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January 24, 2018     Walsh County Press
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January 24, 2018

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Pa e 4 THE WALSH COUNTY PRESS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2018 F RO/V TH E EDITOR'S DESK By Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist BY ALLISON OLI/V B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS People who say "I'm bored" are boring. I caught a story from the Grand Forks Herald a few days ago talk- ing about North Dakota tourism. The second paragraph had my attention "The tourism division of the state Department of Commerce will spend $2.9 million advertising North Dakota this year, which is about the same as last year, its Director Sara Otte Coleman said. She previously said the division faced an 18 percent budget cut this two-year cycle com- pared withthe original 2015-2017 biennial budget of $13.3 million." North Dakota native tumed Hol- lywood actor Josh Duhamel's $365,000 contract lasts through 2019, so again he will be pitching the state to the masses. It wasn't too much later I saw a big headline on my Facebook news feed from WDAZ that said "Grand Forks not appealing to young adults." While there were some valid shots at the housing market, Every single town has at least one there were far too many "there's thing that makes it worth a stop-- nothing to do here" in the comment whether it is a shop, a celebration, section. They can hit you over the a monument, a restaurant, an at- head with Josh Duhamel all day traction or even a person. long, but your yearround residents When you have the gall to say are your single best form of adver- Grand Forks is boring, those of us tisement, along the fringes have the right to There is plenty to do whether it laugh at you. is in Grand Forks or the surround- I plan date nights around the ing area, one only has to look. possibilities. I make grocery runs Last weekend we took the fam- completely out of my way to try a ily to Frost Fire up near Walhalla to new cafe. go tubing. It was worth every pen- Step away from your keyboard, ny. I ignored my cell phone mes- try something other thanApplebees, sages, Facebook, emails and the like to spend time with my kids and rock- and maybe get out of your comfort ing that hill. Granted I did take the zone. We've got hidden secrets all phone out for a few videos and a over this place and I won't even photo or two, but other than that, 1 charge you $3 million bucks to tell did not need any other distraction I you where. . wanted to get every second out of"Like" the Walsh County Press on Face- my pass. Hello, I've told you I'm not a real big football fan. I do enjoy the play- offs. It was fun seeing the Jaguars put forth a great effort against the New England Referees. And that's all I'm going to say about that because I don't want to incur a fine from the NFL. And I guess there was another game after that. And that's all I'm going to say about that be- cause Well, just because. We watched those games at home. I've told you about how Shirley is about football. She was devastated when she found out the Minnesota Twins couldn't go to the Super Bowl. And she struggles to sit through an entire game. Not unlike a lot of Viking fans yes- terday. The Minneapolis Miracle seems so long ago now. Anyway we had a couple friends over. Mike is a real foot- ball fanatic. He says he under- stands the many nuances of the game. I kind of doubt it. He did- n't know who Tom Brady was. Seriously. He claimed he really knows football. And he didn't know who Tom Brady was. Then in the second game, he kept asking me, "Which one are we?" I said we are the white jerseys on defense. Two minutes later he asks, "Which ones are we again?" I explained that it depends on whether you are cheering for the Vikings or the Eagles. He didn't understand that. Then I explained that the dark jerseys were on of- fense. And that they switched jer- seys when the ball was turned over. He questioned that but trusted me. Did I tell you that there were adult beverages involved? Enough of football talk. We have another couple we are friends with. I'll make up names. Let's just call them Jim and Renae. They are a nice couple. They have a nice house. They are suc- cessful business people. But re- cently they had a little problem. Renae was shopping and inad- vertently (she claims) shoplifted at the local grocery store. And she was caught. When she went before the judge, the judge didn't want to be too hard on her since she is well re- spected and it was her first offense. "It says here you shoplifted a can of peaches. How many peach- es were in the can," the judge in- quired? "Six," Renae replied. "Well," the j udge said, "I 'm go- ing to sentence you to six days in jail." Jlmmy, who was smmg in the back of the courtroom jumped to his feet and blurted out, "Your hon- or, she also stole a gallon can of peas!" No Skol this week, Dean I t, Happenings at Our t ).l ,san aritan Good Samaritan r," S 'icn Nannette noeger, Activities Oh-. This week is Activity Profes- Jan. 29th 10am Embroidery sionalsWeek! We will celebrate all Group, lpm Making Veg. Beef the hard working staff and have Soup, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo some fun all week! Jan. 30th lpm Crochet Group, Jan"2 i Sf2 30 Worship w/Pastor Jan. 31 st 1i: ] 5 Resident Coun- Merchant, 3:30 Cards/Games Jan, 2nd Farmers Day, loam Embroidery Group, lpm Making Chicken and Dumpling Soup, 5pm Rosary, 6:45 Bingo Jan. 23rd Crazy Hair Day, 3pm Make Your Own Pizza Jan. 24th Hat Day, Waffle Day, 3:15 Bingo Jan. 25th Miss Match Day, 1 lam Chili Cook off, 3pm Auxiliary Luncheon hosted by OSLC, 6:30 Movie Night Jan. 26th 80's Day, Clergy Vis- its, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Therapy, 3pm Popcorn Relay Jan. 27th Strange Socks Day, 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Cards/Games, 2:15 Bingo Next week Jan. 28th - Feb. 3rd Jan. 28th 2:30 Worship w/Pas- tor Faust, 3:30 Word Game cil, 3pm Wolf Moon Feb. 1st 2:30 Devotions w/Com- munion, 3:30 Cards, 6:30 Movie Night Feb. 2nd Wear Red for Your Heart, Clergy Visits w/Communion, 10:30 Nail Time, lpm Music Ther- apy, 3pm Rummage Sale Feb. 3rd 9:30 Mass w/Father Miller, lpm Half Winter Day, 2:15 Bingo Thank you to our many volun- teers: Pastor Totman, Shirley Sobo- lik, Lois Ydstie, Mary Seim, Mary Lund, Pastor Hinrichs, Jeanean McMillan, Darlene Monson, Corinne Ramsey, Father Miller, and anyone I may have missed I am sorry. If you would like to volunteer please ball Rose Ulland at 701- 284-7115. +i" i ,'!ii: ~ ,!,+!!i;'rt,:: . "' Did you know that more teens die each year prescription drug over- doses than they do from heroin and cocaine combined? 60% of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them from relatives and friends. Did you also know that teens who consistently hear their parents talk about risks of drugs and alcohol are 50% less likely to abuse substances? This week is National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW). NDAFW is a health observance week that links teens to science-based facts to ShaRer The Myths about drugs and alcohol. Myth # 1: Prescription drugs are safe because they are prescribed by a doctor. Truth: They are only safe to who they are prescribed to and if they are taken as directed by the physician. Myth #2: It's safe to drink more and more over time because your body develops a tolerance. Truth: When your body develops a "tolerance", this means your body is being physically affected by alcohol meaning the more you drink, the more damage is causes to your body. Myth #3: You have to use drugs for a long time before they can real- ly hurt you. Truth: Drugs can immediately affect the brain and send harm- ful signals to the body. These signals can stop your breathing, cause a heart attack, or even a coma. This can happen the first time someone uses drugs. In order to keep our community members and children safe, it's our job to Shatter The Myths about drugs and alcohol! Missiles Are Coming and No Place to Hide "North Korea is bombing Dorken. Hawaii," a breathles Chief,Alcr ."Wb ,o the wogld Office Gh voy ,sh6ut d :: ' lt hag :to come bac down, ob-" a he lunged into the community served Little Jimmy, the town's hall where the Homeland Secure,' :!perennml onhne college student. ty Committee was gathering for a "Radiation is the killer," warned crisis meeting. Garvey. "We need concrete over "How do we know they are our heads until the radiation dies North Korean'? asked Josh Dvor- down." chak. "Concrete over our heads!" "A spotter in Japan said they Dorsey exclaimed. "There isn't a were short and fat," Garvey re- place in town with concrete sponded. "And somebody on floors." Wake Island said one had been la- "Wait a minute!" barked Ork. belled Little Rocket Man." "The Old Saints New Hope church "What are people doing in across the track shuttered 40 years Hawaii?" quizzed Dorsey Crank. ago has a concrete floor." "They're running in circles," "This was no place to start a Garvey reported. "They had a church," Gretchen mourned. "We warning system to take cover and already had four bars and a blind there was no cover. Those Civil pig." Defense shelters built in the 1950s "Who owns that building?" are gone - deteriorated - filled up. queried Madeleine. No shelter. We don't have time to find "But we're sitting out here in out," Ork asserted. "We will issue the middle of North Americaan executive order confiscating the where it should be safe," church for Civil Defense andus- Madeleine Morgan, the legal im- ing it for a community bomb migrant from Billings, observed, shelter." "Well, if they were Russian"That ought to work," decided missiles, we could be sure that Little Jimmy. "It seems to whole they were on target but this Mun world is running on executive Jong guy is experimenting and orders these days." who knows where his missiles are "We can divide the basement going." Einar adjudged, into condominiums, a shelter for "If we don't want to end up in each family," proposed Gerda pandemonium like Hawaii, we'll Danske. "I have some nice curtain need Civil Defense warning and material." shelter plans," Garvey proposed. "Look, folks, this all sounds "What do we have for a warn- like a lot of work," Orville con- ing system?" asked Dorsey. cluded as he rose from his chair. "For an enemy attack, we have "Why don't we just send some- this huge black warning flag to body over to North Korea and heist on Street Light No. 4," Gar- make a peace deal with Rocket vey reported. Man. Tell him we won't attack "The guy pushing buttons inhim if he don't attack us." Hawaii hit the wrong one," ex- "He knows we can't attack plained Ork. him - no National Guard - all we "So there ought to be two peo- got is that old cannon in the me- ple in charge of hoisting that flag morial park and no cannon ball," so we don't heist the wrong one Dorsey responded. and cause panic in the streets," "Okay, let's promise to join cautioned Orville Jordan, the re- Switzerland as a neutral power in tired depot agent who stayed any war he starts," countered when the railroad left. Josh. "It just seems that we ought to "Who has had experience with have some kind siren," Madeleine North Korea?" asked Ork as he wondered, scanned the group. "What happened to the fire "! was a Corporal in a MASH siren on the dray shed tower?" unit," Holger admired. asked Holger Danske. Ork finally asserted his execu- "It burned with the dray shed in tive. "Okay, Gerda will plan bomb 1943," responded Einar. shelters while Holger works on a "The next big problem is fall- peace plan with North Korea. out," declared Chairperson Ork Meeting adjourned." [4[They had a warning system to take cover and there was no cover. Those Civil Defense shelters built in the 1950s are gone - deteriorated - filled up. No shelter/" NDSU Extension Service Is R om e I.etmee to Eat? The other day, I paused at a ing. Cooking can kill bacteria, but fork in the nutrition road, so to speak, flesh lettuce typically is not cooked I was making selections at a before serving. salad bar and was eyeing three dif- In the worst-case scenario, peo- ferent types of salad greens. Should pie infected with Shiga toxin-pro- I choose spinach, mixed greens or ducing E. coli can develop a life- romaine lettuce? threatening condition called "he- All are excellent sources ofphy- molytic uremic syndrome" that can tochemicals (plant chemicals) that result in kidney failure and, poten- can help protect us from diseases, tially, death. For' example, spinach and romaine However, I don't want to scare are particularly good sources of people from eating leafy greens. the pigments that our bodies convert They' re good for us! If you need to to vitamin A for healthy skin and limit leafy greens because of blood- eyes. These leafy greens also con- thinning medications, follow your tain other eye-health-promoting health-care provider's advice. Be pigments (tutein and/or zeaXan- aware of food recalls and be sure to thin) that may help prevent macu- handle all food safely from the lar degeneration, which is a leading store to your home all the time. cause of blindness. Here are some tips: Usually ljust pile on a variety of At the store, keep fresh leafy greens, but today I was a bit fruits and vegetables away from torn. fresh meats. Place meats in the Someone had asked me about the plastic bag available in many stores, safety of romaine lettuce. Recently and keep in separate areas of your an outbreak had occurred, which cart. Place vegetables and fresh Canadian officials linked to E. coli meat in separate bags to take home. contamination on romaine lettuce; Before preparing food, however, U.S. officials had not wash your hands thoroughly for at confirmed romaine lettuce as the least 20 seconds with plenty of source, soap and warm water. The outbreak has sickened at " Cut away bruised or dam- least 24 people in 15 states and has aged portions of produce. resulted in the death of one person " Rinse fruits and vegetables from California since November under cool running water (no soap) 2017. Consumer Reports urged before cutting and preparing for U.S. consumers to avoid romaine, recipes. However, ready-to-eat but scientists at the Centers for bagged lettuce does not need to be Disease Control and Prevention re-rinsed. Use a produce brush to still were conducting lab work. scrub the exterior of fruits such as Tracing and confirming the cause cantaloupe. of an outbreak to a particular source If you are interested in learning is very complex, more about growing and safely North Dakota, South Dakota handling food from "field to fork," and Minnesota were not among I invite you to a series of free web- the states where illness had oc- based educational opportunities curred. Romaine and other types of (Wednesday Weekly Webinars) lettuce have a fairly short shelf life, from the NDSU Extension Service. and industry experts said the lettuce The webinars launch Feb. 14 and was out of the food supply by now. will be held from 2 to 3 p.m. Cen- I was holding up the salad bar tral time. You will need a comput- ,line .as! looke at,theJe ga,I,piletl, er, ,tablet or .ph ne. with intemet ac- ayariety, ofl af cess tg,part c pate. tinued my trip down the salad bar. "' register, visit' How does lettuce get contami- nated to the point where multiple fork to check out the topics, which people in wide-ranging geograph- include seed varieties for 2018, ical regions can become ill? Our NDSU high-tunnel research re- food is grown in many places, suits, genetically modified organ- transported widely and handled all isms, organic gardening, health along the path. benefits of gardening and gardening Food can become contaminated in small spaces. We also are offer- in a variety of ways from field to ing a fruit and vegetable grower cer- fork. It could be animals running tification course in April. through a field, such as wild pigs that Here's a recipe that was a hit with led to an E. coli outbreak linked with our taste testers when our dietetic in- spinach in 2004. Contamination terns vere testing recipes last fall. also can occur due to soil or water Add a variety of lettuce to your serv- contamination, infected workers, ing. contaminated processing equip- Lean and Spicy Tacos ment and many other ways all 1 c. tomatoes, diced along the path from field to fork. 1 medium avocado, chopped Some strains of E. coli are par- 1 Tbsp. cilantro flakes ticularly deadly: Eating food con- 1 pound extra-lean ground beef taminated with a fairly small num- ber ofE. coli particles, which are in- Prairie Fare visible to us, can cause flu-like ill- Co/ 5 ness including diarrhea and vomit- 1 Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Soil Health Car6 Talks town of participants so our speak- We have a rare opportunity in ers can become more familiar with Walsh County to have a conversa- who they will visit with or call at tion with Dr. Abbey Wick, Exten- 284-6624. I am so excited about sion Soil Health Specialist and Dr. having some of the most knowl- Dave Franzen, NDSU Extension edgeable people in the United Soils Specialist. They will lead a States to just open themselves up discussion on how to get the most for conversation in a relaxed at- out of cover crops and fertility mosphere. Please RSVP me and along with salinity management, join this rare opportunity for con- They will even spring for the versation. I doubt if you will ever meal! The talk will be from 11:30 get a better chance than this. am to 1:30 pm on Monday, Janu- ary 29th at the Alexander House in Emerald Ash Borer Park River, North Dakota. A Caf6 Update talk is all about having a conver- Some of you may or may not sation with the speakers. This know that the Emerald Ash Borer would be an excellent time to get was detected in Winnipeg re- some of your questions asked or cently. We are looking at the provide input to them on what you evening of March 21 st at the Ex' see as working and not working in tension Office in Park River to this area. We are requesting an have an informational meeting on RSVP to assure a seat and a meal this topic. We will also be dis- but we will take walk ins if we cussing the Japanese beetle and have room and most likely we what threat that poses to our area. will. You can RSVP if you plan to Mark this date on your calendar attend to bradley.brummond@ and look for updates as we get our We need the names and program solidified. 1/29 Soil Dates to Remember: Health Caf6 Talk, Alexander House Park River, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm