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January 25, 2012     Walsh County Press
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January 25, 2012

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L| JIL LttJ J.Lll J&lLRJmkl/, m Il ,UJJIJ t] I1! U J[ J J J  LUV, It | ]lillJ aUl j  q,Lql]rJI HI ,[U[mllmUHJlll] J Jl LiUJ,UJ/LJ.J. _llLJ IlJJlLLl JIIJ PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES JANUARY 25, 2012 . FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIAB EDITOR, WALSH OUNTY PRESS If" you are like the majority of the people in this country and spent at least a minute or more on the Intemet last Wednesday, you may have no- ticed a few things. Words like SOPA, PIPA, Intemet blackout, and cen- sorship were running rampant. My sister was complaining that she wasn't able to use Wikipedia be- cause of an online protest where a number of sites shut down for the day. Cue my outrage.., and seriously this time. The Internet is a place for freedom. A place where one person can Tweet to their heart's content about the most meaningless things in the world. It is a place for everything from family friendly entertainment to the reason for child protection software. We may set up filters and locks, but it is all still there. What Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act pro- pose is a ,ague attempt at putting a stop to counterfeiters and pirates. What it would actually do is censor the web, which is not a good thing. Ask China. More than 384 million people have access to the Interact in China, however, only a portion of what the World Wide Web has to offer is avail- able to online users. The government controls the filters. Anything undesirable i.e. Falun Gong, Taiwan, Torture, or Tiananmen are automatically blocked. If you want to view Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube... tough luck. When China implemented the filters they did it under the guise of pro- tecting the people from pornographic sites, but for some reason I highly doubt that people who are blocked while searching for the Dalai Lama are in danger of stumbling across naughty things. What the American government attempted to do is extremely similar. There are enough ways to bust a counterfeiter or online pirate without hav- ing the government behind an Internet coup. The slightest infraction can take down entire sites. If your three-year-old is singing along with "I'm Sexy and I know it" and he didn't have the recording artist's permission than good luck trying to share it with Aunt Sue on Facebook. Congress wants tO give high filter power to the entertainment indus- try. This is the same entertainment industry that has sued everyone from 90-year-old women to 12-year-old boys for downloading illegally. Give someone an inch and they'll take a mile. The entire concept is an avalanche waiting to happen. The country was built on the basic First Amendment freedoms that Congress is wasting their time trying t6 strip away while the economy is dead in the water, the postal service is tanking, and any number of Amer- ican problems could be stripped away rather than having their time wasted micromanaging the insignificant. Outrage. In response to my sister's: "Aww I can't even Wikipedia something" I said, "Now imagine if you couldn't Wikipedia something forever!" Like" the Walsh Count3' Press on Facebook and check out out" blog at http://walsh count3,press, wordpres, com Hello, I remember when A1 Gore warned us about global warming. Now it is trendier to call it "cli- mate change". And it is changing. Now, how much man contributes to the change can be a point of con- tention. But I am going to tell you things that I can really see. One of my grandsons has a snake. A garter snake. He caught this young snake on the road last summer and decided to keep it for a pet. Last week, the first week of January, the snake shed its skin! Really! It shed its skin. Of course the heat lamp may have something to do with it. And then one evening last week, as I relax in the living room, I see the moon rising on the eastern hori- zon. A harvest moon! Big, bright, glowing orange, regular old har- vest moon. Now, I'm a cowboy. Not a romantic writer of poetry. Horses can be beautiful. Ladies can be beautiful. Second cutting alfalfa can be beautiful. A warm, gentle, three day rain can be beautiful. But moons aren't. But this one was. I Hat just hope you saw it. And I can't blame this on the heat lamp. So I'm sitting there thinking. No snow. Snakes shedding skin. Har- vest moon. Could it be that A1 had it right? Geese going north in the evening! Water running down the creek. What the heck? Then, to top things off, the next evening as I am doing chores, I no- rice a heifer that is really close to calving. I mean really, really close to calving. The babies feet are sticking out! That is a really, really good sign that she is close. With the help of Doctor Shirley, I pulled the calf. Now this was out of a heifer I had recently purchased. For a healthy sum of money. I don't like early calving. I don't like to get up Tips at night for several nights in a row at 2 a.m. and walk out to the heifers. I like to buy heifers that have been ultra-sounded for a short calving period. Like three days, or ten days. But since these heifers were supposed to calf in March for twenty days, I thought that isn't too bad. Shirley is home and can take that late night check. She goes back to sleep easier than I. I suppose that is the result of having a clear con- science. Something I haven't had since the mid nineteen sixties. So I really don't know what to tell you. To quote Clay Jenkinsons' great column, "Like the geese, I'm just confused!" As of this writing I have three new calves. All out of ultra- sounded March calving heifers! Oh, they are alright. But I'm sitting here this morning thinking this is going to be a long calving season. The March heifers have started calving. They are supposed to calf all of March. That makes January, February, and March. That is ninety days on this small group of heifers, And then our home raised heifers start on April 1. Now I understand why they call it April Fool's Day. I imagine they will calf until the mid- dle of May. That makes four and half months of calving heifers. Do you know how many heifers I have? Twenty-onet Twenty-one! And I am going to be calving heifers for four and a half months! I talked to the local vet about this yesterday. He was the one the checked these heifers. I explained how his mistake was costing me much sleep and many "happy hours". He simply asked if the three calves were alive. When I replied they were, he simply said, ,I should be entitled to a bonus!" And you wonder why I drink! Later, Dean Happenings at Our Good Samaritan Monica. Simon ADC February Schedule: " Feb. 2- 3:00 Monthly Communion Service Feb. 9 - 3:00 Monthly Birthday Party hosted by Park River American Legion Auxiliary Feb. 14- 3:00 Valentine Party Feb 23-3:00 Auxiliary Lunch and program hosted by the Federated Church of Park River We are also accepting book donations for our Spring Book Sale. Date TBA ]Pulgio Walsh County Health District .... ,. P .... ,.. ,,.,,c,. Short Shots SIDS-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome In 1992 the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that infants be put to sleep on their backs. There was a major decrease in the incidence of SIDS because of this one change. Today the American Academy of Pediatrics is expanding its recommendations to focus on a safe sleep environment. Infant deaths can be decreased if all infant caregivers and parents focused on a safe sleep environment just as seriously as they followed the back to sleep campaign. What is a safe sleep environment? Use a firm sleep surface. A firm crib mattress covered by a tight fitting sheet is the recommended sleeping surface. Room sharing-not bed sharing is recommended. Baby's crib should be in parents' bedroom close to parents' bed. Breastfeeding is impo.rtant, but put baby back in the crib when you are done breastfeeding. No soft objects or loose bedding in the crib. This includes pillows, quilts, comforters, sheep skins, stuffed toys, bumper pads and other soft objects. Avoid overheating the baby. Normal room temps that the adult is comfortable in are fine. Baby does not need lots of extra coverings. Put baby to sleep on their back. Offer a pacifier at nap time and bedtime. General Recommendations to Prevent SIDS Pregnant women should receive prenatal care Avoid smoke exposure during pregnancy and after birth. Avoid alcohol and illicit drug use during pregnancy and after birth. Breastfeed your baby Educate your family and caregivers of your baby on what a safe sleep environment is. NOTHI00 00RKS LIKE NEWSPIUIER nnVI0000SlNG, We welcome the new develop- ment in the North Dakota oil patch and celebrate the benefits that will enrich mineral owners, landlords, community businesses, oil compa- nies and the state treasury. How- ever, the negative unexpected consequences of the rapid devel- opment are becoming too serious to ignore. Intoxicated by the prosperity of the oil boom, we have ignored two major trends as we have been run- ning gleefully to the bank with the proceeds. The first is the crushing load being placed on the infra- structure in the oil patch; the sec- ond is the undermining of the legislative process. Practically unregulated and moving at break-neck speed, the development is overtaxing the in- frastructure throughout the oil patch. Public services are being stretched beyond capacity. Highways are being destroyed faster than they can be rebuilt; heavy oil traffic is shoving other users off the roads; schools are rushing to accommodate over-en- rollment; housing, much of it in- adequate, is in short supply; crime is mounting; county social services are being impacted, and environ- mental concerns are being shoved under the rug. The oil has been here for mil- lions of years. It isn't going to evaporate next week so there is no justification for the development panic that is gripping the state. Some local leaders have become alarmed at the destruction and are calling for slowing down the run- away industry by reducing the number of drilling permits being issued. This can be done without dis- rupting the industry. Areas suffer- ing excessive damage could be declared disaster regions and drilling permits in these areas tim- ited until the consequences can be brought under control. In fringe areas with manageable develop- ment, the issuance of drilling per- mits could be continued without concem. Not only is the oil boom de- stroying some of our physical plant but it is also threatening the leg- islative process. The flow ofoil revenue into the state treasury has been so dazzling that some interest groups are W- ing to get a hog's share of the money. They are proposing to junk up the state constitution with pro- posals that really warrant the re- view and analysis of the state legislature. First, there is the measure that would summarily end the local property tax and mandate replace- ment funding of local governments by the state to a tune of $700 mil- lion annually. This measure would not be on the table without the presence of oil money. The sponsors have been claim- ing that the state will not have to reimburse the local governments with tax money but Section 4 of the proposal leaves no doubt that the legislature would be required to fund the revenue loss at the local level. Oil money would be needed to fund this proposal. Wildlife and environmental in- terests are proposing a constitu- tional amendment that would divert another $40 million annu- ally out of the state treasury for a raft of projects enumerated in the proposal. They, too, see an oppor- tunity to take advantage of the flexibility in state funding result- ing from oil revenues. The problem with both of these measures is that they would lock up large sums money without re- gard to the other priorities of the state. They are being proposed for a vote of the people because the sponsors feel that they don't have a good enough case to convince the legislature that their proposals ought to have priority over money for highways, state school aid, Medicaid, higher education, and other state programs. These efforts to lock certain revenues in the constitution would impair the ability of the legislature to balance all of the state's needs or to respond to unexpected emer- gencies, such as the major flood- ing experienced by Bismarck, Minot, Fargo and Devils Lake in 2011. Both of these proposals belong in the legislative process where all of the state's priorities can be thor- oughly discussed and balanced. We not only need to save the in- frastmdture in the oil patch but we must also balance all needs when it comes to allocating the state's new-found wealth. Extension Excbange Wishing You a Healthy & (belated) H-A-P-P-Y N-E-W Y-E-A-R Hello, my name is Kari Helgoe and I am the new Family Consumer Science Extension Agent in Walsh County. I am looking forward to be- ing able to help connect you to the vast research-based educational re- sources from NDSU that will help improve your quality of life. My fo- cus will be on fulfilling questions and concerns regarding food and nu- trition, family, financial, and youth development, and leadership needs. Hailing from Cavalier, ND, I am excited to be working with my neigh- bors in Walsh County. My background in youth development, education, volunteerism, and leadership have brought me in contact with some of you, but I look forward to meeting and working with many more of you in the months ahead. Since I didn't begin my duties until a week into 20121 hope you won't fault me in wishing you a belated Happy New Year and continued suc- cess in your endeavors to becoming healthier and happier this year. The following is a great way to remember a few tips to a healthier NEW you! ealth Make health a priority this year. Health should be more than the absence of disease. Remember health is all-encompassing. ttitude A positive attitude may not cure a disease. However, thinking positive can help you deal with misfortune, make the most of your situation and enjoy life more. hysical activity The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans rec- ommends for adults: "Most health benefits occur with at least 150 min- utes (2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of moderate intensity physical ac- tivity, such as brisk walking. Additional benefits occur with more phys- ical activity. Both aerobic (endurance) and muscle-strengthening (resis- tance) physical activity are beneficial." eople Numerous studies indicate social networks, whether formal or informal, make people less vulnerable to ill health and prema- ture death. Be wary, however, of social support that drains you through demanding people or encouraging you to engage in harmful behaviors. our body Schedule physical checkups as needed: eyes, teeth, mam- mogram, colonoscopy, general physical, etc. O! Rather than adding "take a time management class" to your "to do" list, consider starting a "don't do" list. You may discover doing LESS can bring MORE enjoyment to your life. Especially if do- ing less allows you to spend time doing more to contribute to your health and happiness and that of family and friends! at healthy recommends: To move to a healthier weight, you need to make smart choices from every food group. Smart choices are the foods with the lowest amounts of solid fats or added sug- ars: fat-free (skim) milk instead of whole and unsweetened rather than sweetened applesauce. Also, consider how the food was prepared. Choose skinless baked chicken instead of fried and choose fresh fruit instead of a fruit pastry. For more information: isdom Take time to listen to your own body. Rather than set your goals based on how fast other people walk or jog or how much someone else eats, concentrate on what makes YOU healthy. Mr 1! " " " V o hands Keepmg hands clean ls one ofthe most tmportant ways lto prevent the spread of infection and illness," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here's how to wash your hands with soap and water from the CDC. Wet your hands with clean run- ning water and apply soap. Use warm water if it is available. Rub hands together to make a lather and scrub all surfaces. Continue rubbing hands for 15-20 seconds. Imagine singing "Happy Birthday" twice through to a Mend. Rinse hands welt Under running writer. Dry your hands using a paler towel or air dryer. If possible, use your towel to turn offthe faucet. nough sleep According to the 2009 "Sleep in America" poll by the National Sleep Foundation: The number of people reporting sleep problems has increased 13% since 2001. In the past eight years, the num- ber of Americans who sleep less than six hours a night jumped from 13% to 20%, and those who reported sleeping eight hours or more dropped from 38% to 28%. Lack of sleep is creating a major safety problem as well--drowsy driving. The poll finds that more than one-half of adults (54%) - potentially 110 million licensed drivers- have driven when drowsy at least once in the past year. Nearly one-third of drivers polled (28%) say that they have nodded off or fallen asleep while driving. void portion distortion. Rather than worry so much about "what" you eat, consider "how much" you eat. Downsize your portion sizes. Serve food on smaller plates. Eat from plates and bowls rather than packages and bags, so you see how much you're eating. ) eading materials Consider the source before starting a new dras- l\\;,tic diet or exercise plan. Beware of plans that promise quick, dra- matic results; Charge large fees for consultations, equipment, supplements, etc.; and rely solely on testimonials and statements from "professionals" with unusual-sounding degrees. Adapted from the Cooperative etetion System ] Around the County Walsh County Extension Office Park River- 284-6624 C ..00Pesl00cid00 eruncanon 00eason This is the time of year we once again need to make sure we have everyone certified for the upcoming season2 We will start at 9 a.m. and run to 12:30 for recertification. If your license has not expired, all you have to do is sit through the meet- ing and sign your sheet and hand it back to me when I ask for them at the end of the meeting. If I do not get the sheet you were not there, so give me the sheet. If your license has expired or if you are an initial cer- tification, you will need to go until about 3 p.m. and then take a test and pass. If you take a good set of notes and pay attention most do not have a problem passing. You must pre- register for the meetings as seating can be an issue ifI do not know how many to plan for. To preregister you need to send a check for $25.00 made out to Pesticide Program for each person certifying or recertify- ing. If we do not get your check you are not preregistered. There will be no refunds of checks if you do not get trained or take a test in 2012. We also need to know names and ad- dress of these people especially if you are not in our data base. Outside the County people are also welcome with the same expectations. Dates are Feb 28, Feb 14 and an evening session for Feb 19th, at the Ext Of- rice. You especially need to pre- register for this as I frequently turn .people away at the door due to seat- mg ssues. I also plan to have a cleanup session for snowbirds and new hires on April 11 in my office. Seating is limited so would suggest the earlier dates. Please figure out whom on your operation needs to be certified. I get a bit fmslrated when I am sent 4 peo- ple to be initially certified and they need the certificate in an hour and need to be spraying. It is not going to happen! The fail rate in this sit- uation is over 60% as they are in a hurry and try to rush things. I have a high degree of success in teaching, if your new hires attend the all day sessions so please keep that in mind. Many of these people have been away from school for a long time and struggle with tests. Give them all the advantages they can get. Plan ahead, once the field work starts it is a huge inconvenience for most operations to lose their hired foraday.  . !-, , sper IS tJolng fast Just a small note, Prosper is go- ing fast so if you want some act now and give me a call. I can route you to a grower who still has some. Dates to Remember: 2-28 Private Pesticide Recertification and Certification Train- ing, Park River City Auditorium 9 a.m.