- fied Advanced Trainer 1 the ry Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 What are Factors That of total productivity! It all adds up. Help You Succeed at People who habitually show up Your Job? late for meetings or work drive me crazy. Work ethic or diligence plays a It is good to be a self-starter but large factor in being successful, people want to hire finishers. How many of you have been in- There are many people who want volved in a project or a job where to give you great ideas but never you workwith someone who el- sti,ck.around to do the work to ther does not Workor is not en- make those ideas come true. Thi'S ..... gaged? One of the prime corn- separates the successful people plaints I hear from workers or from the ordinary people. When I bosses is personal cell phone use start looking for people to help me while working. Unless this is a with community projects I seek medical necessity or your work re- out some of the busiest people I quires it shut your cell phone off, know. The busy people are busy lock it in a secure spot and step for a reason. They tend to be into the work place. Spending highly motivated, task orientated time on the internet, making or taking personal phone calls and and above all people you can count on at the finish. If you texting robs the company or your employer of valuable work time. want to be successful in life you You are in essence stealing time not only have to be a starter but a and productivity from your em- closer. What good does it do a ployer. If you are a boss you also baseball team to lead through the need to stay focused on your 8th inning only to lose it when the business and keep distractions to starting pitcher goes out? If you a minimum. You may sometimes accept a position be engaged and ask yourself why should I work productive. I have spent most of hard the people around me don't? my adult life trying to weed chair sitters out of board positions. Believe it or not bosses, and I am a boss, pay attention to who is These are people that do nothing working and who is not. I find it to very little and sometimes don't very easy to see who the produc- even show up for the meetings. tive workers are and who are not. This kills an organization and You may deceive the boss in the puts a lot of additional stress on short run but you will not succeed those actually working on the or- on the long term. ganizations goals. If you have Be punctual. If the Job starts at lost interest please resign from the 8 am or the meeting is at 8 am. Be board and let the board fred some- there at 7:45. If you are responsi- one who has the time and interest ble for a project and you have 10 to do the job. people who can't start until you Some people have more wealth get there and you are ten minutes then some othefs'6fus but there is late you have just lost close to two one thing that is always equal, hours of productivity in total, time. We all get 24 hours in a day You have not just cost your em- it is up to us to decide how we are ployer or the people who count on going to use that time. Are we go- you ten minutes you have cost ing to study for that high school them two hours. When I have Pes- test or play computer games, are ticide trainings I think you will no- we going to finish our work or text rice ifI say we start at 9 am I start and play on our phones? The de- at 9 am. I am respectful of the time cisions you make early in life are of the 50 people who have come very important. It will have a lot to be trained. IfI start ten minutes to do with where you finish. You late I have just cost those people need to be both a self-starter and atotal of 500 minutes or 8 hours a finisher! Do you want your news noticed? Do you or your group have a story to tell. Contact The Press: (701) 284-6333 DISABLED? HEALTH CHALLENGED? ~ "~'~ It's AHAZING what you can do with "... 7 GREATER INDEPENDENCE & QUALITY OF UFE! N DA D A Trusted Cl~aritable Nonprofit Serving N.D. Since 1975 LO.__..~ N0W! 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