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January 12, 2010     Walsh County Press
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January 12, 2010

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Page 8 The Press January 12, 2010 CITY OF EDINBURG CITY OF EDINBURG NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING REGULAR BOARD MEETING The newly elected school board for the Valley-Edinburg Public School District #118 will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of presenting the proposed cur- riculum, potential course offerings, and staff positions available for the 2010-2011 school year. The hearing will be held at the Hoople School, in the commons area on January 27, 2010, at 7:00 pm. Following the public hearing, the school board will meet to receive information con- ceming their duties and responsibilities as a school board prior to July 1,2010, which is the effective date of the reorganization plan. Valley-Edinburg Public School Dist #118 Hoople Public School Commons Area January 27, 2010 7:00 pm Public Hearing Agenda 1. Call to Order--selection of temporary chair to facilitate the hearing 2. Introductions and announcements regarding purposes of the hearing and meeting 3. Presentation of proposed curriculum, course offedngs, staff positions available for the 2010-11 school year 4. Testimony and comments from the public 5. Adjoumment Of the public hearing Meeting Agenda 1 Call to order 2. Presentation by Leadership Options regarding the legal obligations, duties, and dgThts of the new school board prior to effective date of the reorganization plan on July 1, 2010 3. Adjournment (January 12, 19, 2010) CITY OF EDINBURG COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS NOVEMBER 9, 2009 7 P.M Call to Order: Mayor Halldorson Present: Denault, Sondeland and Hall and Auditor Brandvold Absent: Pewe Minutes approved by motion from Denault, second from Hall. Carried MSC Sondeland-(M) 1-1a11-(S) to pay November bills #6131 to 6146 totaling $3436.21 from the General account and to accept the monthly financial statement with balance on hand of $19598.60. Old Business: Fema application has been sent. No word has been received about funding. New Business: Sondeland made motion to approve purchase of vacuum cleaner for Community Center. Hall second. Carried. Sondeland made motion to approve Local Permit # 4 submitted by Legion Auxiliary. Denault second. Carried. Adjourn: Hall Next meeting: December 14th, 2009 Respectfully submitted Vera Brandvold, Auditor (January 12, 2010) CITY OF EDINBURG COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS DECEMBER 14, 2009 7 RM. Call to Order: Mayor Halldorson Present: Denault Sondeland and Pewe and Auditor Brandvold Absent: Hall Minutes approved by motion from Pewe, second from Denault Carried MSC Sondeland-(M) Pewe-(S) to pay December bills #6147 to 6157 totaling $2119.91 from the General account and to accept the monthly financial statement with balance on hand of $18758.10. Old Business: None New Business: Denault made motion to ,approve contract with Walsh County Nutrition for 2010 year. Sondeland second. Carried. Denault made motion to approve contract with Walsh County Sheriff to provide polic- ing for 2010. Pewe second. Carried. Adjourn: Pewe Next meeting: January 11th, 2009 Respectfully submitted Vera Brandvold, Auditor (January 12, 2010) 00Tr00via" test '-- -Roddguez I U.S. STATES: What is the highest capital city in the United Slates? 2 SLOGANS: Whm wa Woodsy Owl's incssac hom the tederal gov- ernment? 3. RELIGION: When is Maundy Thursda 3 in 1he Christian religion? 4. MUSIC: What entertainer has been called "'The Man from Mem- phis? 5. DISCOVERIES: Who is crediled wflh disco;ermg streptomycin? 6. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which presi- (lent had a pet badger? 7. MATIt: What ts the decimal equivalent of the fiacti{m one-third? . MOVIES: What |ilm features the meme park "Walley World'"' 9. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the /.ombardy regtgn? 1{1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What does a sphygmomanomemr measure'? Answers 1. Santa Fe. N.M. ,7.{100 feet above sea level, 2. "'Give a hoot. don't pollme?'" 3. Thursday belore Easter marking the Last Supper 4. Elvis Presle 5. Sehnan A. Waksman 6. Theodore Roosevelt q "Josiah" 7..3333 8. "National Lampoon's Vacation" 9. Northern Italy 10. Blood pressure 2 2010 King Feature Synd_ Inc MEMORIAL (Continued from Page 1) Area Joy Riders Snowmobile Club held their second annual Joanie Slomiski Memorial Scholarship Fun Run on Saturday, Jan 9 in Minto, N.D. Registration began at 11 a.m. FUN RUN and the fun run was from noon to 6 p.m. A free will offering meal was served from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Minto Community Center A display of classic snowmo- biles could also be seen along Harvey Ave. during the run. Proceeds are placed into a scholarship fund from which $500 scholarships are awarded to area seniors in the summer. 2009 recipients were Ashley Slominski, Minto High School, Chad Narlock, Red River High School, Michael Shutt. Minto High School, and Katelyn Waslaski, Park River High School. The run is held in memory of Joanie Slominski a longtime member of the club. Danny Slominski, Louie and Joanie's Son, gives the thumbs up before the snowmobilers head out of Minto. (Photo: Larry Biri) Weekly SUDOKU Above: Francis (Rooster) Kilichowski grilled up great burgers and brats outside the Harvey Avenue Saloon before the start of the Joanie Slominski Scholarship Fun Run this past Saturday (Photo: Larry Biri) Jackie Lee and driver Sandy Schrank struck out on the trail as they wore bras on their helmets. The girls rode for a dual cause: in sup- port of the Joanie Slominski Scholarship Fun Run and to advertise the big upcoming Pink Ribbon ride in Grafton this weekend. Jackie herself has been battling breast cancer since July (Photo: Larry Biri) DIFFICULTY THIS VVEEK: * * Snowmobilers in the fun run did have fun with the loose powdery snow just outside of Forest River (Photo: Larry Biri) ACROSS 1 Transfer 6 Decorate Easter eggs 9 Stannum 12 Not just prompt 13 "Alley --" 14 Pindaric piece 15 Pipe type 16 Chirp 18 Clan-related 20 Peruse 21 However 23 Smoke. for , short 24 With fervor 25 Twist out of shape 27 Confuse 29 "Rabbit ears" 31 Unparalleled 35 Frock 37 Ringlet 38 Proverb 41 Turner or Williams 43 Squid squirt 44 Mysterious character 45 Disinclined to brag 47 Sparkle 6 49 Theme 7 52 Einstein's birth place 8 53 $ dispenser 54 Met show 9 55 Storm center 10 JJl.%. [ 11 Square 17 Catastrophic 19 Authoritative text DOWN 21 Merit-badge 1 Ball VIP org. 2 Corn spike 22 Islander's 3 Animal strings 4 Wingtike 24 Calendar 5 Hammer- abbr stein's 26 Thingie contribution 28 Amalgamat- Senility ed Long, 30 Exist mournful wail 32Not one to Beside see it (Pref.) throng h Carried 33 Grecian Perfect vessel 20t0 King Features Synd.. Inc. 11 II 34 51 34 Wapiti 36 Tempest- uous 38 Battle verbally 39 In a boring way 40 "Pokemon" genre 42 Showroom samples 45 Part of SMU (Abbr.) 46 Erstwhile frosh 48 Spotted, to Tweety 50 Rage 51 Craze ARIES March 21 to April 19/ Mixed signals could create problems. Make sure your views are presented clearly, and insist others do the same. Don't let an unanswered question go by without a full explanation TAURUS {April 20 to May 201 Financial pressures ease. allowing lor more budget flexibility. But as the money-wise Bmine will appreciate. thrift still beats out splurging. Expect news from someone special, GEMINI (May 21 to June 2(1) Get- ting things done is what you do so well. But be careful not to overtax your ener- gy reserves. Take time out m relax or to do something different to help keep lhem at optimum levels. CANCER dune 21 to July 22] This is 5 good time to satisfy tle Moon Child's growing sense of wanderlust Choose a really special place to go to. with a very special person to share it all with you. LEO (July 23 to August 22) You love being in the spotlight, But be careful it doesn't blind you to the truth behind a seemingly wonded'ul opportunity. Look closer and you might be sadly surprised at what you find. VIRGO August 23 to September 22} Isn't it time to rake a break from your hectic schedule? Sure it is. And the sooner you do, the sooner you can return fresh and more than ready to take on all those new projects. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A recent famil} incident can help bring everyone closer, and there's no one who's better at making that happen than you Accept (indeed, insist on!t help. from others to get things off and runmng. SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem- ber 21  Long-held habits are often dif- ficult to break. But the change from how you always did things to how you can do them now can be liberating. So, be flexible and give it a try SAGrl'TARIUS (November 22 to December 21 Someone you met in your professional world last year and thought you would never hear tTom again could make a sudden reappear- ance in your life. along with an inter- esting job .offer CAPRICORN (December 22 to Jan- uary /9l Once again, you delight everyone by coming up with a solution for a problem that actually works. On another note.' it's not too early to get started on those travel plans. AQUARrUS (January, 20 to Febru- ary 18) Belorc you go ahead with final- izing your plans for your new project. check them over to see if you can make some improvements or if you can find ways to cut costs. PISCES {February 19 to March 20) The Fabulous Fish tnigtt have been out of the social swim for too long. and it's time you plunge back in. Reinforce your old friendships and be open to starting new ones. BORN THIS WEEK: Your creative talents help bring beauty m the world and the people in it. On their behalf, thank you. 2010 King features Synd.. Inc. by Linda Thistle 8 2 J 1 i i : | 9 4 5 i2 i 6i , 4 3 5 Place a number in the 4 6 I 2 empty bo" i ! I 1 I ! I | ! I ! i I I I I ! I I ! ! :es in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one t nine. ; 8 9 6 S t, zlt 8 9 I L  6 g Z 9 l Z 6 9 t 6 9 S I. 6 9 Z 8  t 6 8 Z # 9 [ * Moderate * * CtiallenQinQ *** HO0 BOY! F b 2010 King Features Synd t Inc. |, o  ullH sBB*IHIII a * ... ,, " 9 i. 6 -aT uT L S 7T =IMIlUTTU 6 /. g a ololii alolol,  u v 9 s N , lBlAIol vo3 JeMsuv nHoons 5,1HeaN B n o 8 3 o "su!m Z :am!l uoi,nlos sJagu V pmssor3 li .tm.M -- t