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January 9, 2013     Walsh County Press
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January 9, 2013

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I PAGE 4 PRESS PERSPECTIVES JANUARY 9, 2013 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK BY ALLISON OLIA4B EDITOR, WALSH COUNTY PRESS The year 2013 came in not with a bang but with the whimper of a mother who had experienced sheer desperation. After celebrating the New Year with a baby play date in Grand Forks (Gary and his buddy Axel, who was born close to the same time, rang ill the New Year or at least the 10 p.m. by playing and jabber- ing most of the evening), their par- ents celebrated well into the night. The next morning we (mostly me) wanted to run into town after breakfast and run a couple nonessen- tial errands and use up some gift cmds that were burning a hole in my purse. So, we went down the road. Just a handful of miles from the fun times we had at Axel's house and feel a sharp edge on nay tooth. It had cracked. It wasn't really an emergency since it was a wisdom tooth need- ed to go that I had been putting off for far too long, but man, it just was- n't something I wanted to deal with on the first day of the year. So then we pulled into the Tar- get parking lot and proceeded to spend the next hour or so just be- bopping around the store. I had no particular goal, but I had never had that much trouble spending money in Target before. Then we checked out. As we were leaving I noticed there was an item hiding under the baby's stuffthat didn't get rung up. Ivan back to the store. Frank had Frank handed me the car keys and Iris phone, so he started making calls. ran back in to pay. Then a woman pulled up and said Now, it was cold. I am talking she had done that before and to call freeze your nose hairs cold. So, first 91 I. things first 1 put the baby in and The answer we got from 911 was started the car. that they don't do that anymore, but In addition to the thbulous events the lady gave us the number of a of the day, a can of soda that never service station that could. made it in the house had managed It seemed like the Cenex guy to explode. There was nothing left took longer than forever to get of the can but shrapnel and the soda there. was all over the back window, so It was $55 later and I got my while we were waiting for Frank I baby back without smashed win- had the bright idea to get out of the dows and only a little crying (for car to go to the back and clean up some of the frozen chunks, me more so than for him). But that was the end of the shopping trip. The Somehow, when I went to open the back door 1 discovered that all first day of the year was stupid and of the doors had auto locked, with I want a mulligan. Though I can say a sad baby inside. And an even sad- that 2013 set the bar very low and der momma on the outside, there is much that can be improved Tiffs is what a panic attack feels upon. like. It can only get better from here. Keys, baby, cell phone all Happy New Year I guess. locked inside the car. I was two seconds from smash- Like" the Walsh Cotmty Press on Face- book and check out our b/og at http://wa&h- ing a window, co ,n[~,r,1,l wo dpre lS o, Hello, It's that time of the year again. Revolution. No, wait, resolution. That's it. Time to set new resolu- tions. Although sometimes I really feel that a revolution would be simpler. But, then again, I'm not sure what I would revolt against. Un- less maybe it is setting resolutions. Shirley says I have room for improvement! Really! I have room tbr improvement. If that isn't a bunch of bull, I don't know what is. She says my number one reso- lution can be how I react when the phone rings. You see, I am kind of a morning person. I don't mind the phone ringing at 5 in the morn- ing. That's when I am at my best. And then I kind of slide down hill the rest of the day. Wheel of For- tune and Jeopardy are late night TV. So when phone rings after six, and I am startled, I may titter a profanity. Like a "J C !" early. At least according to the And I guess maybe I've been do- head of the house. But when we ing it a little too long. R J, our four- are teetering on the brink of re- year-old grandson, was here the cession, I think it is patriotic to do other afternoon. Quietly playing what little I can to spur the econ- with his toy soldiers and trucks, omy on. the phone rang and before anyone Now, she has started hinting could react, he muttered under his that ! could spend a little more breath, "Well J C "! time thinking of others at Christ- Like Grandpa, he doesn't like to mas. You know, the gift giving be disturbed, thing. Cause you will never guess And then Shirley has the au- in a million years what I got her dacity to say I could resolve to cut for Christmas this year! Really! back on happy hour! Sacrilegious! I'll be like Mitt Romney and bet Cut back on happy hour! I do think you ten thousand dollars! it wouldn't hurt to add an s. Make Wait. Wait. You're not even it happy hours. Since the past year close. Remember when I gave her they have been starting a little that Butt Masterthing?Remember when I gave her that Thigh Master thing that Suzanne Sommers ad- vertised. And rather than be grate- fui for worrying about her health, she wrapped it around my neck! Ungrateful. Well, this year, I searched deep into my soul for something that she really needed. And the day af- ter Christmas, it dawned on me. Something practical and neces- sary. Something she could look at every day and think of me. Some- thing round and shiny. Something that every woman would love. A sink stopper. Ours had kind of rusted away and the sink would- n't hold water while she did dishes. I wish you could have been there to see the tears of joy as she opened her only gift of the year. She was too choked up to talk. In fact, she hasn't spoken yet! I think I'm quite a guy. I re- solve to keep it up. Later, Dean 3,ood Happenings at Our sa.maritan Good Samaritan Monica Simon ADC New Year's Day was celebrated here at the center with party hats and noisemakers as we played Dollar Bingo everyone had a good time. Thursday afternoon Father Luiten entertained us with his wonderful piano nmsic. Thank you Father. Upcoming Events: Jan 103:00 Monthly Birthday Party Hosted by St. Peter and Bechyne Jan 11 7:30 Mennonite Singers Jan 24 3:00 Auxiliary Lunch and Program hosted by OSLC Paul I would like to thank everyone who shared their time and talents with us again this week. Devotional leaders were LoisYdstie, Dorothy Novak, Monica Simon, Rev. Susan Haukaas, and Corrine Ramsey. Accompanists were Mary Siem, Monica Simon and Jan Novak. Mass was led by Father Luiten. Shirly Sobolik led Rosary and Terry Hagen assisted with Nail's Time. Sheryl Cox led Hymn Sing for us on Friday afternoon. We thank everyone who shared there time and talents with us again this week. XN NORTH DAKOTA l bltcHeal Walsh County Health District , ""' " ' Short Shots I was spun-ed by a comment someone made recently to do some research on cancer in North Dakota - how are we doing? Here are some of the interesting things I found out about in my research. Cancer is many diseases and different strategies for control and prevention are needed for each type. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in North Dakota, just behind heart disease. Overall, North Dakota falls below the national average for cancer rates 64% of cancers occur in people 65 years of age or older. Four cancer sites -lung, colorectal, breast and prostate-accounts for 58% of cancer cases in ND Leading type of cancer fbr men in ND is prostate Leading type of cancer for women in ND is breast Living a Healthy Life All cancers caused by cigarette smoking and heavy use of alcohol could be prevented Scientific evidence suggests that about one third of cancer deaths will be related to nutrition, physical inactivity, and ovepcceight or obesity. Cancers that can be prevented or detected earlier by screening account for about one half of all new cancer cases. Some cancers can be prevented with vaccinations (A large percentage of cervical and liver cancers are caused by viruses that can be prevented through vaccination). Visit with your healthcare provider about what screening tests, lifestyle changes you can make that will decrease your risk of cancer. Think Tank More Important than U. S. Senate Jim DeMint of South Carolina resigned from the U. S. Senate in December to become the CEO of The Heritage Foundation, a Washington "think tank". Washington has scores of con- servative and liberal "think tanks" cranking out research and infor- mation that present their particu- lar viewpoints in the most favor- able light. Because they have predeter- mined policy positions, however, their research is usually based on predetermined conclusions, thereby restricting creative think- ing. That's why "think tank" is a misnomer for such groups. They need to think more. One observer noted that the think tanks behind the scenes in Washington have more influence than the people who actually write the bills. There must be a certain amount of truth to that al- legation or DeMint would not think of The Heritage Foundation as a career promotion. After all, he gave up a seat at the most powerful policy table in the world when several million Americans would trade their souls for the opportunity to pull up a chair. His resignation sends a signal about the evolving policy process in America. Our information dis- tribution system has made it pos- sible for all organizations gener- ating research and information to become more and more effective. Cable television has given credibility to think tanks by using their spokespersons as commen- tators on current events. Just watch the pairing offofadvocates on CNN and Public Television. Many of them come from think tanks. North Dakota does not have much in the way of think tanks. We have a couple of small offices that spend more time throwing specious arguments together than doing original research. It has long been nay contention that we have the most under re- searched state in the Union. The private sector is doing very little and the Legislative Council ib- cuses only on studies proposed by the Legislature. Because research can generate new ideas and test old ones, North Dakota policy wonks ought to be particularly interested in the lesson involved in the DeMint resignation. While most think tanks come up with a conservative or a liberal slant, not everything they produce is ideologically driven. In fact, the American Enterprise Institute, another conservative think tank, generated material I found useful when I taught a class on federal- ism. There are plenty of unexplored issues in North Dakota to "think" about. Here are a couple of starters: 1. identifying the winners and losers in blanket property tax reductions 2. Excessive flaring of gas in the oil fields 3. Inequities in the property tax assessment system 4. Identifying and docu- menting the victims of oil devel- opment. 5. Who is not voting and why - is it disinterest or alien- ation? (Minnesota always does better than we do.) , 6. New options for ex- panding and strengthening health care in rural North Dakota 7. The consequences of mushrooming land prices 8. Dissecting conflicts of interests in state, county and city elections These are not necessarily par- tisan issues but research would yield more information and un- derstanding upon which new policies could be based. If the products of think tanks get a deaf ear at the Legislature, the issues can be taken to the peo- ple through the initiative and ref- erendum. With the Legislature now the primary source fbr policy options, we do not have competing alter- natives in critical policy areas. Democracy is best served when the public square is vibrant with competing ideas. Right now, it appears that North Dakota's pub- lic square is quiet. Extension Exchange Makeover Your Meals with Healthy Ideas for 2013 The start of a new year makes a perfect jumping-off point for healthier eating habits. Whether you adopt formal New Year's resolutions or just take a silent vow to make smarter choices, 2013 can be the year you give your meals a "healthy" makeover. Get started on a menu makeover by making these nutri- tion-smart switches in your meals: Pick more whole fruit in- stead of juice. When you opt for juice over whole fruits you're sacrificing fiber while adding calories to your meal. A cup of juice contains only halfa grain of dietary fiber, compared to three grains in a whole medium orange. Look for ways to incorporate more fruit into your meals. Top your breakfast cereal with yo- gurt or bcrric~. Add a [.)cut 4~)1 ~p- ple to your lunch. Tuna fruit into dessert. Skim fat from your dairy products. Think low-fat and fat- flee for all your dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese and milk. Low-fat dairy intake has been linked to a reduced risk of di- abetes, hypertension and stroke, lower inflammation, improved muscle mass and slimmer belly fat, and of course it's a good source of calcium to protect your bones. Rediscover oatmeal. Oatmeal is more affordable than most boxed cereals and 100% whole grain oatmeal contains soluble fiber shown to lower LDL cho- lesterol. Watch your sugary top- pings though and add flavor with flesh or dried fruits, nuts or cocoa powder. Switch your sandwiches to whole-grain bread. Look for the Whole Grains Council's "100% Whole Grain" stamp. Check the ingredient list. Look for ternas "whole wheat" (or other grain). The terms "lnulti-grain" or "stone- ground" don't necessarily mean bread is truly whole grain. Stock up on boneless, skinless chicken breasts. These conven- ient protein somces are a staple for a healthy-eater freezer. Ounce for ounce a skinless chicken breast has only about 60% of the calories and a quarter the saturated fat of a skin-on breast. Watch for portion sizes, smaller is better for you. Go fish. Choose seafood at least twice a week as the main pro- tein food. Look for seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as sahnon, trout, and herring. Some ideas are sahnon steak or filet, sahnon loaf, or grilled or baked trout. Skip breaded, flied fish and rich sauces. Make room for veggies. Think about making half your plate veg- etables and fruits. Americans eat plenty of grains and starches. Vegetables are full of nutrients and fewer calories. Choose red, or- ange, and dark-green veggies such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Avoid the extra fats. Using heavy gravies or sauces will add fat and calories to otherwise healthy choices. Cook with broth instead of cream fbr sauces, soups and gravies. To reduce calories and saturated fats in dips ex- change sour-cream based dips in favor of hummus, no-fat Greek yogurt or white-bean dips. Save dessert for special oc- casions. A daily indulgence of a slice of pie, bowl of ice cream, or piece of cake can quickly undo all your smart choices the rest of the day. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit instead and make other desserts a special treat - you'll en- joy it more. Happy New Year and Happy Healthy Eating! Source: I'ttfis Universio ttealth & Nutri- tion Lettec Ja/lutt/y 2013 Buying Fruits and American selections. These are va- Vegetables with Seed rieties that have been given this Catalogues award by horticulture experts for This is the time of year the seed their proven performance, again catalogues start to get mailed to watch the maturity dates. If you are your house and let the buyer be- going to plant long season crops ware. Many times those great like melons go with the earliest va- looking fruit trees in the cata- rieties available if you are seeding logues are not winter hardy to directly into the garden. I like to Walsh County and wishing them go with transplants for these long season vegetables. 1 also like to to be will not make it so! I per- sonally try to buy my perennial buy seeds that have the most tol- plants at the local greenhouses in erance I can find to diseases and insects. It just makes the summer Walsh County. I have never had a hardiness problem with their easier. If you must plant your fa- plants. I would stay away from the vorite variety that is light on re- sistance you need to watch them big chain stores because too many and deal with the problems as they times 1 have seen people come home with material that they got start to appear on sale at one of these stores that If you are buying asparagus I was at least 3 growing zones too would recommend getting the ex- far north for the plant. This can pensive jumbos as they will pro- also happen with catalogues if duce quicker and I have had bet- you are not careful. The seed ter survival with them. You can companies market to a variety of make the row run plants work also growing zones so you need to but you will most likely lose some know where you sit when order- and it will be much longer before ing. I try to stay with a zone 3 or harvest. I have planted both if I lower to keep the heartache out of was only planting a few the bigger growing them. If you have shel- plants are well worth the extra cost tered areas and you want to take a in my experience. If you are plant- chance I have seen zone 4 plants ing a lot it may be worth the trou- make it up here but then again I ble to go with row run plants. have seen them die too. My wife There are many varieties to choose once bought a zone 5 butterfly from. I have 3 different varieties bush without consulting her local in my yard. I like to do that to get county agent and insisted that I diversity with my plants so if one plant it. Having consulted with her variety is having trouble you will local county agent 1 told her it have two others that hopefully will would be dead in the spring. It not. If you really want to go on the was. Sometimes you have to do cheap plant the seeds but you things to keep peace and being will have a lot of work into them right did not make things better, by the time you get your first When buying seeds I like All taste. 1-9 1-24 Dates to Remember: Walsh County Annual Fair Meeting, Extension Office Park River, 6:30 p.m. Walsh County Livestock Improvement Meeting, Alexander House Park River Noon