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January 11, 2012     Walsh County Press
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January 11, 2012

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PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES JANUARY 4, 2012 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK... BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS Not a day after Christmas and all through the shops, clearance tags make an appearance and the holi- day season stops. Restocking the shelves without any delay, Santa has been shoved aside for Valen- tine's Day! For the average shopper, this is just a general annoyance. They look to the end caps filled with pink hearts and roses with disgust and a little surprise at how quickly time moves along. For me, it is a giant red and pink warning signal that B-Day is almost here -- baby day, that is. While it is typically very rare -- we're talking 5 percent here -- for the due date to be an actual birthday, it is pretty easy to re- member the date when the doc tells you that kid numero uno is due to arrive by Feb. 14. I don't typically panic, but man, some days I feel a bit over my head. Babies need a lot of stuff. The nursery is not exactly baby ready. And most days all I can think of is "I have no idea what I am do- ing". But I have a feeling that that happens to most new parents. On the plus side, I can relax a lit- tle when it comes to this baby. The Hello, Well, I hope you had a happy New Years. I sure did. And I almost made it. Really. I almost made it until midnight. Oh, I tried. I really tried. I'll start at the beginning. You see, I don't really relish going out on New Years Eve. I mean, I like celebrating as much as the next guy. In fact, I probably enjoy it more than the next guy. I suppose it depends a lot on who the next guy is. I used to try to be home by day- light. Now, I'm happiest ifI can be home by dark. So, the idea of stay- ing up until midnight is kind of for- eign to me. Unless you are in a se- rious card game. That casts an entire different light on the mid- night hour. And no one goes out to play cards on New Year's Eve. But, since New Year's Eve is the big event at New Hradec, we look forward to it. Last year, we missed it. Remember? Snow, blow- ing snow, blocked roads, bitter cold...We had to miss it. We had Press should be well taken care of door ready to take your notes, sub- thanks to Terra filling in a few more scriptions, bills, etc. We've got office hours, Katrina returning to email, voicemail, and even (if you compile pages, and a little extra have a few stamps handy) actual help from our newest freelance mail. writer, Tynan Nelson. I know it can be more fun to Trust me when I say I was a lit- talk to our smiling faces, but won't tle nervous about what was going know what you are thinking unless to happen to the paper this Febru- you leave a message. We have the ary -- OK, so more than a little technology. worried. But don't panic. Just like Christ- For at least half a second I was mas, Valentine's Day will be here thinking, "Who needs maternity and gone before you know it and leave anyway?" the stores, will be stocked with But that was a few months ago everything green to let you know when things were slightly easier. I St. Patty's Day is on its way. And am wiser and much more tired than things over here at the Press will I was back then. change once again to accolmno- What I will ask for is patience, date for the fact that a new tiny, We're not looking to make sir- pink, squishy baby will need me acles here, but sometimes it all falls more than you do. But mast me, it together in the fourth quarter. Tim will be OK. It's life. We'll figure it Tebow and the Press have that out. We always do. Even if it takes much in common, a miracle. The hours may not be as regular Like '" the Walsh Count.' Press on Facebook as they once were, but we have a and check out our blog at http://walsh drop box installed next to the office co,nO press.wor@res .com in my knee and I would be able to sleep. My knees aren't designed for the load I'm asking them to carry. But there were couples well into their eighties out there dancing. '.Even basketball Ray got into the swing of things! Had to mention it Ray. And Coach Hank was cutting attended the two previous years, I was disappointed that the TiboF a rug. and had the time of our life. So this Brothers weren't playing. I was go- It was great. Good clean fun year we did make it. ing to dances and learning to (that's when you know you're old). And it was great! The Hall was smoke and drink beer and occa- We met one couple who met at the in great shape. IknowthatDickin- sionally dancing to their music sev- New Year's Eve dance 33 years son is the deep-fried turkey capital eral decades ago. But alas, I imag- ago. Their first date. And as a hus- of the civilized world, but I think ine they had a gig booked in Vegas band and wife, they haven't missed they learned how to do it in New or New York or somewhere. I al- the celebration in 33 years. Now, I Hradec. Deep fried turkey, succu- ways knew they would make it big. don't know if that's a record or not. lent roast beef, a rice dish that I re- But there was another greatI'm sure there were some there that ally enjoy (if the Chinese learn how band playing. Oh, I suppose if you haven't missed it in 70 years. But to cook rice like this, we will no are into hard rock or rap or some of I'm not the prying type. longer have boxes office sitting in that other stuff, you wouldn't have All I know is a friend at the table our fridge for two weeks after eat- been impressed. But to the dance next to ours, suggested we toast the ing Chinese), and a bunch of other crowd at the Catholic Workman's New Year on central time! So at things. I think those ladies in the Hall, it was just right, eleven o'clock we raised our kitchen are really chefs from a New Now, I'm getting a little long in glasses in celebration, hit the road, York five star restaurant. I know the tooth. I danced a couple dances; and were in bed at a quarter to you're getting tired of me talking but then I knew a couple aspirin twelve! Oh yes, and Shirley drove. about food. later on, would stop the throbbing Happy New Year, Dean Getting the holiday bargqins that weren't The credit card bills for our was a regular price. "Regular State Funds were appropriated during the 2011 legislative session for wild holiday spending have price" was a fiction created by a no cost colorectal cancer screening program known as the "North started arriving and they attest to the retailer as a starting point for Dakota 2011-2013 Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative". the fact that we did not get as a great discount charade. many Black Friday bargains as For most merchandise, it was What is it? we had thought. And if we paid never offered for sale at some un- Colorectal cancer screening (colonoscopy) will be provided at the minimum amount indicated known regular price. Chances on those credit card bills, we were good that "60 percent off no cost to eligible participants. The plan is to provide 225 no cost would be paying for the 2011 the regular price" was no better colonoscopies with this funding. Christmas until 2029. than an ordinary "sale" posing as When stores were offering 60 a bargain. Who is eligible? percent off of the regular price, Pricing was not the only thing North Dakota resident another 30 percent for buying on that should have aroused our sus- Age 50 through 64 Tuesdays and another 20 percent picions. It was the size of the in coupons good every day, we container. Have you noticed how Reported household income at or below 200% poverty, with no were convinced that our credit the 3-flavored popcorn tins have proof of income required card bills would reflect tremen- shrunk every Christmas since Uninsured or underinsured (high deductible/co-pay or insurance dous savings. Not so! 1997? They are now down to the policy that does not cover screening colonoscopy) Even with these great alleged size of an oil can. With so little Applicants not eligible for Medicare Part B or ND Medicaid bargains, we had to shell out popcorn, the container has be- . No prior personal history of colon cancer or colorectal polyp substantial amounts of money, come the principal investment. making us suspicious of theThe same thing has been hap- disorders; not in follow up after removal of colon polyps; has not whole retail system. Holiday pening to clothes. Full-fitting screened for colorectal cancer or is due/past due for screening. Season 2011 was a hard lesson shirts and pants have lost their To inquire about the colorectal cancer screening initiative contact the but we have now learned a few margin of error. Everything is two contracted providers at: things that will be instructive the getting tighter as manufacturers o Heart of America Medical Center-Surgical Clinic in Rugby, ND next time around, cut off an inch here and an inch at 701-776-7000 Take the word "sale". For there. Size 10 has shrunk to Size most people, the word conjures 9. It's obvious. As garments get o Sanford Health in Fargo, ND at 1-800-437-4010, ext 6292 up the idea of a bargain price, tighter and obesity rises, more No butts about it .... this is important! But that has not been true since and more people are leaking out NDSU Extension Service About this time of year, I usu- healthy as we get older. ally write a column about staying When pingpong is played with healthy and fit when it's cold and a little spunk, you can burn as snowy outdoors. This year my many calories as you would bum cross-country skis and snowshoes while walking at a moderate pace. have been in storage because we For example, a 150-pound person have just had a sprinkling of snow could bum about 150 calories in in Fargo and the surrounding area. 30 minutes of playing pingpong. When it snows, I'm ready. Whether you stay active in the Sometimes the weather becomes winter by walking in a gym or so cold that skiing, sledding or mall, exercising with videos or ex- skating becomes painful. Weergames, cross-country skiing, should consider some other forms playing pingpong or dancing, do of physical activity to keep our something. Regular physical ac- bodies and brains engaged, tivity can help prevent weight gain A couple of winters ago, myand can prevent or delay the de- husband and I joined a fitness club. velopment of diseases such as The club has numerous fitness ma- heart disease, diabetes, high blood chines, treadmills and classes. It pressure and stroke. Exercise also also has a recreation room with has mood-enhancing effects. "exergames" on the TV screen, We all can think of reasons not and table tennis (or "ping-to exercise. Our exercise barriers pong"). The room primarily is might include time constraints, used by kids. budget shortfalls, lack of places to At first, when my husband and exercise, lack of motivation or I weren't feeling particularly ener- cold weather. Remember, for getic, we gravitated to the ping- every excuse not to exercise, there pong table. We were not very is a solution. adept at batting the little ball back In the coming months, take 30 and forth on the fairly small table, minutes for yourself on five or We spent more time retrieving the more days per week and discover ball from the floor than hitting it. fitness activities that you enjoy. We improved our skills and Consider these tips to stay ac- game speed through the year. My tive this winter: husband learned how to put a spin * Make physical activity a pri- on the ball, so the ball would mag- ically dance right out of my hitting ority. Carve out time to be active range. So I learned how to make and put it on your calendar. Check out what is available. him run from side to side quickly by alternating where the ball Is there a community center or landed on the table, health club? If available, consider We invested in ourownpaddles taking a class such as yoga or and carried them in our gym bag. water aerobics. Be sure to start slowly to re- When we arrived, the workers teased us about who was going to duce your risk of injury or win the big match, burnout. Choose moderate-inten- We stopped playing to "win." sity physical activities, such as When your exercise buddy also is walking, to get started. Check with your spouse, I recommend non- your health-care provider before competitive games, beginning an exercise program. We made up our own rule that * Meet a friend for workouts. If no matter where the ball lands, you your buddy (or hubby) is on the have to play it. We hit the ball off next bike, :treadmill, or across the the ceiling, floors and,,sometimes, : pingpongtable, your workout is the nearby wall. We attracted an much less boring. audience of little kids. * Make it fun. Listen to music I noticed that we became more while you dance indoors. Or, alert because of the eye-hand co- check out an exercise DVD from ordination the game requires. With a library or invest in exergame the stretching, bending and con- equipment at home. stant movement, we felt energized, * Be proud of yourself for set- too. ting fitness goals and working to According to fitness specialists, meet them. pingpong is a mental and physical Editor's Note: Garden-Robin- workout, son, Ph.D., L.R.D., is a North Some experts think playing Dakota State University Extension pingpong may slow down cogni- Service food and nutrition special- tive decline and improve our bal- ist and associate prqfessor in the ance by "rewiring" our brains, so Department of Health, Nutrition it might help Our brains stay and ExerciseSciences Editor's Note Walsh County Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent Julie Zikmund's columnn is no longer available because she has started a new job. As soon as the replacement county agent is settled in a new regular column should return. NDSU Agriculture Communication Qlte* I have had my little spider for cattle protection. We are won- . plant since Earth Day. It def- dering if there are certain trees that y needs a new pot. What is the you wouldrecommend. There will white stuff that forms around the be six rows. Rows one and six will edges of my pot? I water it once a be caragana and lilacs, Rows two week with old coffee. Any sugges- and five will be junipers. We are Lifehne The Leader In Personal Response andSupport Services If you need help, push your personal help button, which automatically dials the Lifeline Response Center. Trained Personal Response Associates who have instant access to your pertinent information will contact you immediately to see what help you need. Even if you can't answer, Lifeline will send the help you need right away and will follow-up to ensure that help did arrive and you are being cared for. ~'4''']~.m,k .iver CtlCLWte E ~ Good Samaritan Campus Today, the word 'sale' just means that the retailer has it available for you to buy - but not necessarily at a reduced price." "sale" was still in its purest form. find that "storewide clearance" It meant a real deal. Since then, doesn't mean bargain basement however, the word has been reck- discounts. It simple means that lessly exploited by predatory the retailer will sell you anything pricing. Its real meaning has been in the store for a price. ruined. Since bitter disappointments Today, the word " sale" just are making consumers smarter means that the retailer has it every year, retailers are chal- available for you to buy - but not lenged to come up with new con- necessarily at a reduced price, vincing claims that will lure us There are no more Louisianas for from Black Friday to Red Janu- sale. So we need to be wary of ary again next year. So in anything called a "sale". Christmas Season 2012, I'm Then there were the "off the going to be on my guard when it regular price" deals. Everything comes to great sales and good sold this Christmas was at least deals based on "regular" prices 60 percent off. But there never and scandalous hyperbole. J Editor's Note ] The Around the County columnn was not available this week. It will return as soon as possible. Q. This year, we are planting a . shelterbelt that will be used To contact Ron Smith for answers to your questions, write to Ron Smith, NDSU Department of Plant Sciences, Dept. 7670, Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108 or e,mail ronald.smith spruce or ponderosa pine. Plant one row of each type of tree. Both grow well and are adapted to North Dakota conditions. There is a shel- terbelt publication at http://www. 0 55w.htm that you might find use- fill. Another possibility is at http:// ndscapda958.pdf. On Page 6, you will see a listing of some other sug- gestions to consider. your water source (coffee) con- tains. It is harmless to the plant, but it looks unsightly. It motivates many people to get out of using clay pots and go to plastic or trash the old, salty-looking pot and get a new clay pot. One thing to keep in mind if you are going from porous clay to a nonporous plastic pot is that there is no water evaporation capability when using plastic. This means the media tends to stay moister for a longer period. Many houseplant aficionados are habitual with watering, so what didn't cause problems with the clay container may result in overwatering when using a plastic pot. A. What you see on the outside I would recommend . of your pot is the salt that A: conifers, such as Black Hills How Lifeline Works To Get You Help Fast .............................. Thomas Jefferson bought theof their clothes. 9 tions on what the white stuff is, It wondering what you would sug- Advertise in The Press today I Louisiana Territory from Now the announcement of a looks a little like Styrofoam. Thank gest for rows three and four. Any I Napoleon. post-Christmas "storewide clear- you for your time. (email refer- ideas willbe appreciated. We have I When T.J. saw that "For Sale" ance" really gets the heart rate ence) sandy loam soil. (email reference) ................................... -, sign in New Orleans, the word up. We are often chagrined to