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January 12, 2010     Walsh County Press
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January 12, 2010

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) Page 4 The Press January 12, 2010 Senator Dorgan not to seek another term By U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan Representing North Dakota in the U.S. Congress for nearly 30 years has been one of the great privileges of my life. The work I have been able to do to expand our economy, create new opportunities in energy and water development,, invent the Red River.Research Corridor with cutting-edge world class research, build a stronger safely net for family farmers and much more has been a labor of love for me. In recent years., becoming Chairman of key Senate Committees on Energy and Water, Indian Affairs, Aviation and more has given me much greater opportunity to help our state and country, For the past year, I have been making plans to seek another six- year Senate term in next year's election. Those plans included raising campaign funds and doing the organizing necessary to wage a successful campaign. Even as I have done that, in recent months I began to wrestle with the question of whether making a commitment to serve in the Senate seven more years (,next year plus a new six-year term) was the right thing to do. I have been serving as an elected official in our state for many years. Beginning at age 26. I served ten years as State Tax Commissioner followed by thirty years in the U.S. Congress by the end of 2010. It has been a long and wonderful career made possible by the people of North Dakota. And I am forever grateful to them for the opportunity. , Although I still have a passion for public service and enjoy my work in the Senate, I have other interests and I have other things I would like to pursue outside of public life. I have written two books and have an invitation from a publisher to write two more books. I would like to do some teaching and would also like to work on energy policy in the private sector. So, over this holiday season, I have come to the conclusion, with the support of my family, that I will not be seeking another term in the U.S. Senate in 2010. It is a hard decision to make after thirty years in the Congress, but I believe it is the fight time for me to pursue these other interests. Let me be clear that this decision does not relate to any dissatisfaction that I have about serving in the Senate. Yes, I wish there was less rancor and more bipartisanship in the U.S. Senate these days. But still, it is a great privilege to serve and I have the utmost respect for all of the men and women with whom I serve. It has been a special privilege to serve with Senator Conrad and Congressman Pomeroy, who do an outstanding job for our state. And although he inherited an economy in serious trouble, I remain confident that President Obama is making the right decisions to put our country back on track. Further. my decision has no relationship to the prospect of a difficult election contest this year. Frankly. I think ifI had decided to run for another term in the Senate I would be reelected. But I feel that after serving 30 years: I want to make time for some other priorities. And making a commitment to serve in the Senate for the next seven years does not seem like the right decision for me. So. 2010 will be my last year in the Senate. I will continue to work hard for the best interests of our state and country during this coming year. We need to get the economic engine restarted and put people back to work. We need to reform our financial system to make sure that which happened to cause this deep recession will not "Senator Byron Dorgan will have given 4 years of extraordinary service to North Dakota. It is a record of service unmatched in our state's history. His good work can be seen in every corner of our state." -Senator Kent Conrad "Senator Dorgan has been has been one of the best leaders our state has ever had. All North Dakotans can be proud and grateful for the tremendous record of public achievement he has established in serving our state and nation. His extraordinary influence in the United States Senate, particularly as a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, will be sorely missed in North Dakota. " -Congressman Earl Pomeroy "Senator Dorgan should be very proud of his more than 3 o years of devoted service in the United States Congress and to the people of North Dakota. From fighting for our energy future to standing with North Dakota's families through difficult economic times, Senator Dorgan has been a trusted leader for the people of his state. He has also been a champion for our family farmers and a powerful voice for Indian Country - particularly through his recent work to improve Indian health care services. Michelle and I extend our gratitude for his service to our nation and our very best wishes for the future for him and his family." -President Barack Obama happen again. And we need to get our fiscal and budget policies under control. The federal budget deficits are not sustainable. But evenas we face all of these difficult issues. I am convinced that our country will rise to the challenge. We are a great nation. And I have a deep sense of optimism about the future of our country. It's Safer to Admit You're Old I just had another birthday. It's none of your business which one but you should guess that anyone who started a government career in the Governor Norman Brunsdale administration is older than lignite coal. In fact, you have to be old even to know that Norman Brunsdale had an administration. Bernard Baruch, adviser to presidents, defined "old" as being someone 15 years older than he was. This is a dangerous observation because it creates the illusion that we can keep doing what we're doing regardless of age. Nevertheless, Bernie did okay. He lived to 94, meaning that his "old" people were 109. If you want to live a longer life, you must admit to yourself that you are old. That will make you both careful and cautious. I have an 89-year-old brother who doesn't know he's old. At 84. he fell off the roof while shingling. A year later, he lost three fingers to a table saw. He still lives on the edge but he's paying the price. The b.est advice is to live tentatively. Governor John Davis knew this. (He came after Brunsdale. ) When Phil Harmeson, Director of the UND Bureau of Governmental Affairs. invited the former governor to a reunion of governors and urged him to buy a plane ticket early to get a good price. John said: "Look. I don't even buy green bananas anymore." Here's another example of tentativeness. A few weeks after the dust settled from a successful Conway reunion. I asked another aging brother when we should have the next one. He said: "How about next week?" It is important to detect aging before the undertaker does. One sign is the widening gap between the body and the brain. In fact, they lose contact with each other. The brain wants to enroll us in the Minneapolis marathon when our legs can't make it around the block. Instead of believing our legs, we enroll and drop dead after three blocks. Cemeteries are full of surprised seniors. One sure sign that we are old is declining memory. No matter how hard we try, we can't remember "what's his name" who has lived next door for 12years. To hide our memory problem, we sometimes strain to remember things we never knew in the first place. Another sign of aging is that all of our foresight has become hindsight But then foresight isn't all that necessary anymore as long as Medicare will remain solvent for another couple of years Finally, we acknowledge that the History channel isn't. We can remember when most of it happened. And we aren't going to be around to pay off the national debt so there's, no need to become unbalanced just because the federal budget is. Unfortunately, the country eventually will become like the housing market the mortgage will be more than we're worth and China will quit lending us money. But it is important to keep hope alive. George Bums once said that our goal should be to live past 100 because very few people die over 100. Unfortunately, George became one of them. He died at 100 plus three months. So be careful. It could give you another week or two. Happenings at Our Good Samaritan Monica Simon ADC New Year's Ege Was celebrated with an, evening Of special treats including Hot StUff Pizza and chips; Bingo was also played with special prizes. New Year's Day we had a rummage sale and played bingo. Special Events: Jan 14 Monthly Birthday Party 3:00 Jan 28 Auxiliary Meeting 2:30 , Lunch and Program Our Saviour's Lutheran Church 3:00 We would like to thank Rev. Foss for our Communion Service on Jan 7, Father Unger for leading Mass on Jan. 2. the Mennonite Singers for being here on Jan 8, and Rev. Jeff Johnson for having Sunday Worship Services. Devotional leaders for the week were: Monica Simon. Dorothy Novak. Carl Nilson, Rev. Foss. and Shelly Johnson. Accompanists were Monica Simon. Jan Novak and Susan Johnson. Our Spring Used Book Sale will be just around the comer you may drop off books any time for our Sale NDSU's 2olo Feedlot School Kyle Halvorson is Recipient of Polar's 2ore Eagle Award Polar Communications is excited to announce the recipient of its 2010 Eagle Award as Kyle Halvorson. Halvorson began his employment with Polar on November 26, 2007 as an Area Service Representative. His duties include installing and maintaining telephone, cable TV and Intemet services. Halvorson was nominated for this distinguished award and voted on by his peers based on the following qualifications: Goes above and beyond normal job responsibilities, will do whatever it takes to get the job done. provides new and creative ideas. shows outstanding company dedication, demonstrates Halvorson teamwork and accepts challenges, is involved in the community and/or volunteer work. demonstrates outstanding customer service and/or assistance, and promotes a positive attitude. School News Spotlight VALLEY PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL The following smdent has been selected as the student for the month of December by the Valley High School teaching staff. Selection is based on students' time and effort put into academics, qualities of citizenship and positive contribution to school atmosphere. Thomas Shephard is a junior, the son of Karen and Lyle Shephard. A new student is selected every month and a Valley High School student of the Year will be selected from the 9 students of the month chosen , throughout the year. Fargo Campus - 4012 19th Avenue South Moorhead Campus - 1250 29th Avenue South ............. F=RoM00 THE=TRAcTOR S EAT , ....... BY DEAN 'EBERG, PARK RIVER  . || Before we all start nominating Senator Dorgan for 'sainthood', I want to ask that we wait and see where the shoe drops on his retirement from the US Senate. I have beenaround long enough td know that no Senator "just" retires. They either die in office, are voted out of office or if they retire, there is something in the wings waiting for them which are more rewarding than being  US Senator. Senator Daschle while voted out of office is now one of the biggest lobbyists and is earning a reported seven figures before the decimal point income. 1 have a feeling that Senator Dorgan is stepping down because one of three possibilities is facing him: 1. He is going to vote for the Health Care Conference Bill and it will include abortion funding (something he said he would not vote for). The result of that. would be North Dakota voters not voting for him on the grounds that he went against his promise: 2. He is not going to vote for the Conference Bill and therefore will anger the Leadership of the Democratic Party and will be omitted from any future legislation (no funding for Fargo flood protection as an example): again he would lose votes in the upcoming election: or 3. He has been promised, that if he votes for the Conference Bill. he will be given a position which will be more rewarding than Sen. Daschle is now enjoying. I think the tea leaves are pretty much indicating, that if the Republican Party can run any candidate who can make a simple statement and a promise such as. "I will not vote in favor of ANY bill until I have had the opportunity to read it myself unlike my opponent." that person would win the election in 2010. 1 urge Governor Hoeven NOT to mn at this time for Senator Dorgan's seat. Instead I think he should serve out the remainder of his term as Governor and then mn for Senator Conrad's seat, again repeating the above statement about voting for a bill before reading it. I still do not believe that 2010 will be the year that the Republicans regain control of the US Congress by default. Instead, the Republicans can indeed achieve control but they have to .actually get off of their butts and start informing the voters what they see in the future. The Contract with America of 1994 will have to be updated with items that are relevant to 2010. I propose that the new contract have strong language for term limits: three terms for Representatives and ,two for Senators (can anyone believe that the Senate still needs someone there who was elected during the Korean War): A balanced budget to be aided with a Line-Item Veto for the President on all budgetary items: No 'Earmarking' of bills: That Health Care Reform be indeed completed but have true reform not restructuring of the entire system: Standards of Ethics for elected officials and their staffs and these Standards would be posted so the public would actually know what is and is not allowed. You will notice that I mentioned Health Care Reform. My definition for reform is one that is counter to what the media is always hyping. When the front tires of my Dodge start to wear down on the inside of them. I don't go out and buy a brand new Cadillac. Instead I go to my mechanic and have the wheels realigned and get a couple new tires put on. The same thing with our health care system: There are some things wrong with it. but do we really need to scrap a system that works and implement a system that we know will fail because it has in every country that has done it. Do not tell me about uninsured children suffering from lack of health care. SCHIP covers all children (even though this includes children 25 years old) so don't tell me about that. When the numberg are all boiled down. there is something like 7 million citizens who do not have any health insurance coverage or other health protection and the majority of these do not have this coverage, because they DON'T want to. So why scrap the system and rebuild when it doesn't make sense? So in closing, Governor Hoeven please finish out your term as Governor and then run against Senator Conrad. Senator Dorgan, thank you from the bottom of my, heart for your service to North Dakota. In the past, while I disagreed with your votes on the national front, you did indeed help North Dakota with our local issues. Where we disagree is that I firmly believe that in a state of over six hundred thousand i citizens, that there are more than just three qualified individuals who can represent North Dakota. j Around the County Walsh County Extension Office Park River - 284-6624 Feeding programs, health issues and waste management are among the topics at NDSU's 2010 Feedlot School being held by NDSU's Carrington Research Extension Center on January 26-27, 2010. This intensive course is for cattle producers, feeders, backgrounders, feed industry personal, anima health-care suppliers and anyone else who is interested in learning more about feedlot production, nutrition, waste management and marketing. Topics will include feeding programs; feed and animal requirements; optimizing nutrient use; carcass quality, facility management; disease; treatments anc health programs; feec delivery; bunk reading; waste and nutrient management; ration formulation; feed additives and implanting strategies; marketing using future option; budgeting; custom feeding; and business management. The school will also include a commercial feedlot tour and ultrasound demonstration. Instructors include faculty from NDSU's animal science Department and Carrington and Northern Central Research Extension Centers, as well as other who have experience working with northern plains feedlots. For more information about the course or to register contact the NDSU Extension Service's Foster County, office at 701.652.2581 or you may contact the Walsh County Extension office at 701.284.6624. Around The County ........ : : =:+" by Extension Agent = Brad Brummond Park River - 284-6624 ..... , ; New Wheat Fertility Recommendations meeting and Crop Production Guide The promised day is finally here. NDSU has developed new recommendations for fertilizing wheat in North Dakota. We will be discussing this on Wednesday, March 27 at the Chase building (just north of the courthouse) in Grafton. The program will begin at 10 a.m. and run until noon 1 CEU in Nutrient Management has been applied for through the Certified Crop Advisors program. If you are planning on attending please call me at 284-6624 or email me at seating is limited. No, am not holding out on you with the crop production guide. It has been decided not print the publication due to the fact that all this information can be obtained on line and the difficulty associated with getting all the material in a timely manner is becoming a problem. I realize that this will require a bit more work on the part of those of use who loved the publication but that is 'the only option we are now left with. I personally loved the oublication and I believe I have everyone going back into the 80's.