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January 1, 2014     Walsh County Press
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January 1, 2014

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PAGE 6 THE PRESS JANUARY 1, 2014 6 by 9 3 l_inda Thistle i i 7 t t 8 9 5 7 7 1 3 1 4 1 2 8 4 2 7 4 1 --5 ............ 2+ ONGOING EVENTS 8 4 CANCER SUPPORT, PARK RIVER Cancer Support meets at 7 p.m. the third Thursday of each month in the din- mg room of the Sunrise Apts. Good Samaritan Society - Park River. Everyone Welcome. 6 5 9 Place a number in the erG:)ty boxes i)] sc+ch ; vv&amp;ly that each row across, (;ach coRtnqn (tovl arid each small 9-box sqLlar@ cOrt:{t;s all (>f the numbers frolTt o!le to I'1i1t(?+. DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * * * Challenging BOY! ';yr ,i +/+.: I. I<+ the l+od, oll}cn;.liah in the ()Icl or Nc\\; +l'cstantent or neither7 ") + (<,rinthians 5:17 and (kdatians +++ ) .. + .--( 11+C tlltOll[[ the l+it-,lc+s verses to focus on \\;xhal it] a hey, 3ear? t]cv+Yin,< k[oYing /i>rworJ, (h',c, C+Imrc/ (ttvna'on('c 3..'-;hadracl< N1eshach and Abcdnc,,o ,VCl-lt tll/scathi:d allcr t-wing pill imo \\;vhose I]cr\\; fl.trll{tCC? .S'+ltutl :% ",('/'tD 4. "hich book ends, +'Little children, keep \\; oul,cl\\; cs li'om idols. <\\;men"? / ,]o/nl. ,]ll{tt >. , fin'/<..t moA" 5. \\;.\hal "'people o1-" had i l]y god ilanled laal-zebtlb'/ t(I/HOl,,it, t)vtWHmJ,. I:'kron, (;it,c'uh b. From Psalms 60:8, ho I>, II ", gishlt )t '? ]7,'tA &Hn+ 1+ >uA, + l L,'os< A/i ',+1 ANSWI':RS: I ) Neither; 2) Mo\\;ing forx\\;ard: 3) Nebu- chadnezzar's: 4) 1 John: 5) Ekrom 6) Moab Northeast Regional A'ater District (NR% i)) ! f.+>i " / L-:' " i'ii *li: TRllJqll=i ,&"li/-.-"" Moderate * * ** HOO '::> -'-.'(3!?, Kll<j i ct @ CANCER SUPPORT) GRAFTON Unity Medical Center's Cancer Support Group will meet in the conference morn at the hospital the first Monday of every month. The Cancer Support Group will meet at 5 p.m. for one hour. Come and sham your story of loss, struggles, triumphs and tips for coping with cancer with others who are in similar situations as yours. Support groups are not just for people who have had cancer. Please contact Jayne at 352-1620 or email at FCHC AUXILIARY MEETING, PARK RIVER The FCHC Auxiliary meets at 2:00 the second Friday of every month except July at the Ambulance building. LIBRARY HOURS, PARK RIVER Monday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM; Tuesday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM; Wednesday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM; Thursday: 8:30 - 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM; Friday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM; Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Closed M-F from 11:25am-12:25pm THE STORY BIBLE STUDY) PARK RIVER I. t:'ranl, Shlalra. lhis l)rcslc and (telr)til]d the t';_tccrn:tl,:.c:>, ull had lilt'-> v., itll xthtiI son {'r()in !lie musical "('+Wt +,t I >+ "i'*? 2. \\;%. li > CO-\\;\ IXHC ;:liltt rctccr, cd +t ida> %hH il]c'"? 7+ ht) h;lll "+NcctHI(I Ihind l,osc' h) thL +t ttllll\\; (Tirl'" t]lm? 4. Nall]C {t+c 7ro:ip thcil imd :-ill itltCl'i+ttti<'qKll hit \\;ith "+lL3 c I!) The 1<x.'" 5+ N,;IltIC tit,2 >< )li' lb;tt c()mM+ th+-. I\\;l+ic: +'S\\;\ccI l.wctR+ Xl:lrtin lhtmghl she \\;\;t', H< \\;\(lli{ill. I'ili! SIR" \\;\M'; iltlt+i}ict + t+llfi+ All the girl>; ',H'Oti!h:t lct >;{i shcs g()l it c<>tiili!, IJm >Ic [cts it \\; hilt >,tic C:ill.'" ,4111N%% 01+N t. "'Y<+tl'll Never V(iilk ,'\\;h)i/c.'" \\;rittcn by Rod-'.- L'I" ;Hid t I LItI1111ClSt, cin II] t tLi5. Ior illa)l) 3cars. the il xki> the lhcmc %lDllQ l\\;r the 4itiltlal .lcrr 3 l.c\\;i MI)A Tcldhon and i still the song pla 3 cd al [. i crpool I.ootball 2. Bo/ ,cagU, s. The song \\;,. a: tiscd in the ino,< ic "l M'- in 107g and on the >{ )tiiicit Iac'l,. \\;x hich \\;\ t.)lt 11 (il{tllllll\\; it+ It)70. + i;ttl i+ll Strcisand. in her t+(d,c ;is t atuY, t+iicc, iu . ]llc \\;latt P;II+<'4IHI ", Ptt)I- cot. I) }{)52. i cVcl/d s;t\\;> the title ciill c IH>in all t+c: 5,c'v; t itii \\; L'tl!i!t F',tb ill J;il t'i- bl i)] Z c'uqi ion. ft. "'( let ll,lck.'" b\\; Ibm P>cu- tic-< in t<)c7 c)+ The ,c,i+{} ' +< ll'lc +'ii-t IL::t+Ic'- { ! ";. release m ,Ic1,2tL ' 2isi : i-+' i ';i< - %' i,d. Hi: AGRICULTURAL DRAIN TILING Surface and subsurface water problems? _+j+ + +I+++++e+ ++ + +i+ ,++I+++++ 6 9 9i g+ z t,J  gig ............... i----- .......... , ---.--+ ........... a e +l+ 6 9tC + a+ .i@/ASU V i"l'A OO tqS /,ltOet& ....... liiITrivia wst+<\< I . (ilS(_)(}I{API IY: In \\;\hat O.%. state is Sah Lake ('itx located'.' 2. IIIS-I'ORY: Vvhcrc did abolitionist John llro\\;\n's l'aillOtlS raid take phice in I 850? 3. t-NTI.A{I'A IN IR,%: Which stand-up conlcdhin. who starred hi the rite\\;it "Back lo School." t as horn xitt tlc i11illc .ILicolT Cohen'? 4. ANATOMY: W'hat is the nlost corllll](}ll t3pc ()l" blood? 5. MOVIES: "'Anne of the l'llousand l)ays'" is a t]hn about \\;hich historical COtlpIc'? 6. (}AMhS: 'Qv'hut carl\\; version ot" a video ganc mesmerized T\\;,' vic\\;crs in the mid- I O7Os7 7. RI:LI(II()N: What :Arc the first t' books t)l the Bible's Now l'cslalnellt. in order'? g. ('OMICS: Whal: is (.'at- bert's title m the +q)ilbcrl'" c. ))*la strip? ':J' IN I(SN: \\;Vhat pop- ulal + btiSillCSs did .I t.ld 3 Nhcp- pard Missetl create? I O. TI,:IA-:V I N I()N : \\;\:hal \\;vtis Ray's hist lltllilc" in lhc series "'llvcrybody l.ovc'.s Raylalolld'"? A !! sx'ie rs I. Utah 2. llarpcrs I:crvy, (,A'L'Sl) Virginia 3. ]J-.odrlt.', [)angcrl]cId 4.0 posiiivc 5. Anne I/()le\\;'n and Kii'l U I h2nry "%/111 6. I)t)llg 7. Ntatthcx. Marl,. [+tiM: and John S. I';\\; il l)irccl()r ell ItiillCill RcsA)urccs 9..hl/;,c rc isc I O. I{nroilc ' 7()1 txill{_ + I Caltllv!', 3!i , iHt" 00Spgrts ..+. t' Chris Ricbcre I. Name the hlsl hrolhcrs bclorc Atlanla's 1:..I. and Jusliri Upl(m in 2013 to hit back-to-back httlllv'r< it] 8 major-league game. 2. Who holds ttc major- league record For inosl mtlicor hi,riot--league pinctl- hit heine i'tiilS'.  3. In ]012. the No\\;\ I ng- land I)atri{)is ended a record rul] For ino>t consecutive games pla) cd ,A-itllout their ,,on-loss Inark fall- ing bcloxv .500. t lo\\; lllali) 4. I Io\\;< illall)' coisec'tili\\; c SeLISOI/S h{Is (]OtlZSAga ll/Cll's basketball coach Mark t:'c\\; n(tched at least 20 vi)<? 5. Who was the \\;xdashiilg- torl ('aphals' ctIrCC1 + poinls leader entering the 2013-14 N I 1 [+ seast)n? 6. 110 ITILiil}" ('()('A- CAF (told Ctlp .-,occor totir- ll:illlCiltS has the t .$. illcti'> socccr tctllll \\;,+t)l]'.  7. Name the lasl l]ll t+ il the Kentucky l}crh\\;. alld the )'car it was done. At iis,,v e rs I. l)ittsburgh's I_+Io\\;d and Paul \\;Vailcr. in i 93. _.2. Matt 51air-, had 23 pinch-hit holvicr bct\\;ccn 1092 and 2011. 3+ It was 145 .ilt<lcs. 4. l:otlrtccn se-lSOlt v;. entering the 20 I 3- 14 'CHili- paign. 5. Peter Bondra.  iih g25 points. 6. Fi\\;e ( I 9+:) I. 2{){}2. q)5. +07 and + 13). 7. Wintfing ('ohws. in 19Sg. , 2013 King 1 catuic, %)lid. tilt. The Story is a book of selections from the Bible, aranged chronologically, that reads like a novel. During this unique 3 l-week experience, every member of the family reads their own version of The Story. Come discover together with us how our story is found in God's story! Our journey began Sunday, Sept. 8, during the 9:30 am service at Bethel Baptist Code Ave. & 4th St., Park River. For more information call 284-6348. WFLA KOSOBUD LODGE 106, LANKIN WFLA Kosobud Lodge 106 will meet on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014 at the Lankin Senior Center. It will begin with a 12:30 pin pot luck meal, with a 1:30 pm meeting to follow. Members plan on making animal blankets for the Humane Society at this meeting. Members are encouraged to attend. WALSH QUILTERS MEETING, GRAFTON Walsh Quilters will meet on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014 at the Carnegie Regional Library in Graflon at I pm. FRIDAY NIGHT OUT FOR 20 1 30 SOMETHINGS, PARK RIVER Connect with the younger generation of Walsh County Friday, Jan. 10, 2014 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (social & appetizers) at the Park River American Legion. Learn about the community in which you live and have fun and win prizes from local businesses. PF:MBINA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, CAVALIER The annual meeting of the Pembina County Historical Society will be held Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014 at the Cedar Inn dining room, Cavalier, beginning with a 6 p.m. meal. There is a $12 charge for the dinner. Reservations are required and RSVP must be received by January 10 by calling Lynette Ermer at 265-4741 or Delores Kemp 265-8844 (w) or 265-8948 (h). All PCHS members are encouraged to attend this important event which completes another successful year and kicks off2014.T here will be an election of three directors, and a report of the 2013 activities will be given. UPCOMING EVENTS JOANIE SLOMINSKI MEMORIAL FUN RUN, MINTO The annual Joanie Slominski Memorial Fun Run will be held at the Minto Community Center on Saturday Jan. 4, 2014. Registration 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Free Will Pork Feed 6-8 PM. Dance- DJ 8-12 PM Wantyour calendar ann0uncemenl Jnthe Prei00? Call I$4-090000 Notices PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the City Council of Park River, North Dakota will meet at 7:30 pm on January 13, 2014 in the City Council Room to consider the application of Kringstad Ironworks, Inc., Park River, ND for property tax relief on the project the applicant will use in the operation of Safety-Pull at 6850 County Road 12, Park River, ND. (Jan. 1, 2014) NORTH VALLEY WATER DISTRICT/ LANGDON RURAL WATER DISTRICT ELECTION OF DIRECTORS FOR THE NEWLY CONSOLIDATED NORTHEAST REGIONAL WATER DISTRICT Effective January 1, 2014, the North Valley and Langdon Rural Water Districts will be merged into a new water system called Northeast Regional Water District (NRWD) As stated in the Agreement and Plan of Merger approved by the Boards of both systems in May, 2013 "the current members of the Boards of Directors shall serve as the Board of Directors (14) of the merged districts until the first annual meeting of the merged districts, which will be held on March 27, 2014. At that time a Board of Directors of 7 members shall be elected. Four of those members shall Elgin HRSW Available Walsh County Crop Improvement is offering for Sale Registered- Bulk Elgin HRSW. Seed will be sold on a first come basis to producers of Walsh County until Feb. 2. After Feb. 2, seed will be available for sale outside of the county. Price of the seed is $14.30 per bushel. Contact the Walsh County Extension office at 701-284- 6624 to place your order or for further information be elected from within the geographical boundar es of the current /WD district,, and three members shall be elected from within the geographical boundaries of the current LRWD." At the present time, there are 4 NVWD directors currently serving who plan to petition for director of the new NRWD system (Rick Bigwood, Bruce Henschel, Kevin Brown, and Arnie Peterson) and 3 LRWD directors currently serving who also plan to petition for director of the new NRWD system (Michele Schommer, Brian Kram, and Winston Johnson, Jr.). Any other member in good standing from either the NVWD or LRWD water systems can also petition to be a candidate for director from their respective system. Any member who wishes to be a candidate must petition to run by acq dng: 2(3 signature of otb.e,r, m.e4"nbers of their current water system and submitting that petition to the secretary- treasurer of their system who will validate the signatures on the petition (Bruce Henschel- NVWD and Brian Kram- LRWD). These petitiOns must be submitted by January 24, 2014 to the LRWD office or the NVWD office, of your current system. After that date, mail-in ballots (voting by mail-in ballot only) will be printed and sent to all members to vote on directors and bylaws of the Northeast Regional Water District prior to the first annual meeting of the new water district on March 27, 2014, at the Langdon Experimental Station. (Jan. 1, 8, 2014) IIII llllllIll I IIIII llllIIllll I I I I I . . i , , I I I I :PEMBINA COUNTY &WALSH COUNTY , Job Development Authorities ,,e p,oud to womo, Vrofesmi ai. . GEAR UP FOR SUCCESS! Effective Communicotion Skills - Jan :1.4 - PEMBINA Juggling Muir#pie Priorities - Jan 14 - PEMBINA Motivot)ng Employees to be Their Bt! - Jan 29 - GRAFI"ON What Customem Reolly Wont - Feb 12 - G RAFTON Resolving Conflict Productively - Feb 12 - PARK R1VEK Intermediote Microsoft @ Excel 2007- Mar 18 - C#kVALIER Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007- Mar 18 - CJkVAL[ER Intermediate Microsoft @ Excel 2010 - Mar 19 - GRAFTON Advonced Microsoft @ Excel 2010 - Mar 19 - G RArON 701-662-1578 ce trainN 1-800-443-1313 x 21578 Call Dub Construction for local quality service# Good drainage can improve field operation and production, reduce risk of crop loss, maxi- mize net returns, and much more. Now scheduling. 701-696-2591 or email Who, what+ where, when.., why i00n't your calendar announcement in the Pre0000? 0ire a 00hout! (:all Z$4-6:9:99' E-mail It #